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Outgrow Case Study: How GPYP Scored a Stellar 37% Conversion Rate with an Interactive Calculator!

Get Paid for Your Pad (GPYP) helps property owners become expert AirBnB hosts so they can maximize their returns. And, this is their interactive marketing case study. 

GPYP’s Problem

Like most other businesses, Jasper Ribbers, Founder, GPYP relied on paid search and some Facebook advertising to drive traffic to a form on his website to generate leads for his consulting business.

GPYP’s Problem

As one can imagine, Jasper saw low referral traffic and an extremely paltry conversion rate.

Customers just don’t want to simply “Contact Us” or “Send Us a Message” or even “Inquire About My Rates”. These Call to Actions do not inspire users or build enough trust for them to leave their email address or phone number.

And when someone did leave their contact information, it usually wasn’t enough for Jasper to follow up with useful, value-adding information. So he would just end up sending generic follow up emails that would have a low reply rate.

Jasper needed something more interactive than just a form. Something that could not only inspire his customers but also provide him insight into the host’s Airbnb profile, so he can customize his follow up emails to make them more relevant to his prospects.

That’s when he came up with an interesting idea!

He thought to build an assessment that would help people understand how well their AirBnB listing is doing in terms of quality. The CTA on the website would now be “Find out where does your AirBnB profile rank in terms of quality!

Since his audience was mostly AirBnB hosts, this assessment was sure to lead to a lot of conversions. That said, he didn’t have the resources to hire developers to build such as assessment. Oh, and he wanted to launch it .. “umm..yesterday”

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Where Outgrow Came In?

Beautiful Templates and Codeless Editor: Outgrow fit Jasper’s requirement like a glove. Outgrow’s interactive content platform offered customizable, pre-built templates that let him build such an assessment in just a couple of hours without the need to hire expensive designers to design and developers to code.

Where Outgrow Came In?

High Completion Rate: There are 9 easy to answer questions in Jasper’s assignment. All questions could be answered using multiple-choice, dropdowns, and sliders. This provided for a near-perfect completion rate; meaning that all nearly all the people who started the assessment finished it. In fact, 60% of the people who started the quiz provided their lead info. 

Where Outgrow Came In?

High Conversion Rate: Further, Jasper had the idea to gate his results behind a short lead generation form. So, if someone wants to see the results or receive the detailed report, they have to leave their email address.

Where Outgrow Came In?

Since the users invest time answering all the questions, they are very inclined to see the results and get more details. And hence, Jasper saw an increase in the conversion rate of over 37%. To add perspective, his previous contact us form never witnessed a double-digit conversion rate.

Providing Instant Gratification: Users could complete the quiz in less than 3 minutes, and the detailed results added value to the quiz takers, thus building brand affinity amongst prospects for the brand.

The user could understand exactly where their AirBnB profiles lacked and exactly how they can fill in the gaps. A 60 mins phone call is replaced by an interactive experience of under 4 mins!

Providing Instant Gratification: 

The assessment is a huge hit for Jasper. After embedding the quiz and calculator on his website, Jasper got more than 1500+ conversions at a 37% conversion rate.

Currently, Jasper and his team are working on creating three more experiences with Outgrow.

Outgrow was the perfect solution for what I was looking for”
Jasper Ribbers, Founder, Get Paid for Your Pad

So, here is GPYP’s interactive marketing case study for you. Want a similar success story? Leave it to us!

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