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How to Create an Interactive Exit Intent Popup for Your Website?
09/01/2022 Shivani Mody
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How to Create an Interactive Exit Intent Popup for Your Website?

Most of the traffic that comes to your website comes for purposes other than buying your product. These may include conducting research, comparing your product with another, or just getting some information in general. So how do you stop them from leaving before becoming a customer or atleast a prospect? Three words – Exit Intent Popup! Believe us, they work like magic!

What Is an Exit Intent Popup?

Exit intent popup is one of the most popular and preferred lead generation strategies among digital marketers. As the name suggests, an exit intent popup is a website overlay that emerges when a visitor tries to or intends to leave the page.

How Does Exit Intent Popups Work?

Exit intent popups work by tracking the mouse movements and scrolling behaviors of the users. For example, a user visits your homepage, navigates to your blog, reads some posts, and looks at other resources. And after spending some time on your website, they navigate toward the exit button on the top right of the screen. 

This is when the exit-intent popup appears on the screen. Thus, the entire concept of exit-intent popups work on the basis of mouse tracking. 

Purpose of Using Exit Intent Popups

The main purpose of using exit intent popups is lead generation and conversion. It is a last minute overlay that appears on the screen to prevent the visitor from leaving without submitting their information or making a purchase. 

Hence, you can use it for various purposes like collecting information via forms, capturing emails, reducing the cart abandonment rate, etc. Moreover, another great feature of exit intent popups is that they work on mobile devices too.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics, let us look at some examples for better understanding!

Exit Intent Popup Examples

We’ve curated a list of some of the best exit intent popup examples for you-

1. Cart Abandonment Popup

Cart abandonment popup


The cart abandonment popup appears as a reminder for a user to complete the purchase. This becomes an effective way to increase sales as the popup appears as soon as the user heads toward the exit button with products in the cart.

Apart from using it as a reminder for completing purchases, you can also ask users to submit their feedback about what made them decide to leave without buying.

This kind of popup will create a lasting impression on your users and even urge them to come back to finish their purchase later.

2. Discount Coupon Popup

Discount coupon popup


You must have noticed on a lot of eCommerce sites that when you try to leave the page, a popup appears offering a certain amount of discount on the purchase of a given amount. So, whether you were thinking about buying or not, this popup will definitely have the thought cross your mind. 

In addition to enticing the customer with your discount coupon code, you can also ask for their email address as a requirement for sharing the code with them. Moreover, you can put a timer on this discount coupon to create a sense of urgency for the purchase like “Hurry! Get $25 off if you purchase within the next 12 hours”. Hence, this popup has a twofold benefit – getting lead information and influencing sales.

3. Email Subscription Popup

Email Subscription Popup


This is a classic example of an email subscription popup from Mic.com. Email subscription popups are easily adaptable and also very effective.

You can create your own email subscription popup as per the context of your website and just wait for the results. If a user is reading your blog posts, it means he is interested in such content. Thus, there are very high chances that if he sees a popup asking him to subscribe for more such content, he might be in!

4. Product Demo Popup

Product Demo Popup


Product demo exit intent popups are a brilliant way to convert visitors into leads or potential customers. You already know that if a person visits your website, he is interested in the kind of product that you’re offering. Hence, why not make their visit worthwhile?

With an offer to explain everything to the user in just a few minutes, you can expect great results. Moreover, this will allow you to provide personalized information to different leads as per their specific requirements. This will not just help you explain your product better, but also improve your chances of conversion.

5. Free Resource Popup

free Resource Popup


This is an example of a free resource popup from hatchbaby.com. As soon as you navigate towards the exit of the page, this popup appears asking you to sign up in order to get a guide and some product news. 

This is a great way to establish your company as a valuable solution provider. And when you provide instant value to your prospects free of cost, they become CUSTOMERS – happy and loyal customers! 

And what do you get in return? – LEADS – valuable and qualified leads that you can nurture and turn into paying customers.

Some More Exit Intent Popup Ideas

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can create other types of exit intent popups as per the context of your product and website. Here are some ideas:- 

1. Blog/Newsletter Subscription

2. Customer Feedback Form or Survey

3. Sale Early Access Pass

4. Limited Time / Exclusive Offer 

5. Free Shipping Offer

6. Giveaway or Contest

7. Customized Offer 

8. Few Left in Stock / Back in Stock Alerts

9. Free Trial Offer

10. Popular Product Suggestion

Best Tool to Create an Exit Intent Popup

While there are hundreds of tools available online, we would like to recommend to you an all-rounder toolkit, Outgrow

Why? Because most of the other tools let you create static exit intent popups whereas Outgrow helps you create interactive popups! And just to let you know, interactive content has 2X the conversion than static content.

Convinced or confused? Let us help you understand this better..

What Is Outgrow?

Outgrow is an online interactive content builder that lets you create different types of enticing and engaging content like quizzes, calculators, polls,surveys, chatbots, giveaways, etc. – all on a single platform. And guess what – it’s coding-free!

Using this platform, you can not only create your own interactive content, but also promote it with just a few clicks. Outgrow offers various embedding options for content promotion, and one of them is the Exit Intent Popup embed.

Create Interactive Content

Embed Code

To use your interactive content as an Exit Intent Popup, simply copy the HTML code and paste it into the code view section of your webpage. Once you set this up, your interactive popup will appear as soon as your users try to drop off from your webpage. 

Ways to use exit intent popup

How to Set up Interactive Content as an Exit Intent Popup on Outgrow?

Follow these simple steps to create your own interactive exit intent popup-

1. Log in to your Outgrow dashboard and select a content type. 

Content types

2. Once you are in the builder, you can start setting up the questions, results, lead generation form, display features, etc. 

Outgrow Builder

After you are done working on the content and you’re ready to promote it, navigate to the “Configure” tab > “Embed on a Webpage”. Once you are there, you will see multiple embed options. Click on the “Popup” style embed option and turn on the “Timed & Exit Intent” option.

popup embed

3. Now select “Exit” and set up the number of days between the reappearance of the popup. 

Popup embed

4. Now you can simply copy the embed code and paste it on your preferred webpage. Your interactive exit intent popup is all set!

(Don’t forget to click on “Go Live” before embedding your popup. 😛 It sits on the top right corner of the builder.)


Here you go! We’ve talked about exit intent popups and interactive popups in detail, and we hope that we were able to explain well enough to help you create your own interactive exit intent popup!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Outgrow’s free trial and explore all-things-interactive to create your high converting exit intent popup. 

How to power up your exit intent popups?


1. What triggers an exit intent popup?

An exit intent popup gets triggered when a visitor tries to exit the screen. It basically works by tracking mouse movements and the scrolling behavior of the users.

2. How do I create an exit intent popup?

You can create an exit intent popup using various tools. Try out Outgrow by signing up for their 7-day free trial!

3. How effective are exit intent popups?

Exit intent popups are an effective way to urge visitors to stay back when they try to leave your site. To ensure that your exit intent popup works well, you can try creating an interactive popup like a quiz or calculator. 


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