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7 Kickass Tools For Social Media Marketing This Year (+Bonus Tool)

Why shouldn’t marketing have all the fun?
Digital marketing and business branding have taken new avenues with contents that engage and convert fast. Lengthy and text-based content cannot keep your audience glued to the screen. But content that speaks for itself and the channels to promote such designs are taking the users with awe. So without further ado, we are sharing a list of various kickass social media marketing tools that you can use in your business. These tools offer one niche feature you wouldn’t find elsewhere easily.

1) Outgrow

There is no harm in a little bragging, right? 

HubSpot named Outgrow as 1 among the top 5 partners in Q1-2019. Because of the pretty interactive and quick converting contents, Outgrow superseded the race. The interactive content by Outgrow ensures high customer engagement and an increased lead gen rate. What makes it more interesting is the branching logic during the quizzes and surveys. Such logic jumps to avoid the predesigned flow and takes you to a question based on your choices extending a personalized feeling—not some hard-coded uncaring program.

Outgrow - The only social media tools you need

What does a company need for growth? Conversions! And that is exactly what Outgrow offers with its interactive marketing tools. Businesses of all sizes can delve into customer-centric marketing with these calculators, chatbots, and polls. And the fun part is, you don’t need an expert team.

Check out this Outgrow video to see how 2-way content makes marketing so awesome.

Don’t miss the bandwagon; get Outgrow and integrate it with many social media marketing tools. Just like our customers—Tag Livros, Macroscope, and VenturePact—have captured the market sooner than their peers.

Have a look at this insightful blog that’ll tell you all that you need to know about social media marketing with Outgrow interactive content.

2) Steemit

Technology should not be boring all the time. And Steemit is hell-bent on proving it.

It’s a blockchain-driven content sharing platform where the contributors receive the utmost benefit. After you contribute your ideas, if your voice is appreciated with upvotes and likes, the platform rewards you with the native token aka cryptocurrency.

All you need is content with value. Or at least something the Steemit online community finds valuable.


Gif Source

While most platforms demand investment to propagate your ads, this system rewards you. Yes! You heard it correct.

If you have a knack for creative and insightful content, chances are that Steemit will find the right audience for you. Along with some extra bucks… With its high domain authority (~83) close to Medium’s, backlinks on Steemit can be a driving factor for footfalls. If you deal in the blockchain and crypto business, it’s a plus. Hackernoon advises every ICO marketer to hover over this platform.

Check this video to know more.

iStudio Technologies provides PR marketing to its clients on Steemit, especially in ICO niche. Steemit’s team ‘Steam Experts’ provides marketing consultancy to its customers as well.

3) TikTok

Popular for its video content as short as 15 seconds, TikTok has garnered eyeballs in the last couple of years. Video creation on TikTok is easy and quick because it doesn’t involve the ordeal of fancy editing. You can save a huge chunk of time while promoting your videos.

Tiktok Logo

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, and 60% are Gen Z. The do-it-yourself videos and influencer marketing for the age group of 16-24 years can surely inspire your young customers and generate more leads for you. If you have a customer base among the teens, tweens, and young folks, this is surely a circle to be at.

Gymshark—a fitness brand—has exploited TikTok for its advertisement. Businesses can collaborate with the influencers on TikTok and produce content that can widen their customer base.

4) Vero

Free of ads, Vero is giving a strong competition to the visual crazy public’s favorite—‘Instagram’.  Devoid of a content promotion algorithm, this truly is an organic platform.


Having no ad space, Vero is indirectly beneficial for marketers. Browsing and finding inspiration can also be a big step in promoting a business. With people posting music, books, photos, videos, movies, places, and food, Vero is a sea of content available for research.

As a business owner or marketer, you can post unseen pictures and links to the new offerings. You can analyze what your prospects are consuming, liking, and promoting. After all, finding what interests your prospects is also a huge part of digital marketing. Isn’t it?

If designer Ozwald Boateng live-streamed his design process and back-stage pictures on Vero, if photographer Richard Corman exclusively released his monochrome collection on Vero, the tool definitely promises a foothold in the future. Cash on it with some influencer marketing if you can!

A 45 seconds video by Ozwald and the monochrome collection by Corman.

