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Top Outgrow Experiences of October 2018

It’s that time of the year again! As the holiday season nears, we couldn’t be more excited to receive and share some marketing chops with our customers. But that’s not all that the holidays are about, right? In fact, what are holidays about if not gratitude? Well, we’ve got that aspect covered too! Here is yet another list where we have combined the top Outgrow experiences created by our customers in the month of October 2018.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re not on the list. We’ve got special news for everyone at the end of this list!  After all, it’s the season of spreading love!

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1) Frank Darling

Name Of the Experience: Choose Your Diamond

Experience Type: E-commerce Quiz

Template: Chicago

Top Outgrow Experiences October 2018

Frank Darling is a diamond jewelry brand headquartered in Oakland. They pride themselves in being an honest and transparent brand that caters to varied needs of their customers. They provide naturally mined and lab grown diamonds that are customized into different ‘diamond cuts’.

The global diamond industry stands at $76bn today. Needless to say, Frank Darling needed to do something extra to battle the massive competition. They turned to Outgrow and created an ecommerce recommendation quiz to accelerate their sales and get qualified leads.

We love the simplistic design of the quiz that spells ‘classy.’ The questions in the quiz convey complicated elements of diamond cutting in layman’s terms. Above all, we love the colour consistency and use of standard icons that gives the quiz a professional look.

2) Social Captain

Name Of the Experience: Instagram Follower Calculator

Experience Type: Calculator

Template: Chicago

Top Outgrow Experiences October 2018

Social Captain is an Instagram assistant tool that allows its customers to instantly get real followers, likes, and engagement organically. They aim to eliminate the hard work of outreach for gaining followers on Instagram. Their AI-powered growth modules yield results up to 150x times better than manual interaction. They allow their customers to analyze their progress and export reports. Moreover, the artificial intelligence-powered boosting module improves with every single execution.

Research says that 51% of marketers believe online calculators are most effective in the “consideration stage” of the sales cycle. Social Captain must have remembered this one  because their calculator ticks all the boxes of a well made interactive experience.

The calculator evaluates the number of followers the prospect can gain after using Social Captain. The quiz collects valuable information like the automation needs and preferred plan of the prospect. This helps their sales teams in closing deals and upselling customers. The amazing result page that includes a pie chart and a CTA is a winning move on their part!

3) Rebel Press

Name Of the Experience: What’s the Most Effective Way to Market Your Book

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Template: Chicago

Top Outgrow Experiences October 2018

Rebel Press is a publication company that takes care of the book publishing and marketing needs of its customers. They register their customers’ book with an ISBN, barcode, and the US Copyright and help converting those book into ebook files. Additionally, they help with the layout, cover design, and illustrations of those books. Talk about wholesome!

Rebel Press chose the Outcome Quiz to answer their marketing needs. The quiz included 8 compact questions that aims to find the most effective way of marketing the prospect’s book.

We love the inclusion of progress bar on the top of the questions. The background picture and the color scheme complement the brand’s style. We love the results page and the description that accompanies it. Oh, and who can miss the  social media buttons that are placed just right to ensure maximum social sharing? Certainly not us.

4) Advantage Services

Name Of the Experience: Sage 50 Clouds Account

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Template: Stockholm

Top Outgrow Experiences October 2018

Advantage Services provides a range of industry specific software solutions designed to assist companies with streamlining their accounting, payroll, project management, and operational processes. Apart from being an Active Sage Partner, they provide training and support on the software as well.

The quiz includes questions like the number of users the prospect needs and yes or no questions on managing multiple departments and order purchasing requirements. The result page showcases the recommended software for the prospect.

We said it before, we’ll say it again. We love a minimalist design. Even more so, when it conveys quite a lot. Advantage Services has built one such quiz that is sure to bring in a lot of qualified leads.

5) Car Loan Now

Name Of the Experience: Do You Qualify For A Car Loan

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Template: Chicago

Top Outgrow Experiences October 2018

Car Loan Now is a car loan site operating out of Canada. They claim to pre-approve a loan in just 60 seconds. Now, what will a business do to get leads? A marketing tool that gets results at an equally fast pace.

They created an outcome quiz that allowed them to gain 2x more customers than passive content. What’s more, they could study the analytics of their experience and tweak it for better results.

We appreciate a lot of things in this quiz. First of all, the quiz background is in sync with the brand image. The CTA is clear and nudges the customer to take action. The questions are the necessary conditions required to obtain a car loan and provides the company with information about their prospects. Consequently, they can provide the leads with targeted offers to turn them into customers.

6) Social Media Pantry

Name Of the Experience: What Social Media Platform Is Best For Your F&B Business

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Template: Stockholm

Top Outgrow Experiences October 2018

Social Media Pantry is a company that provides social media solutions for F&B businesses. They provide custom social media posts for their clients that support your business and marketing plan. Finally, they send monthly followers and engagement report to measure how their clients are doing, including an Executive Summary that provides deeper insight into the numbers.

We understand that social media is hard work, so we were not going to make lead generation another one of their problems. Social Media Pantry decided to go with the outcome quiz, which is an extremely shareable content type on social media.

The experience created by The Social Media Pantry stands out because of its design. The use of strong, dark colors is synchronous to the company’s style. They follow the best practices of creating interactive content like putting the CTA before the results page and amazing result description.

7) Crazy Call

Name Of the Experience: What Kind Of Salesperson Are You?

Experience Type: Calculator

Template: The Chicago

Crazy Call

Apart from our pet cat bella, a well-made personality quiz is our weakness. What’s more, nothing attracts customers like an outcome quiz based on their personality. In fact, more than 60% of online users want personalized outcomes.

Crazy Call provides inbound and outbound phone calls and lead capture solutions to their clients. Their tool allows their clients to call their contacts directly from their browser. The client can use the tool to solve issues, respond to queries and improve customer experience and set what happens to their call when the team can’t pick it up.

For a company that provides such a hands-on experience, we had to provide a lead generation tool that matches their style. Enter outcome quizzes. The experience created by Crazy Call has some of the epic result descriptions we have come across. The background image compliments the color scheme and the presence of social share buttons earns this quiz a spot on this list!

8) Decorative Birch

Name Of the Experience: Timberjacks Part Planning

Experience Type: Calculator

Template: The Chicago

Decorative Birch

We saved the most fun of our top Outgrow experiences for the last! Why do we say fun? Well, they literally are the life of the party. Let us explain. Decorative Birch are specialist supplier for poles, trees section, and branches. Their decorative birch and log train can light up any occasion. It was now time to light up their lead gen game.

We all know how stressful coding is to the creative ones! Hence, Decorative Birch decided to go with a simple calculator that required just a simple formula and no fuss to calculate the cost of the party for the prospect. The calculator took into account the number of people at the party, extra added cost of eatables and all necessary information about the date and time for the party.

We love the pictures accompanying the questions that reflect the family based orientation of the business. What’s more, the results add real value by answering pertinent questions of the customer.

How’s that for a party?

So many excellent made experiences sure make us feel loved! But we still feel like something’s missing. We want to share some more love.

Well, how about an ultimate holiday marketing checklist to take the holiday boom stress away?

We knew you’d love it!

So that’s it for our top Outgrow experiences. Go on now, create some fantastic experiences and reserve your place in the next best experiences list!

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