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Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Barões Publishing Increased Conversion Rates By 48%

This is an interactive quiz case study by Outgrow. It details how Barões Publishing garnered 64k leads, 134k visits, and a 48% conversion rate with Outgrow interactive content!

If you have been following us for a while, you know one thing about us. We love helping our customers and writing case studies is one of our favorite things to do! (A donut eating competition is a close second)

But then again, nothing beats a good case study. So without further ado,

Here’s another case study by Outgrow to preach about the magical powers of the interactive content beans. First things first, Outgrow is a no-code platform that allows you to easily create interactive content. It offers a variety of interactive content types like calculators and quizzes to surveys and polls. You can embed these interactive experiences on your websites, landing pages, ads, social media, etc. to draw more customers.


Interactive content gains you twice the engagement than static content (the numbers don’t lie). Interactive content is used not just with the objective of generating leads but also to add value to its customers. It is a great way of educating customers and gathering information. A win-win situation, right? We can go on and on about it.

But first, let’s dive straight into an interactive quiz case study of Barões Digital Publishing and their experience with Outgrow content.

Barões Digital Publishing 

Barões Digital Publishing is a Brazilian company that develops and operates digital publishing strategies for brands. Their services dominate the entire digital publishing chain: planning, platforms, and methods, combined with a consistent editorial line of curated and original content. Their objective is to establish your brand as an opinion maker and cultivate your own audience. They employ the methods of increasing brand awareness and generating leads in order to help you out.

Now Barões was looking for a tool that could streamline both their methods single-handedly and offer them better conversion rates. And thus entered Outgrow! They decided to use the power of Outgrow interactive content to help their clients with their branding. Let’s see how.

How They Used Interactive Content


Barões Digital Publishing used Outgrow to create an outcome quiz for ‘Which City Should You Move To In 2020?’. They developed this quiz for one of their clients QuintoAndar – one of Brazil’s unicorn startups.

The quiz asks a user a bunch of personal questions and gives them a final outcome. The quiz contains a good number of questions and uses attractive images to make the quiz visually appealing. You can either enter your email address or log in through Facebook to start the quiz. The quiz also has a progress bar to motivate you to reach until the end of the quiz. And also gives you an idea of how long the quiz is. It includes multiple types of answer input options that keep the quiz takers engaged.

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Barões Publishing Increased Conversion Rates By 35%

The result page gives you your outcome. And along with it, you also get a CTA to find places for rent in the city. You can also share your results on social media, take the quiz again, and go to the website homepage from the option in the top right corner. You can subscribe to their social media feed directly from the results page, which is helpful in increasing the company’s traction on social media. Now let’s have a look at how interactive content helped the brand.


How Did Interactive Content Help?

1. Lead Generation And Segmentation 

The outcome quiz generated over 64,000 leads and 134,000 + visits, gaining a lot of traction for the company. The quiz had a conversion rate of almost 48%. These leads can further be divided on the basis of answers like ‘trip budget’ or ‘location’. This will help the company target specific leads with more relevant content that will be useful only to them. For example, the leads who live in New York can be targeted with something like a blog for ‘Top 12 places to eat in New York’, thus drawing more engagement.

2. Data Collection

The quiz was a great way of collecting insightful user data. By receiving the answers to the questions in the quiz, QuintoAndar became privy to their user behavior, their preferences, choices, opinions, and other factual data. It is a low-cost and quick way of doing this. The company can take this information into consideration while developing further marketing and product strategies. It can use this data to draw insights and assess their business as well. Using Outgrow helped them understand the demographics and location of their leads as well.

3. User Engagement

The best thing about interactive content is how quickly it draws a customer to itself. Users are always looking for personalized responses to their queries. Tailored results engage the customer on a personal level and that’s exactly what this quiz did as well. The quiz was promoted via their social media platforms and newsletters which helped them reach a wide audience and engage an even wider audience.

Why Outgrow, You Ask?

“Ease of building interactive experiences, no worries with development and UX, great support team”

Barões Digital Publishing used Outgrow because of how structures it was as a tool. It makes the process of building, promoting, and drawing insights from the interactive experience very easy. Outgrow has a support team available around the day in order to provide you with the best experience. Here is what Bruno, one of Barões Digital Publishing co-founders had to stay about Outgrow:

Very efficient. The calls are made very quickly and the staff is very helpful. They also helped us with the customization of our package, so that our investment was optimized.

“We have already used quizzes developed with the Outgrow tool for all our customers and prospects, who are major brands in Brazil and who are starting to think like publishers. And the result has always been very satisfactory. Which makes us sure that we need to dive more and more into the tools offered, to get the most out of it.”


And here we go! We love making our customers happy, and we’re sure that they can vouch for it. You can go ahead and make your own interactive content experience for free! And get an interactive quiz case study of your own. Check out Outgrow’s free trial!

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