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E-Commerce SEO Is The Only Way To Survive In The Cut-throat Competition: A Talk

Let’s admit it! Being an e-commerce entrepreneur is quite tough in this era. This is because if you want your business to float in this cutthroat competition, then your website is only dependent on sales. In short, it means that your ecommerce sales are solely reliant on a robust social presence.

E-commerce sites can only survive if you are skillful and proficient enough to generate more sales and traffic on your website. Otherwise, your business will capsize and poof! Your e-commerce business will be out of business sooner or later. This is where e-commerce SEO comes in. 

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How Can You Excel In Your E-Commerce Business?

Since the competition is fierce, and there are myriads of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, you may ponder what makes your e-commerce business exemplary?

Or how can you build an e-commerce website that is nonpareil and exceptional?

It is simple. Get more traffic and sales to flock on your website through on-page SEO. It is one of the crucial steps to generate consistent sales on any of your e-commerce website.

For e-commerce, it merely implies that you have to write thoroughly, evocative descriptions about the products, charismatic, and appealing photography with tons of reviews that will help the visitors to make the right decision.

Why Is SEO Pivotal For E-Commerce?

When consumers require a product or a service, what do they generally do? 

You guessed it right. They perform Google searches to compare and look for the best options, which will help them to make sound decisions.

For instance, if SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) do not register your website, you will lose your potential e-commerce customers. Your products might be somewhere on the web, but can people look for your products swiftly?

This is where SEO comes into play. It targets the viewers and captures their attention without paying a single penny for the ads.

To draw out a clear picture for you, here are the few statistics from Cloudways.com, almost 39% of the global e-commerce web traffic is directed from search engines, and nearly 80% of the online shoppers do not pay attention to the paid ads.

E-Commerce SEO Is The Only Way To Survive In The Cut-throat Competition: A Talk9


Therefore, to be recognized by the potential buyers, your e-commerce website must be optimized by using the best SEO strategies and should rank higher in SERPs.

Think this way; you have laid a net for the customers by putting SEO as a bait. Once they reach your website, you have successfully captured their attention. Now, captivate your audience with products that are of high-quality and persuade them towards a CTA (calls to action).

 How Can You Develop An E-commerce SEO strategy? 

Whether you are starting a new website or a want to fix the existing one, e-commerce SEO might seem something so exhausting and huge. Well, this is true. This process might take time, but utilizing the appropriate tactics can immensely speed up the process.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, close your bedroom door, settle down with a steaming cup of coffee, and find a comfortable spot to dive deep into e-commerce SEO.

1. Utilize The Right Keywords:

Keywords matter a lot. It should be present in your copy, but it does not mean that you stuff your content with them. You should be brilliant at sprinkling latent semantic index keywords like confetti throughout your text.

Let’s say you have an online leather jacket store. Make sure to use appropriate keywords related to the leather jacket store such as leather jackets, motorcycle apparel, men’s jacket, etc. So when people search for it on Google, your website should immediately pop up in the search results.

Furthermore, it is also essential to analyze the search volume and cost-per-click of that particular keyword. A high keyword search volume denotes greater popularity. The same goes for CPC. The higher the CPC, the greater the competition.

If you get to know that your selected keyword is extremely competitive, then you should think about finding an alternative that is long-tailed. The lower the competition, the greater the chances are for your website to rank higher for that particular keyword.

2. Emphasize On Homepage SEO:

Most businesses focus on optimizing the homepage. The key things you should never forget are:

  • Optimize Your Homepage Title Tag: It is one of the most vital elements. Your title tag should include your business name and also the target keyword phrase that you opt to target. Be mindful of using less than 70 characters in your title tag.
  • Optimize Your Homepage Meta Description: Meta descriptions are 170 characters long, and it should be written in such an encouraging and bewitching style that people get lured to visit your website.
  • Optimize Your Homepage Content: The content on your homepage should be written in such a concise and conspicuous way that visitors get the gist of your business and products that you are offering. Also, feature a few of the top-selling products as well.

3. Website Architecture Should Be Simple:

Website architecture also goes hand-in-hand with the in search optimization. Make sure you use internal links as it will boost up your e-commerce SEO and will also encourage visitors to dive deep into your website.

It is also essential to optimize product pages. To make it easy for Google to find your products, write a proper product name, optimize your image, add a video that will provide more satisfaction to the consumer, customer reviews, and FAQs.

4. Decrease your website load time:

Another key to a higher ranking is to decrease your site load speed. This is achieved by removing all the unnecessary items and pictures from your website. Moreover, reduce the pixel size to 500 by 500 pixels.

5. Develop Backlinks:

Backlinks are another tool that you can use to increase your ranking. The more backlinks you add from high-quality websites, the more authentic your site becomes. want to know how to build links to a site? This blog by outlook studios will suffice.0.

Wrapping Up 

Ecommerce SEO involves the optimization of your Meta descriptions, headlines, product descriptions, user experience, internal link structure, and the navigational structure for search. By applying the strategies mentioned above on your business, you will be on a roll in no time at all.

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