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[Case Study] Children’s Ministry Deals Got 1000+ New Emails in Less than a Week Using Outgrow Quiz

Children’s Ministry Deal is the #2 Children’s Ministry Curriculum Producer in the U.S. They sell educational resources through their ecommerce platform.

They were looking for fun ways to engage their customers, something that’ll encourage them to share their contact information. Thus, they decided to create a quiz with Outgrow. Within a week of launching the quiz, the Children’s Ministry Deal got over 1900 leads and a staggering conversion rate. Let’s now look at this interactive marketing success story to see how they got here in detail.

Children's Ministry Interactive Marketing Success Story

Children’s Ministry Deal’s Problem

As an ecommerce store, Children’s Ministry Deals (CMD) wanted to engage buyers and increase new and repeat purchases. They had the option of running email campaigns with deals and discounts. However, people did not freely give out their email addresses.

Nevan Hooker, Founder, Children’s Ministry Deals, wanted to add 5000 new email contacts in their database. Conventional techniques like PPC ads and social media contests and giveaways didn’t help much. They were not geared for lead generation.

In one of her analytical posts, Melissa Mackey noted that many of Google’s features gear towards ecommerce rather than lead generation. The same is true for Bing, and even Facebook and Twitter.

And even when some of these channels helped generate leads, Nevan witnessed limited engagement. The leads weren’t qualified and didn’t show interest in the products. Plus, the costs were extremely high.

Thus, team CMD wanted to encourage prospects to share their contact information through a lead generation tool. Additionally, they wanted the tool to add value to the customers’ questions.

“We wanted to generate more leads in a fun way that people would enjoy giving us their contact information” noted Nevan.

Nevan understood how well interactive experiences worked for customer engagement.

Thus, he decided to create a quiz with Outgrow.

In the quiz, people had to answer 7 simple questions about their Children’s Ministry to find out who their celebrity volunteer should be. The idea was an instant hit and brought in a lot of engagement through CMD’s social media channels.

Children's Ministry Interactive Marketing Success Story

However, if Nevan would build a similar quiz in-house, he would spend more time and resources. In Nevan’s words, “the biggest challenge I faced was actually blocking out a day to create a quiz.

Where Outgrow Came In?

Fun, Engaging Quizzes in No Time: The Outgrow platform comes with in-built, optimized templates and a simplified WYSIWYG editor. This allowed Nevan to create the quiz in “a fraction of time” without writing a single line of code.

For years we thought it would be cool to create a “Buzzfeed” style quiz to attract new customers. Outgrow came along at the perfect time and it was 100x easier than I thought it would be”, said Nevan

The option to add images and gifs to the questions as well as the results page made the quiz fun and kept the prospects hooked till the end.

Qualified, Engaged Leads

The quiz targeted churches that had children’s ministries. Thus, they thought out the theme and questions accordingly. This kind of targeting ensured that only the people who were truly interested in CMD’s products took the quiz and shared their contact information. Thus, in the end, Nevan got 100% qualified leads.

Children's Ministry Interactive Marketing Success Story

Besides, the $25 gift voucher Nevan offered at the end of the quiz further encouraged prospects to part with their email addresses.

More Shares, Better Social Engagement

The idea of knowing about a celebrity Children’s Ministry Volunteer clicked with CMD’s target audience. And thus the quiz garnered a lot of collective likes and shares. “We shared our quiz on Facebook and got a great response!” exclaimed Nevan.

Prospects also commented and started conversations on Facebook, which resulted in a more engaged audience.

Children's Ministry Interactive Marketing Success Story

As a result, Children’s Deal Ministry added more than 1900 new emails in less than a week. Till date, the quiz has had over 3900 visits, which is a whopping conversion rate of over 50%!

With the Outgrow platform Nevan could easily create the quiz without the need of any support. This has encouraged him to use to create more interactive experiences.

“It was well worth the time and now that I’ve done it, I could easily do it again in a fraction of the time” – Nevan

We hope you enjoyed reading about this interactive marketing success story as much as we enjoyed writing it. Interactive content can do wonders for your business, and if you’re ever looking for a place to start, we have the answer for you right here.

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