5) Stencil

Forget all image designing tools, Stencil can prettify your still visuals fast and pull the well-deserved shares, claps, and tweets. Stencil claims to be efficient and speedy as compared to its rivals because of its easy add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. That is one cool feature in favor of the designing tool.

The only social media tools you need

If you are an SMB, ponder at getting Stencil in your trolley for various reasons. Not just the cool browser add-ons that make the image designing super easy and swift, the pricing is open. And you can save a lot of time by sharing the images directly via Buffer. Stencil works wonders with your social media images.

Read how coffee brands (and perhaps any other food or beverage brand) can woo their customers on social media using Stencil. Savor these beautiful images.

The only social media tools you need

6) eClincher

This one tool can help you streamline and schedule your content promotion across many platforms with queued posts, schedules, and Pocket integration. Screen toggling? We don’t even know what that is anymore!

With a unified social inbox to interact with all the popular platforms, you can see the mentions, comments, and hashtags together. And reply to them too. Its integration with Canva and Giphy is praised among marketers.

Let the customer ratings for the tool speak out loud.

The only social media tools you need

For the businesses, the scheduled content would be posted only after approval. Businesses and agencies can measure stats through Google Analytics integration. If you promote the brand(s), the ‘Auto Post’ feature with bulk upload would take care of pumping the contents across all the channels at different slots.

Now sit back, analyze the performance live, and design the next strategy for the content curation.

StrongSocial, a social media marketing agency, termed eClincher as the only platform they are satisfied with that brings all the features under one umbrella. They have replaced all the popular media tools with this one app.

7) Animatron

Brand driven story-telling with videos and animations that can fit into various social media marketing channels: this is the offering of Animatron.


Gif Source

With the visual contents being eye candy and animation being fun and funny, Animatron can help businesses make promotional videos. You can resize the videos using Wave.video tool into 30+ formats to propagate the brand stories. The studio is another tool for gorgeous animations that also comes in a lite mode for novice users.

Wave is intuitive and can convert the videos from horizontal to vertical or vice versa according to your device. Thus, content chopping is no longer a fear. In fact, it is a faster way to produce brand videos with adaptability across the platforms.

Moreover, Animatron Studio offers you to record your voice in animations and infographics. Sending a personalized audio message to your audience is a cool thing. What say?

C981 Media, a marketing agency, is using Wave.video to create Facebook videos and client testimonial videos. It wanted a novel tool to design short videos fast bulky with text. Within a few minutes of the trial, the company finalized Wave.video and is happy with the ROI too.

Bonus Tool: Biteable


For studio-quality video content with zero editing experience required, no platform better fits the bill than Biteable.

For business owners who want stunning content quickly, Biteable is a browser-based video maker that requires nothing more than a desktop, a brand, and a few minutes of your time. Biteable’s simple interface and extensive content library means professional-grade videos are just a few clicks away (with zero learning curve).

With 1.8 million stock images and clips to choose from, and hundreds of professional in-house animations, Biteable is perfect for revolutionizing your digital marketing strategy with ads, promos, and social media videos. To get started, pick from hundreds of pre-made templates and get creating — you’ll have a jaw-dropping video ready in minutes.

To get started, check out Biteable’s range of ready-to-edit templates here.



Unlock the full potential of your social media strategy with Plann, an all-in-one Instagram and social media content planner, scheduler + strategist with post ideas, free templates – plus a free link-in-bio tool, the ultimate social media scheduler.

Tailored for individuals and businesses alike, Plann offers a seamless experience for scheduling and managing posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The platform’s intuitive interface makes content planning a breeze, while its insights empower users to optimize their digital presence.

Whether you’re an influencer, a small business, or a large enterprise, Plann caters to your unique needs, ensuring efficiency and convenience. Available as a mobile app, Plann allows you to take control of your social media anytime, anywhere.

While the free version provides essential functionalities, the premium subscription unlocks advanced features, offering a comprehensive solution for your social media scheduling needs. Elevate your online presence effortlessly with Plann – where social media management meets simplicity and effectiveness.

Wrapping up

With these social media marketing tools, we give a rest to the most popular applications in the category and bring to you some fresh and amazing perspective to try. Is there any tool you have used among the ones we have suggested? How is your experience?

Or is there any you would like us to explore for our audience and present the verdict?

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