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6 Tips to Create Shareworthy Interactive Content

If you’re reading this post, you mostly are on the lookout for some shareworthy interactive content. Interactive experiences such as quizzes and calculators are the new wave of marketing content taking over the industry. They provide instant value, are great for collecting user information, and go viral easily. In fact, according to data churned by Noah Kagan and his team, 8 out of the 10 most shared articles in the last 9 months have been quizzes. The most shared article ever published by New York Times is a quiz and not an article.

New York Times Most Popular Story Story of 2013 Was A Quiz

It’s clear – interactive content leaves static content in the dust when it comes to social media sharing. However, not all interactive content pieces are created equal. It is an art and science to make your quizzes and calculators shareworthy. In this article, we give you 6 tips to create interactive content that can go viral on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks.

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1. Craft an Irresistible Title

First impressions play a very important role in the case of quizzes and calculators. The first thing someone sees is the title – that is what leads them to taking the quiz, providing their info, and finally sharing the content.

According to Business2Community research, which analyzed 100 quizzes with 10,000+ views, “Which (blank) are you?” is the most irresistible quiz title. In fact, quizzes that include the words ‘which’, ‘are’, and ‘you’ receive 3x more views. Another study found that using the word ‘actually’ in the title increased views by 100%.

Okdork noted that the most shared article in the last 9 months was a Buzzfeed quiz called “What Career Should You Actually Have?

What Career Should You Actually Have - Quiz

Conclusion: Try using words like ‘which’, ‘what’, ‘actually’, and ‘you’ in the quiz titles to improve shares.

2. Add Real, Immediate Value

To improve interactive content shares, it’s important that the content provides real value to your target audience. Quizzes and calculators have a unique advantage over ebooks, whitepapers, and blogs as they provide immediate, personalized value. You can use this to your advantage. Address the challenges your audience is facing while providing them tips based on the information they share.

For example, the calculator embedded below provides real, immediate value by asking people about their business information and then telling people how many leads they can get from interactive content.

3. Keep it Entertaining

A 2013 report revealed that the average attention span of a human being was 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2012. For reference, that is 1 second less than the attention span of a goldfish! In such times, it is imperative that interactive content creators keep quizzes and calculators engaging and entertaining.

One of the best ways to make your quiz or calculator engaging is to include more visuals. Including images, GIFs, and infographics in the interactive content makes it more aesthetically appealing, increasing attention span.

Text VS Visual


4. Use Positive Messaging on the Results Page

Nobody likes to share results that show them in a negative light. That is why, most interactive content pieces have results that are uplifting, inspiring, or funny. One study found out that results that contain words like “awesome”, “great”, and “excellent” get 3x more Twitter shares. For an example of how to use positive messaging on the results page, look at this example from an Outgrow quiz.

Example of Positive Messaging on Results Page

5. Use Personal Pronouns to Address the User

The most important aspect where interactive content scores over static content is its ability to provide a personalized experience for the user. As content consumers, we love it when a content piece speaks to us and addresses our concerns on a personal level. It should come as no surprise, then, that quizzes and calculators which generate more shares are written in an informal, personal tone. Use words like ‘you’, ‘me’ and ‘I’ in the quiz content to make it more shareworthy. In fact, according to a study, interactive content that uses more than 30 personal pronouns generates almost 6.5X more views than those with less than 30.

Take a look at this example of how to create questions that speak directly to the user.

Example of Personal Pronouns to Address the User

6. Make it Easy to Embed and Share

Providing share and embed options on the results pages of quizzes and calculators seems obvious but a surprisingly large number of people miss out on this. If you want your users to share your content, you must provide easy-to-use social sharing options across a range of networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin being the most basic). You should also provide embed options to make it easy for your users to share it on a webpage.

We hope you found the above tips useful and some share-worthy interactive content ideas too. If you want to know how viral your interactive content can be, check out the calculator below.

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