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Why Product Recommendation Quizzes Drive Ecommerce Sales in 2020?
14th August 2018 Sharanya Manola
5 min read

Why Product Recommendation Quizzes Drive Ecommerce Sales in 2020?

If your ecommerce sales are in a slump, you are not alone. It happens to even the best of brands. Yet, there are a few of them that have cracked the code and are celebrating their conversion rate spikes. Yes, they have been able to drive ecommerce sales and conversions through product recommendation quizzes.

Apparently, these quizzes are flames of a fire, started by BuzzFeed that no one can douse! The popularity is immense and now ecommerce marketers use these interactive quizzes for customer intel.

In short, product recommendation quizzes are a game-changer. Being engaging, they make website visitors become interested in your products. All you have to do is excite them with a “made only for you” quiz and voilà!

But, that is not all. There are other factors that make these quizzes drive sales. How about we discuss them in detail?

They Offer a Personalized Experience

On an ecommerce website, a quiz is your salesperson. The good thing is, your customers will be willing to chat and won’t squirm like they do at the sight of a real salesman. And that, our fellow marketers, is your first win!

To understand how that is possible let us study the ‘Top 3 Bras’ quiz. It sits on the home page of True Co website and is unmissable like an in-store sales fella! The conversation is as real as it can get. By using the phrase “bra shopping is the worst”, the brand tries to comfort the quiz taker by telling them that “we understand your pain, sistah” and “we can change that”. Furthermore, they promise recommendations based on the data of 5 million other shoppers and obviously the answers input by the prospect.

Now, who on Earth would refuse these compelling product recommendations that have all the math and science (of the female body) behind them?

Product Recommendation Quizzes Drive E-commerce Sales

Let’s take the example of another quiz created by Macroscape. If it interests you, read their case study on how they saw a 36% increase in their conversion rates. Talking about the quiz per say, it is highly personalized, given the kind of questions asked and the final result, which is based on the visitor’s personal preferences and habits.

Product Recommendation Quizzes Drive E-commerce Sales

They are Educational

Remember how we’d wait for our favorite teacher’s lessons at school because they made learning fun? Even their questions, without pointing out explicitly, led us to discover something new?

Sounds a little out of context? Let us join the dots for you. Brands can indeed stand out like teachers but only with the help of intelligent questions in the quiz. Your peers agree too and are actively including product quizzes as a part of their content marketing strategy.

Confused about how quizzes can be educational? Simple. You ask questions that teach something new to the quiz taker, kind of self-discovery. Take the What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality quiz, for example. It is both educational in the sense that all the questions about the preferred color combination of interiors, color palette, furniture type, fashion etc. lead users to envision a house they would like to live in or the kind of products they would actually like to buy.

Product Recommendation Quizzes Drive E-commerce Sales

Now, the quiz also makes it possible for Z Gallerie to open up their inventory and recommend multiple products that fit the quiz taker’s personality. For instance, we took the quiz and got ‘Calmly Collected’. We were also advised to “expand” our options by taking a look at styles that were complementary to our style. Overall, we think it is a clever move because you never know what might catch a buyer’s fancy!

Product Recommendation Quizzes Drive E-commerce Sales

They Help in Lead Generation

Earlier, we had mentioned that a quiz is a customer intelligence tool. We would like to repeat ourselves because there’s no contesting that.

A gated quiz is indeed an enormous data-driven sales opportunity. You can build your email list and nurture leads based on the data you collected. But what’s the surety that they will fill up the lead gen form, you may ask? Well, they will because of the operative principle of reciprocity. In other words, to access personalized results all they have to do is reciprocate a gesture of filling the form. Besides even if they took the quiz for fun sake they are just a lead generation form away from their results!

Having said that, we want to tell you that it is not that simple. You need to be careful because filling out a form can be annoying, especially if it is long and asking for irrelevant information. Ask for information that is necessary and helps in customer profiling.

Product Recommendation Quizzes

Bonus Advice: Once they fill the form, surprise them with a discount on their first purchase. The idea is to make them feel good by being generous enough that it doesn’t hurt your balance sheet.

They Make Online Shopping a Less Stressful Experience

Given the number of ecommerce websites, shopping is exhausting! Once again, interactive quizzes pull your prospects out of the inevitable misery and make online shopping less nerve-wracking.

Apparently, a product recommendation quizz eliminates the paradox of choice. It streamlines a customer’s journey and pulls them away from the vast pool of products that overwhelm them. Besides, admit it that filter options may make things easier but it still don’t result in the kind of customization that a quiz offers.

To understand this, let us take a look at the quiz on Ellen Hutson website. It was created keeping in mind the holiday season craziness. The only thing a user is supposed to do is answer just one question and promptly comes the recommendation!

Product Recommendation Quizzes

Concluding Note

Let’s face it: product recommendation quizzes play big role to drive ecommerce sales. So how about you create one? Trust us, you really don’t need any technical know-how. In fact, you can try the Outgrow platform. Here’s an explainer video to prep you.


Ready, are we?