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What Is a Great Typeform Alternative? Typeform Vs. Outgrow

Looking for a great Typeform alternative? You are in the right place!

Did you know? – 74% of companies use online forms for lead generation and 49.7% of them reveal that web forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.

Now, with so many amazing form builders out there, finding the best fit for your brand which your budget loves as well, may get a little tricky. That’s why we decided to do a face-off between the two tools that master the art of interactive content quite well. Outgrow provides a free survey plan in which you can build up to four content pieces and get up to 1200 leads submitted per year. 

Here is a head-to-toe comparison between Outgrow and Typeform.

Are you ready?

Let the battle begin.

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Outgrow – A Typeform Alternative

If you are looking for a powerful form builder as an alternative to Typeform, Outgrow is the right place to get started. Born in New York, Outgrow is an interactive content builder that has developed to become quite a well-liked choice over the last few years. It also has some great success stories.

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It is essentially a robust marketing toolkit that helps generate traffic, engage audiences, capture leads, and increase conversions. As you tune in to Outgrow’s platform, it displays an impressive collection of different interactive content types.

Forms are not the only thing here that will capture your attention. From calculators and quizzes to surveys, polls, and chatbots, Outgrow will keep you hooked on.

If this interests you, read on to understand the in-depth comparison between Typeform and Outgrow.

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Typeform Overview

Typeform is a form builder software founded in 2012 in Spain and has become quite a popular name for companies since then.

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It has easy to make forms and surveys that help people collect data in a more conversational way. It is known for its simple interface and design. In fact, Typeform’s key focus is data collection through forms with a more modern design than old online form builders.

So, if you want to know which tool is made for you, let’s dive into the features comparison.

Typeform vs. Outgrow

Who Is This Tool For?

Typeform has one layout and one design format and is mainly used by freelancers. But, the advantage is that it is easy to use and the one layout/design format it has is modern.

Outgrow caters to a large variety of users including freelancers, big multinational companies, and industries like finance, SaaS, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, fitness, beauty, and health & wellness.

Variety of Content Types

Typeform specializes in creating forms for collecting data. Apart from that, it also offers surveys, polls, and lead generation as shown below.

typeform alternative

Outgrow has a vast range of offerings including Calculators, Surveys, Quizzes, Assessments, Ecommerce Recommendations, Polls, Giveaway Contests, and Chatbots. It also offers custom templates made for different industries. This may give you a fair idea of how your competitors may be structuring their quizzes or surveys.

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Typeform Pricing vs Outgrow Pricing

With Outgrow, you get a free survey plan in which you can create up to 4 content pieces. Along with it, it also offers a free 7-day trial. This allows you to explore all the capabilities of the tool without having to spend any money or add your card info.

Although Typeform has a free Basic Plan, the features are very limited allowing only 100 responses in a month and 10 questions per form.

Typeform smallest paid plan is $30.00/month billed annually whereas Outgrow’s smallest paid plan is $14.00/month billed annually. So, Typeform is more than twice as expensive as Outgrow.

Data Analysis

Outgrow allows you to easily run comparisons and tests between content as well as within content. You can see which content has a statistically significant improvement in conversion rates. Also, you can find out whether users who answer location San Francisco in question 1 are more likely to answer Marketing Budget greater than 10K in question 5. This can be done in Outgrow without any understanding of statistics. Typeform, however, does not have this type of data analysis capability.


Lead Generation

For basic plans, both the companies offer up to 1000 leads/month. The difference occurs if you are a large business with a huge traffic flow. The highest plan in Typeform offers up to 10000 leads/month. However, Outgrow’s essentials plan offers 90,000 leads/month. Moreover, its business plan enables you to add up to 600,000 leads.

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Analytics & Segmentation

With Outgrow, there is an option to add Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics tracking codes to your forms even in the starter plans. This allows you to segment your customers for better retargeting. Typeform doesn’t have a custom pixel that can be configured at the question level but does have a general pixel. However, that is available only in its professional plan or higher.


Typeform offers Mailchimp and Airtable integration in its base plan.

With Outgrow you get access to Outgrow native integrations and Zapier integrations for over 1000 tools except for Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua.



Outgrow has a larger selection of premade templates and industry-specific examples to help you customize your content based on industry standards. Moreover, you can add charts, tables, or graphs to your content in Outgrow.

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Typeform only has one flow. So, you can’t experiment with different layouts.


Typeform has limited options to embed its forms compared to Outgrow. With Outgrow, you will find a wide range of embed options including exit intent, custom embeds, greet bar at the top, etc. These elements boost customer engagement and lead generation to a large extent. Moreover, exit-intent pop-ups tend to grab the attention of customers who are about to leave your website. This makes it a very powerful tool for customer retention.


Typeform live support is weak but it does have support docs. Outgrow has both live chat and support docs, and is known for its outstanding support and success team. In fact, Outgrow’s chat reply time averages between 2-5 minutes!

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Comparison Ratings & Reviews

Finally, it is also important to have a look at the user reviews as it portrays the actual image of any tool and helps you understand its pros and cons. Going by the reviews comparison on Capterra, you can see that users scored Outgrow 4.9/5 and Typeform 4.7/5.

While Outgrow has better ratings, Typeform still has pretty good reviews. Hence, you can analyze the pros and cons of both to choose what’s best for you.

Taking The Final Decision

Typeform is undoubtedly one of the best online form builders. But, it’s one layout and format limits marketers. This is why many look for Typeform alternatives that better suit their needs.

Outgrow’s comprehensive features make it one of the best Typeform alternatives in the market for creating beautiful forms and surveys. It also offers a free survey pan in which you can create up to 4 content pieces and choose from a variety of templates. So, it is definitely worth checking out.

All in all, Typeform is a safe investment for users looking to create short and quick forms and surveys. For those looking for a more dynamic and comprehensive tool to create complex or custom designs, Outgrow is the best alternative to Typeform. And if you want a firsthand experience then you can explore Outgrow’s 7-day free trial period to create free online forms, surveys, and more.

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