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Outgrow Chatbot Case Study: How StepOne Agency Increased Their Leads By 2.67x

Someone said it right, actions do speak louder than words. And no matter how much we tell you about the importance of interactive content, nothing’s going to be as convincing as a juicy case study. Outgrow is a SaaS tool that lets you create various types of interactive content like calculators, quizzes, assessments, chatbots, surveys and so much more. These interactive tools are one of the best ways to boost lead generation, customer engagement, and traffic. So here’s an Outgrow chatbot case study to show how StepOne Agency 2.67x-ed their leads by using the Outgrow interactive tool.

StepOne Agency – The Client In Question

StepOne Agency is a digital marketing agency that helps companies develop and strengthen their marketing strategies.

Outgrow Chatbot Case Study: How StepOne Agency Increased Their Leads By 2.67x

Now let’s talk about why they were looking for an interactive tool and why they chose Outgrow!

StepOne Agency was facing a problem gathering leads. Moreover, their conversion rates weren’t high enough. Higher conversion rates were the first thing they were looking for in an interactive content tool.

Which is why Outgrow came into the picture.

They needed a simple, easy to use tool that would let them build quizzes and chatbots. Outgrow’s no-code platform made it very convenient for them to create their content pieces with the customizations of their choice. Now as a digital marketing agency, they began to use Outgrow to help out clients of various industries. Let’s see how!

Outgrow – The Solution

StepOne Agency used Outgrow to create chatbots; not one but two. The first chatbot was created for Compare CPA, a firm that aims to connect you to the best accounting services available. The chatbot was for accounting expenses calculation. The chatbot asks the user for multiple revenue-related questions. These questions include annual turnover, share capital, subsidiaries, affiliates, owned properties, fixed assets, and more. They have provided price ranges for all the answers so all the users have to do is select the right option. It makes it very convenient for one to select the answers.

Outgrow Chatbot Case Study: How StepOne Agency Increased Their Leads By 2.67x

After the user has answered all the questions, the chatbot asks them for their lead information. Along with that, it also gives two points of disclaimers. That they would contact the user only if they find an accounting service that is at least 10% cheaper than their current service. And that at most one service will contact them. This ensures the user that they will not get bombarded with constant communication if they give their lead information and increases the chances of them converting.

The second chatbot was for a company that looks to connect you with the best legal service present out there. The chatbot was for an injury compensation assessment. Often, when people get injured in the office, or due to administrative negligence, they don’t know the best route to take. This chatbot takes into account injury category, date, sick leaves, whether the user has hired a lawyer, etc. After taking everything into account, the chatbot offers to evaluate the situation and have a lawyer get back to them. Users can also ask them questions and get their cases reviewed free of cost. They can give their lead information and get a lawyer to contact them.

Outgrow Chatbot Case Study: How StepOne Agency Increased Their Leads By 2.67x

How Did This Help StepOne And Their Clients?

  1. Lead Generation – StepOne promoted these chatbots through Facebook Ads and Google Ads. This helped both their clients reach a wider audience. And they leveraged their ability to add value to the customer against getting lead information. Resultantly, this increased their lead generation rate by 2.67x!
  2. Lead Qualification – Since the users had already given their details through the chatbot, they were getting more qualified leads. These leads had greater chances of conversion.
  3. Lead Nurturing – Now that these clients already had information about these users, so they could target them with more relevant content. They could send them personalized offers based on their answers to the previous questions.
  4. Customer Retention – Since StepOne Agency was able to help its clients gather more leads. Hence, they were able to ensure client retention. Moreover, they had a great customer experience with Outgrow’s prompt and accurate customer support. Consequently, it also helped with improving their brand image and got them more clients through word of mouth.


Well, Outgrow had fun working with StepOne Digital Agency, and looks like they did too! Interactive content has been a blessing for all of us and this chatbot case study speaks for it. So if you’re looking to generate leads and provide your customers with a better experience, sign up for Outgrow’s free trial today!

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