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How Smart Companies are Leveraging Calculators for Product Hunt
19/07/2017 Antara Agarwal
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How Companies Use Calculators For Product Hunt Promotions

You only get one chance to list your product on Product Hunt (PH). However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot engage with the PH community thereafter. One strategy that many companies use is to launch calculators, assessments, or recommendation engines as side projects. This ensures that they can continue to milk the PH traffic even after the launch of their primary product. These interactive tools provide instant gratification and get a lot of traffic to the parent website. Thus, they perform really well on Product Hunt promotions.

Sounds like a plan? However, before you get started, here’s some inspiration. We got you examples of 5 companies that’re using interactive content to kill it on Product Hunt.

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#1 Crew.co (1393 Upvotes)

It is not usual for a calculator to get more than 1.3K upvotes. However, Crew.co built the ‘How much does a website cost?‘ and proved it otherwise. This calculator helped users calculate the cost of developing a new website. The calculator added real value by helping people answering the budget constraints of people planning to build a website, or hire designers and developers.

#2 FrontApp (1151 Upvotes)

Frontapp, a tool that enables businesses automate their customer support, built an ‘Equity Package Calculator‘ to help startups hire more efficiently. Candidates could alter the values in the calculator to estimate the value of equity package in different scenarios.

Now, one might feel that the calculator doesn’t have much to do with their customer support business! Yes, it might not. However, the calculator’s audience is pretty similar to their prospects. And by marketing this calculator, Front is actually adding value to its prospects and putting itself in positive light. The calculator currently has 950+ upvotes and sends regular traffic to the Front website.

#3 Crew.co (856 Upvotes)

Looking at the success of its first calculator, Crew.co came up with another calculator named ‘How Much to Make an App?‘ This helped users estimate the cost of creating an app, thus addressing their most pressing concern. The CTA, in this case too, redirected the users to the Crew.co website, thus acting as a revenue stream for their business.

Want ideas to build similar calculators and quizzes? Check out our idea spreadsheet.

#4 Baremetrics (707 Upvotes)

Another excellent case of nailing the use of calculators on Product Hunt is the ‘Build vs.Buy Calculator‘ developed by Baremetrics, a subscription analytics and insights tool. The calculator helped users estimate the cost of developing tools in-house versus opting for subscription. The motive behind the calculator? Customer education and value based selling. Since Baremetrics has a subscription based revenue model, it made complete sense to have a tool which helped customers compare in-house development with subscribing to a tool like theirs. And when that’s supported by hard numbers and facts, the point is sure to come across strongly.

#5 Veed.me (641 Upvotes)

Veed.me, a curated network of experienced videographers, posted a calculator on Product Hunt to educate its users about the estimate cost of making a YouTube video. This calculator provided users with upfront value without them having to make any commitment or actually create a video. Relevant questions made the output more authentic, touched upon a lot of critical parameters, and thoroughly engaged the target audience for the site – people planning to create a video or looking to hire videographers.

#6 Crew.co (435 Upvotes)

This calculator on Product Hunt helps users calculate the cost of designing a logo. It is a handy resource to plan the budget involved in creating the online identity of a business. The CTA in the end redirects the users to logo designer profiles on Crew.co. Thus, it is a great source of regular traffic and qualified leads for the company.

product hunt promotions outgrow

product hunt promotions outgrow

#7 Qwilr (338 Upvotes)

Startups with lean budget have a hard time deciding on how much they should spend on advertisements. To solve this issue and educate the customers, Qwilr put up a ‘Ad Spend Calculator‘ on Product Hunt. This tool helps startups determine whether paying for ads is a good idea. Initially Qwilr created the calculator for internal use, but owing to its use cases they decided to put it out there. Result? They grabbed a lot of eyeballs from their target audience – startups!

product hunt promotions outgrow

product hunt promotions outgrow

Need ideas to build similar calculators and quizzes? Take cues from our idea spreadsheet. 

#8 MaaxMarket (298Upvotes)

MaaxMarket, a marketing automation software, published a Lead Calculator on Product Hunt to estimate the number of leads required to hit sales targets. This calculator made it to the top liked calculators with more than 280 upvotes. Why? It helped companies know exactly how many leads they need to generate to hit their growth target, which in turn helped them streamline their sales strategy and processes. A helpful resource for the marketing and sales teams – MaaxMarket’s target audience.

product hunt promotions outgrow

product hunt promotions outgrow

#9 Influencer Marketing Hub (247 Upvotes)

Influencer Marketing Hub, a resource site for micro-influencers, agencies, and platforms, created the ‘YouTube Money Calculator‘. This interactive tool helps calculate the potential of a YouTube channel. Viability is the biggest concern of any YouTuber when starting a new channel. By answering the most pressing question of their target audience, the company was able to build trust among its target audience, and thus gain traction.

product hunt promotions outgrow

#10 OneVest (224 Upvotes)

Onevest, a community that connects investors and startup founders, published a calculator named ‘Startup Return Calculator‘, which let its users calculate the ROI they can get on their startups. The biggest challenge for a startup is to prove the ROI of its business idea. This calculator comes handy at this stage. This is one of the reasons why even other investor networks like 1000 Angels now host it on their website.

product hunt promotions outgrow

product hunt promotions outgrow

product hunt promotions outgrow

These success stories are hard to ignore. Not only do they speak highly about the power of interactive content for customer engagement, but also emphasizes on the importance of innovation.

If you are also planning to innovate your marketing strategies and attract more visitors to your business using interactive content, we can help.

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