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    30+ Customer Loyalty Statistics That Reveal Why Customers Come Back [Issue-wise Break down]

    Customers are like pizzas – everyone wants more and more! Unfortunately, you can’t just get customers delivered at your doorsteps – no take-away too! Now since getting customers doesn’t seem that easy, we are here with some super interesting customer loyalty statistics to reveal what makes customers become loyal to a brand. More loyal customers equal lesser pressure of acquiring new customers.

    30+ Customer Loyalty Statistics

    We broke down the statistics list on the basis of various concerns that brands usually face in order to build true brand loyalty. This piece on customer loyalty statistics details why customer loyalty is important, what makes customers disloyal, and more importantly, what makes them come back to you. Let’s dig in!

    30+ Customer Loyalty Statistics That Reveal Why Customers Come Back!

    What is Customer Loyalty?

    1. When asked, 67.8% of consumers said they characterize brand loyalty as “repeat purchasing”. Some even termed it as “love for the brand” (39.5%), while the others voted for “preference irrespective of the price” (37.7%). (Yotpo)

    2. 54% of consumers define brand loyalty as a positive attitude and relationship between a brand its customers that drives repeat purchase. (Rare)

    3. Well, did you know? – There are more than 3.8 billion loyalty program memberships in the US. (Annexcloud)

    Let’s take a look at what’s the fuss about and why you should care about it.

    Why Should Brands Care About Customer Loyalty?

    30+ Customer Loyalty Statistics

    4. 59% of U.S. buyers tell someone about the negative experiences they have had with a brand. (Criteo)

    5. However, 89% of consumers are also likely to recommend a brand post a positive brand experience on mobile. (OriginalOne)

    6. In line with the above-mentioned point, 73% of shoppers are open to taking a chance on brands they haven’t yet tried but have heard positive things about. (Criteo)

    7. Well, you know the Pareto’s Principle. 80% of profits come from 20% of a company’s existing customers. Moreover, do loyal customers spend more? 43% of people do indeed. (Fundera)

    8. In fact, recruiting new customers cost 5X more than retaining existing ones. (Forbes)

    9. The average American household is a part of around 25 loyalty programs. (Nasdaq)

    What Makes Customers Disloyal to a Brand?

    30+ Customer Loyalty Statistics

    10. Customers who had an unpleasant or unsatisfactory experience on a website are 88% less likely to return to it. (Adobe)

    11. 68% of customers stop using a brand because they believe the company no longer cares about them. In fact, 43% leave because they lose trust in the company. (Fundera)

    12. More than 50% of Americans have canceled a purchase because of bad service. (American Express)

    13. In fact, 57% of consumers listed “having a negative review unaddressed” as the top reason they would ‘break up’ with a brand (Talend)

    14. 74% of millennials would consider switching to a different retailer in case of poor customer service. (Business Wire)

    15. In fact, 42% of customers would leave a brand if it didn’t have live chat support. (ProProfs)

    16. Furthermore, 54% of consumers directly say they would drop brands who don’t offer them engaging content and/or relevant coupons and offers. (Fundera)

    How to Keep Customers Coming Back to You?

    17. To start with, 52% of customers say that loyalty programs are one key reason they choose specific retailers or brands (Criteo)

    18. Conversely, 59.5% of consumers polled said they would likely join the loyalty program of a brand they’re loyal to. (Yotpo)

    19. Price and value are the top reason to stay loyal to a brand for 92% of customers followed by product and quality (79%), and variety and selection (71%). (Business Wire)

    20. Moreover, 73% of buyers think loyalty programs should be a way for brands to show loyalty to customers. (Kitewheel)

    21. 77% of consumers will stick with a brand that resends lost or damaged items with fast shipping. (Forbes)

    22. Moreover, 79% of marketers believe that interactive content types like quizzes enhance the reputation of a brand’s message and lead to repeat visitors and greater online exposure. (Outgrow)

    23. 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a brand that offers personalized experiences. Moreover, 90% state they find personalization appealing. (Single Grain). No wonder why e-commerce personalization quizzes work so well!

    24. 61% of users think surprise gifts and exciting offers are the most important ways a brand can engage them. (AP News)

    25. 77% of consumers say they prefer brands that actively ask for and accept customer feedback. (Microsoft) Surveys and polls are excellent ways to take feedback in a more fun and interactive way.

    26. 86% of customers say an emotional connection with a customer service agent would make them continue to do business with the company. (Forbes)

    Brands That Do Customer Loyalty Very Well

    27. Starbucks witnessed an increased revenue of $2.65 billion, attributing its rewards program for it. In fact, its membership grew by more than 25% reaching 16 million loyal customers. Moreover, Starbucks’ loyal customers spend almost 3 times more than regulars. (Zinrelo)

    28. According to Apple customer loyalty statistics, the brand had a massive loyalty score of 91%. (Apple Insider)

    29. Amazon customer loyalty statistics say that 95% of Amazon Prime members would “definitely” or “probably” renew their membership. Moreover, data shows that 85% of Prime customers visit Amazon at least once a week. (BarnRaisers)

    30. 86% of Samsung’s customers say that they will stay loyal to the brand when they upgrade in the future. (99 Firms)

    And That’s a Wrap!

    Customer acquisition costs have nearly doubled in the past few years. Hence, a solid base of loyal customers is more essential than ever to stay in the game. Not only is keeping your loyal customers happy cheaper, but they can also act as brand advocates getting you new customers for free.

    30+ Customer Loyalty Statistics


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