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Outgrow Wins G2 Leader Awards for Best Content Creation Software | Fall 2020

Outgrow just received G2 Leader Awards for Best Content Creation Software and, well, we couldn’t be happier!


It’s always cool to be recognized!

While nothing competes with a happy customer, winning the G2 Awards is a close second!

The quarterly awards by G2, the leading business solution review platform, are proof of excellence to software users, buyers, investors, and industry analysts.

The excitement is even higher because of the fact that G2 doesn’t simply rely on a panel of judges to determine rankings. G2 Awards is like the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ for the software world: they are based on trustworthy user reviews and ratings.

Whenever customers have to say something about software products, they simply turn to G2. Fortunately for Outgrow, they have a lot of good things to say. We’re honored that our users have chosen Outgrow as a leader in multiple categories. Let’s take you through our hall of fame.

Outgrow’s G2 Fall 2020 Awards

Outgrow Wins G2 Leader Award

Leader: Implementation Index for Content Creation | Fall 2020

Outgrow Wins G2 Leader Award

G2 named Outgrow a leader in the ‘Implementation Index for Content Creation’ category. Basically, a product’s implementation score is calculated on the basis of real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of implementation-related review questions.

This becomes an important factor for sellers, media, investors, and analysts to understand the benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis.

G2 calculated the scores on the basis of four parameters, namely:

– Ease of Setup

– Implementation Time

– User Adoption

– Other Factors

G2 awarded Outgrow first place among 27 software products with a score of 9.24.

Leader: Results Index for Content Creation | Fall 2020

Outgrow Wins G2 Leader Award

It was a proud moment when G2 awarded Outgrow the first position in the “Results Index for Content Creation” category. Defining the category, G2 calculates the product’s results score by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of results-related review questions.

To calculate the scores, G2 considered four parameters, namely:

– Likely to Recommend

– Meets Requirements

– Estimated ROI

– Other Factors

Outgrow, among 20 other amazing tools, featured on the top position with a score of 9.25. 

Leader: Usability Index for Content Creation | Fall 2020

Outgrow Wins G2 Leader Award

Yet again, G2 named Outgrow a leader in the “Usability Index for Content Creation” category.

G2 decided the winner for this category on the basis of four parameters, namely:

– Ease of Admin

– Ease of Use

– Meets Requirements

– Other Factors

Outgrow came out with flying colors to rank on no. 1 among 27 software tools and scored 9.38 out of 10. 

Top Grid Reports

Leader: Grid® Report for Content Creation | Fall 2020

Content creation has always been a necessity and is the future of digital marketing space. The only evolution is that people now like to be served with personalized and interactive content. And, Outgrow exists to help create such valuable content.

And fortunately enough, among 43 high-performing content creation software, G2 awarded Outgrow the position of a leader sitting on the top-right corner of the four-quadrant grid. Outgrow reached this position by excelling in two key parameters, namely, customer satisfaction and market presence.

G2, on the basis of user reviews and ratings, gave us an overall score of 81. As per reports, 97% of the users said Outgrow meets all their requirements. Moreover, 97% said that they were quite impressed with the quality of support Outgrow provided. 

Leader: Grid® Report for Pop-Up Builder | Fall 2020

Out of 16 efficient pop-up builder tools, Outgrow came out as a leader in the category. It ranked on the top for both customer satisfaction and market presence criteria.

G2 awarded Outgrow an overall second position with a score of 82. Moreover, reports said that 96% of the users said they are likely to recommend Outgrow while 95% said the tool is very easy to use.

Leader: Grid® Report for Lead Capture | Fall 2020

Out of 39 worthy lead capture software, G2 positioned Outgrow as one of the leaders. We take pride in helping our users boost their lead generation process. And hence, ranking high in customer satisfaction means a great deal to us.

Considering the user reviews and ratings, Outgrow received a score of 78. As per the reports, 98% of the users said that Outgrow provides them with ease of doing business. Moreover, overall Satisfaction Ratings revealed that we achieved a Net Promoter Score of 87. 

Finally, Outgrow also featured in several other categories as a high-performing software tool. Some of the categories include Enterprise Feedback Management, Survey, Mobile Marketing, No-Code Development Platforms, Chatbots, Online Form Builder, Content Experience Platforms, Personalization, and Account-Based Web and Content Experiences.

Users Love Us

Outgrow Wins G2 Leader Award

Well, this was overwhelming! Being honored by a platform like G2 in so many categories makes us super proud and grateful. However, we are nothing without our customers. Did you know? – 97% of Outgrow’s users rated it 4 or 5 stars. Isn’t this incredible? With a rating of 4.8/5 from 194 reviews, we feel humbled by the love shown to us by our customers. Finally, it’s a journey and we will keep working harder to make our users proud every day.

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