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How to Create Kickass Interactive Content

Interactive content is often dubbed as the future of content marketing. In fact, 81% of marketers think interactive content grabs the attention of website visitors more than static information chunks. We, at Outgrow, understand why interactive content is the holy grail of content marketing. In this infographic on interactive content, we’re going to list out the best types of interactive content that will make you believe in that too.

Want to know more about interactive content? Check out our infographic below for some wisdom. Let’s face it, visual data is more fun.

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Ooh that was a lot of information! But that’s not all. Here is a quick detour for some of our friends who still need to learn the ropes of interactive content.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive Content is a content form that requires active participation from the readers. It has been known to generate two times more conversions than passive content. In fact, It has a higher rate of engagement because it adds real value to the customers rather than blatantly selling to them. It is a great way to generate leads and nurture leads.

Marketers are increasingly turning to interactive content to grow their engagement rates. In fact, major companies like NYT, Buzzfeed, HBO, MOZ use interactive content as a marketing technique.

But don’t be mistaken, not all of those companies use the same content type . In fact, there are various forms of interactive content. You can choose to create a quiz or calculator, a poll or a survey, depending on your requirements. To make things simpler, we have listed out different types of interactive content for you:

Types of Interactive Content

Outcome Quizzes- More like outrun your competitors.

These quizzes can be used for recommending service/products or as personality quizzes by mapping your results to any question.

Calculators- Take the ‘later’ out of Calculators and you have

Instant results calculated in real time. Do people want to know the ROI of your product? Or the cost of building an app?  Or how much they can save on a Eurotrip? Calculate everything and anything. No coding, no fuss.

Product Recommendation- “Outside opinion. Duh!”

A treat for the ecommerce geeks out there. Another example of interactive content – Product Recommendation quizzes helps businesses increase conversion rates. Questions are mapped to products that are linked directly to your ecommerce site.

Graded Quizzes- “Surprise tests were never this fun”

Much like a surprise school test but more fun. Grade customers on your product and attach incentives according to their scores!

Polls and Surveys- “Because the only form your customer service needs is to transform”

Don’t make ‘em fill out long customer satisfaction forms. That’s counterproductive. Create product surveys and customer satisfaction polls or even polls like “how many in favor of a new foosball table at the office”. All’s fair game.

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