Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Middle East + Case Studies

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Middle East

This blog lists the best advertising agencies in the Middle East. We discuss the services offered by them and some of their best work.

Marketing is all about people. And if it is about people, it has to be all about their cultures and pop references.

Confused? Let us explain.

The only way to strike a chord with people is to personalize your content. You need to ensure that your content references to things they already know and cherish. For the past few weeks, we have been covering the best advertising and content marketing agencies in various parts of the USA and Europe.

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So, in this blog, we have compiled a list of the best advertising agencies in the Middle East. You can leverage their understanding of the local culture to present your brand just the way it should be.

1. Sarmady– a Vodafone company

Sarmady is one of the finest online advertising companies in Egypt. They can help you create and advertise your content via SMS, Google Display Network, and Social media networks. Apart from advertising, they have huge experience in building Content Management Systems (CMS’s) and mobile apps. So to conclude, Sarmady is not just an advertising agency, it is a full-fledged digital media house.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: sarmady

2. TBWA\Raad

With offices across MENA, TBWA\Raad is one of the biggest advertising agencies in the Middle East. Their services range from advertising (ATL & BTL) to PR, research (proprietary \ consumer \ market \ media), and more.

Case Study:

At this hour of crisis, due to the breakout of the COVID-19, we have no choice but to stay at home. And, Nissan Middle East wanted to promote this fact- ‘stay home to stay safe’. With this in mind, TBWA\Raad designed a commercial, “Ode to Empty Roads”. The commercial showcases beautiful empty streets that convey a sense of solidarity and support.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: TBWA


Well, if you were looking for the best advertising agencies in the Middle East, then you must explore FP7. It is a full-service advertising agency with roots dating back to Beirut, 1968. Their services include advertising, integrated marketing solutions, digital & production.

Case Study:

Coca-cola wanted to send a sweet message of solidarity to the Muslims fasting during Ramadan. And FP7 created this beautiful video commercial that inspired people to come together irrespective of their religion. Thus, adding light to the true spirit of Ramadan- the month of unity and togetherness.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: FP7

4. Tonic International

From traditional advertising to modern banner advertising, Tonic International has everything figured out for you. Their vision is not to be the biggest ad agency but to be one of the best advertising agencies in the Middle East. Their services include video advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, programmatic advertising, and more.

Case Study:

In the Middle East, everyone was familiar with the brand McLaren. But, few could relate to the real feeling of driving a McLaren. So, Tonic curated a video focused on the essence behind owning a McLaren: ‘Be a pilot, not a driver’. And the commercial was a huge success on Youtube, display ads and social media. Not to mention, McLaren saw a 47% drop in cost per lead and a 135% increase in qualified leads.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: Tonic International

5. MullenLowe MENA

The MullenLowe group needs no introduction in the world of advertising. But, when they started the MullenLowe MENA, they only had 4 employees and 6 bean bags with two clients! However, now they boast an outstanding portfolio with multinational and regional clients.

Case Study:

They created this wonderful commercial to promote the launch of the Warner Bros. WorldTM Theme park in Abu Dhabi. The ad takes you on a journey into the park where all the superheroes and cartoon characters come to life.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: Mullen Lowe

6. Elephant Nation

Elephant Nation is a branding and digital agency with extensive experience in the field of advertising. They can help you connect with your audience on an emotional level with their highly creative advertising. Besides advertising, they offer digital marketing, design, strategy, etc.

Case Study:

Elephant Nation developed the complete brand strategy for the online fashion brand, Elabelz. Also, they successfully promoted the brand through strategic online advertisements.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: elephant nation

7. BPG Group

With a bag full of experience BPG Group is one of the most trusted advertising agencies in the Middle East. They have an expert team of strategic consultants, digital experts, and creative geniuses to amplify your brand’s voice. In addition to advertising, they provide branding, media buying, strategy, and other services.

Case Study:

For over a decade, BPG Kuwait has been helping Porsche connect with the Kuwaiti audience. Through advertising, social media, PR & video storytelling, BPG has significantly increased engagement and followers for Porsche.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: BPG

8. AMC

AMC is a master of effective brand communication. They offer a range of services including ATL, BTL, and online advertising services. Additionally, you can get their assistance in digital marketing, branding, PR, and more.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: AMC

9. Mars Media Group

In case you are looking to take your online advertising to the next level, you should contact Mars Media Group. They are experts in all forms of digital advertising. Some of their specialties are programmatic advertising, mobile advertising, in-game advertising, and more.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: mars media group

10. Intango

Intango is a full-service digital agency with a diverse range of services. Notably, they specialize in contextual advertising. They help you advertise relevant content to your audience based on what they are currently viewing. In addition, you can leverage PPC and other online advertising.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: intango

11. Executive Digital

Executive Digital has can take care of all your online advertising needs. In addition to PPC and social media advertising, they specialize in programmatic advertising. Therefore, with Executive, you can deliver your ads at the right moment to the right audience. Also, you can build a long term relationship with your audience through their digital marketing services.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: executive digital

12. Pyramedia Group

Want world-class media services in the Middle East? Well, in that case, Pyramedia can handle your needs. From television film production, PR, events to marketing & advertising, they do it all. Not to mention, it is the only company in Abu Dhabi with such diversity in media services.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: pyramedia group

13. 3points

Established in 1998, 3points is one of the pioneer advertising agencies in the Middle East. Also, they are the proud winners of multiple international and regional awards. Their services include advertising (ATL, BTL) as well as online branding. So, if you are interested in a full-fledged marketing and communication company, look forward to 3points.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: 3points

14. Boopin

With Boopin, you can leverage the power of digital marketing and online advertising under one roof. They provide an all-round solution ranging from digital marketing, media strategy & buying, app development,etc.. Furthermore, their advertising services include PPC (Adwords & Bing Ads), Display Ads, Social Ads, and programmatic advertising.

Case Study:

Boopin leveraged online advertising to drive more than 6700+ leads for Nissan. Also, they overachieved their target of selling 2000 cars in UAE through online leads. As a matter of fact, Nissan sold 2100+ cars through online leads in 6 months.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: boopin

15. Maat Marcom Agency

Maat is among the top 3 full-service advertising agencies in Iran. Excellent creativity coupled with data-driven audience targeting is the key to success in online advertising. And Maat Marcom can help you do just that. Their advertising services include ATL, BTL, TTL, and more. Besides advertising, they render services such as branding, digital marketing, PR, events, etc.

Advertising Agencies in the Middle East: Maat Marcom Agency


Well, we are concluding the list here, but we may have missed out on companies that deserved a mention. In any case, we are always keen to know about them and share our platform for a shoutout. So, no matter when you are reading this blog, keep us updated on companies that truly deserve to be called the best.

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