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Social Media and Sales – A Match Made in Heaven? [Infographic]

Social media – love it or hate it – is making a huge impact on the way we live our lives. And, while it is a great way to share those funny cat videos or the latest pranks, there are some serious benefits for businesses there as well. No, I am not going to go on and on about how a business needs social media to build brand awareness and engage with its clients. If you have any interest in business development, you already know this.

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What you might be less aware of, however, is that the line between social media and ecommerce platforms are blurring. Soon it will be virtually indistinct. Savvy businesses have started tuning in to what their clients want, and are benefiting big time.

What are they cashing in on? Making it possible for clients to buy directly from their social media feeds. It makes sense. Imagine that you are running a promotion on Nike sports shoes through your eBay storefront.

In the past, you would have had to rely on snail mail to get the word out. That’s a real snore and takes forever, not to mention the cost attached to it.

With social media before ecommerce integration, you could offer discounts directly to your followers. It was more effective because they would get it immediately, but they still had to click through to your store and possibly enter the voucher code. It’s a fiddly process.

With social commerce, you cut out the hassle completely. Customers simply click the buy button, and that’s it. It couldn’t be much simpler. And it is worth pursuing. The average shopper spends around $1,800 annually on social media purchases.

That might not sound like a lot, but if you multiply that by merely 500 users – a realistic number for even a small, local business – that’s $900,000 being spent annually that you aren’t getting a share of. It makes you think differently about social commerce, doesn’t it?

People’s average spend starts at around $37 on social media, and a diverse range of products is sold. Among the most popular items are smartwatches (no big surprise), video doorbells (say what?) and avocado oil. So, no matter what your product is, you can market it.

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Need a little more convincing? Read through our infographic and find out why the statistics come out in favor of social media sales.

Social Media and Sales – A Match Made in Heaven? [Infographic]

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