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EDM Marketing For SMEs [Infographic]

If you have never heard of EDM marketing for SMEs, trust us you are not the only one. It is still a vague term in digital marketing. But, we are here to give you some clarity.

EDM is an acronym for Electronic Direct Mail. It is a digital marketing strategy that targets a large group of people (clients).

EDM marketing is used by companies and brands to find leads, build relationships with potential customers, and boost sales.

It’s is more like email blasting but definitely not a part of spamming. To get over the confusion, let’s dig out more about EDM marketing with this infographic guide.



Electronic direct mail is definitely a new marketing strategy to most of us and digging our hands into this will definitely complement our traditional email marketing strategies.

So, let’s take a quick recap on EDM campaigns for small-medium enterprises-

What is EDM Marketing?

As we stated above, EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It is a digital marketing strategy used by companies or brands to target potential customers. It is primarily focused on building relationships, generating leads, and increasing sales.

Although it’s an email marketing strategy, it also uses other marketing platforms to fortify the campaign messages.

But, Why EDM Marketing?? 

EDM campaign is more like an email campaign blast. All the benefits that apply to email marketing are also valid for EDM. Plus, a few extra ones.

Many companies use this form of digital marketing to build customers’ trust, boost lead generation, build brand awareness, and increase sales. It is easy to personalize and is cost-effective. Since almost everyone has their email addresses, it has a significant reach. You can also easily track and measure EDM campaigns’ progress.

EDM Marketing VS. Email Marketing

Although EDM marketing in its simpler form is just an email marketing campaign, it is much more complex. It starts with email blasts i.e., sending a single email to a large group of people(clients) at the same time and then follows up with automated workflow.

Unlike traditional email campaigns, EDM campaigns also use remarketing, PPC, social media, offline advertising to communicate and reinforce the campaign message.

A typical EDM campaign includes building a large email database of potential customers and directly communicating your offer to them via email.

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How to Get Started with EDM Marketing?

Before you get started with your EDM campaign, the first step is for you to choose your email platform. While building a small list, small tools like Excel may work. But to build a bigger database, you need to find the right email marketing software to ease up the workflow.

Once you have selected a suitable email platform, it is time to build the database and segment it accordingly. You can use e-books, free video courses, and online interactive quizzes to build your email database.

After building the email database, you should work on creating your EDM campaign. Set up your autoresponders and send your first emails to the target audience.

Did you know, the best day to send an email is Tuesday? If you send more than one email per week, you can send the second email on Thursday. Or you can also choose Wednesday to send your daily emails.

Although EDM campaigns are mostly based on autoresponders and automated workflow, tracking the campaign and running complementary marketing campaigns are a must for a successful campaign.


Did you know that 89% of marketers choose email as the primary channel for generating leads?

It’s already proven that email marketing is still one of the most effective campaigns, with EDM campaigns you can complement your traditional email marketing and boost their success.

So, why not sign up for Outgrow’s free trial, create an interactive quiz to generate leads and subsequently build a large email database, and finally get started with EDM marketing now?!

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