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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

We live In the age of disruptive advertising and content spamming. A world where brands are bombarding content all over the web. So, how do we stand out in the crowd? Well, you need to deliver content that adds value to your customers. And to do that, you need some experts in the field. Here’s a list of the best content marketing agencies in Europe that can make your brand stand out.

Today, content marketing sits in the heart of all digital marketing endeavors. And that is why you need to create unique and captivating stories to serve your customer’s interests. So if you are looking for the top content marketing agencies in Europe, this blog will be your ultimate guide.

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1. Edit

Edit is a Data Science, Technology, CRM & Media agency from Bath, England. Through Edit, you get all the expertise for your content marketing efforts under one roof. Apart from content marketing, they offer services like SEO, PPC, business intelligence, etc.

Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

2. Builtvisible

Builtvisible is one of the most popular content marketing agencies in Europe. From content strategy to content creation and distribution, they take care of everything. Builtvisible leverages the power of data-driven content to drive engagement and lead generation. In addition to this, they create infographics, illustrations, videos, whitepapers, etc. And here’s a glimpse of other services: SEO, design, digital PR, analytics, and more.

Success Story:

GLL, the UK’s largest leisure charitable trust called Builtvisible to improve its organic traffics and online reputation. And with a revenue-driven content strategy, they saw a 114% rise in organic traffic along with a 1,156% ROI.

Builtvisible- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

3. Think Jam

Content marketing has evolved over the years and now it’s more than just marketing articles, infographics, blogs, etc. Rich and engaging content is the need of the hour. And Think Jam is the perfect agency that can tell highly engaging stories in the most modern way. They have a highly capable team that can create and market your content across the digital platforms. Their services include content production, digital publicity, social media strategy, video, etc.

Success Story:

Think Jam was assigned for the online promotion of the movie Terminator: Dark Fate. They pulled off the task with a robust social media strategy that involved engaging polls, gifs, etc. As a result, they owned #JudgementDay on UK’s Social channels along with 518.9k reach and 34.8k engagement.

Think Jam - Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

4. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is widely known for its robust SEO tool. But few know that it is also one of the best content marketing agencies in Europe. They deliver unique, compelling, and engaging content to make your brand stand out. Apart from content marketing, they provide SEO, PPC, SEM services as well.

Case Study:

Spotahome approached Screaming Frog with an objective to increase their organic visibility across geographical boundaries. With this in mind, Screaming frog delivered a robust multilingual content marketing strategy that targeted a global audience. As a result, the campaign delivered 11.96M views, 55,600 social shares, and more.

Screaming Frog- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

5. Iconic digital

Iconic Digital is one of the fastest-growing content marketing agencies in Europe. They not only specialize in content marketing but also in other digital marketing disciplines. Their services include content marketing, SEO, social, analytics, etc.

Iconic Digital - Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

6. SQ Digital

SQ Digital is a content marketing agency based in Lancashire. They cater their services to SMEs and help them grow. Creativity and innovation have been the mantra behind their success. SQ believes engaging content is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. So, their expert team of content creators develops infographics, ebooks, blogs, etc. Besides content marketing, they offer services like SEO, paid search, web design & more.

Success Story:

CityBlock, a company specialized in building student accommodations, wanted to improve its traffic and achieve 100% occupancy across locations. SQ Digital laid out an SEO and content marketing strategy that resulted in 37,411 Facebook reach and 565 clicks. Also, they improved brand awareness and achieved the 100% occupancy target.

SQ Digital - Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

7. The Dubs

Established in 1996, The Dubs is among the few content marketing agencies in Europe that work specifically for the finance industry. They conceptualize, create & distribute compelling brand stories that add value to the customer. Engaging content like infographics, podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. help them to connect with the audience. And besides content marketing, they provide web design and other digital marketing services.

Case Study:

Citi Bank Australia wanted to improve awareness and help HNWIs with its investment decisions through a targeted content strategy. Dubs got the job and developed a highly targeted content strategy along with SEO and Social Media. As a result, Citi got a 220% increase in page views, 222% more visits & a 216% increase in unique visitors.

The Dubs- Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

8. Prohibition

Prohibition keeps content marketing at the heart of everything they do. And their slogan – ‘Campaign that converts’. Over the years, their successful content marketing strategies have brought them 20 different awards. Undoubtedly, Prohibition is one of the leading content marketing agencies in Europe.

Case Study:

To promote gender equality in academia, Emerald Publishing wanted to launch a campaign on the International Women’s day 2019. Prohibition got the job and created a case study video that challenged the general perceptions of academics. Also, they used highly targeted ads & social media posts to amplify the reach. The campaign got 3M impressions, 5548 visits, 9k+ engagement, and 88% share of voice on Women’s Day.

Prohobition - Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

9. BlueGlass

Blue glass is one of the award-winning content marketing agencies in Europe. Driven by creativity and data, BG can effectively connect your brand with your audience. They specialize in combining SEO, content marketing and digital PR to boost your growth. They also render services like web design and web development.

Success Story:

Blue Glass helped Healthspan gain 144% organic search visibility through content marketing. Also, they helped remove a Google Penguin penalty.

Blue Glass- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

10. MintTwist

MintTwist is one of the top content marketing agencies in Europe. They can help you create a content strategy that increases your brand awareness and user engagement. MintTwist is committed to delivering unique and captivating content to grab the attention of your customers. Their content marketing services include infographics, copywriting, content strategy, and more.

MintTwist- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

11. BJL

BJL, acquired by Dentsu, is a Manchester-based agency offering a wide range of services to its clients. Unlike other agencies, they do not put digital and content marketing into a specific discipline. Rather, they make it a part of every campaign. They create content like films, animation, gifs, etc. and market it across digital platforms. Here’s a list of their services: advertising, PR, social media, content creation.

Success Stories:

BJL developed a couple of video campaigns for Betfred to capture the feeling that revolved around a betting game. The campaign was a huge success and helped them get a good number of signups.

BJL- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

12. Critical mass

Critical mass is a digital experience design agency from Calgary, Alberta. In fact, with an experience of more than two decades, they are one of the best in business. From content creation & planning to marketing strategies & web designs, they can take care of it all.

Success Stories:

Critical Mass developed a strategy for Sunglass Hut that showcased new trends, fresh arrivals, and editorial content. It delivered a 44% increase in orders along with a 34% hike in minimum order value and 93% growth in revenue.

Critical Mass- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

13. Giraffe

Giraffe is much more than a content marketing agency. Along with content marketing, they have mastered the craft of social media advertising as well. So, if you are looking to amplify your content marketing plans, then have a chat with Giraffe.

Success Stories:

Britannica UK came up to Giraffe with an objective to increase social audiences and inquiries on their resources. Giraffe deployed a full-on content strategy and used social media for marketing. Hence, Britanicca saw a 41.2% increase in FB page likes and 36.47% on Twitter.

Giraffe- Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

14. SinnerSchrader

SinneeSchrader is among Europe’s top digital agencies. And they have been delivering results since 1996. With a bag load of experience and expertise, SS can help you with content strategy, production & outreach. Some other services including design, web & app development, analytics, digital strategy, etc.

Success Stories:

Sinner Schrader completely transformed the market for Curved. As a result of an aggressive content strategy by Sinner, Curved now has about 3M active users per month.

SinnerSchrader - Content Marketing Agencies in Europe

15. Bulldog

Bulldog is committed to helping SME’s drive sales and engagement through content marketing. With infographics, landing pages, etc. they bring your story in front of the targeted audience. Their services include content marketing, SEO, paid ads, and social media.

Success Stories:

BullDog was assigned the job to revamp Hi-Tech’s brand awareness and online presence. Henceforth, Bulldog developed a data-driven content strategy coupled with link building and SEO. As a result, Hi-Tech saw a 313% increase in keyword ranking on page one, a 45% rise in conversions & a 104% increase in overall keyword ranking.

Bull Dog - Content Marketing Agencies in Europe


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