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How Sapio Analytics Created a COVID-19 Chatbot with Outgrow – Interactive Case Study

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no industry untouched. But most of all, it’s the healthcare sector that is fighting the toughest battle. And, at Outgrow, we have tried our best to lend a helping hand in this fight against the virus. In this latest Outgrow case study, we bring to you – Sapio Analytics. Sapio Analytics used Outgrow’s chatbot tool to help combat the grim COVID-19 crisis in India. Let’s see how!

About Sapio Analytics

Sapio Analytics is a team present in India, the UK, and Silicon Valley. It works with the Government of India to provide high-end, data-based algorithm systems powered by AI. Moreover, it works at the intersection of data science and governance and helps governments mitigate risks in the policy-making space.

Sapio Smart Healthcare is one of the divisions of Sapio Analytics. They used data from ICMR, Apollo Project Kavach and Cancer Rounds to build an interactive chatbot on Outgrow that provides COVID-19 patient assessment as per the protocol.

The Case Study

Developing countries have been facing severe challenges when it comes to providing healthcare support to their citizens during COVID. This is why Sapio Smart Healthcare wanted to build a system that suggests COVID-19 treatment and protocols based on an individual’s prevailing health conditions and symptoms.

And for building this system, they turned to Outgrow.

Aim: To build a chatbot that helps COVID-19 patients assess the severity of their condition and recommends the next steps according to the protocol.

Result: The COVID-19 Investigation & Treatment Protocol Bot saw great success and demand among patients just within 48 hours of its launch.

covid-19 chatbot

In fact, the bot has helped 7500+ people so far by recommending the next steps of treatment, based on a reasonable judgment of an individual’s symptoms and comorbidities.

What did Sapio Analytics have to say:

covid-19 chatbot

The Challenge

Due to the rising COVID-19 positive rates in India, hospitals have been inundated with new cases. As a result, access to doctors and healthcare facilities has become a challenge for the citizens and a pressing concern for the government.

Additionally, there has been a dearth of collated data to assist the rural and semi-urban health workers in India. This has further resulted in the need for information dissemination around COVID diagnosis. To tackle these critical challenges, Sapio Analytics, in collaboration with the Government of India, reached out to Outgrow to build a self-assessment COVID-19 chatbot.

How Did Outgrow Help? 

Outgrow’s interactive content has been used exponentially by participants in the healthcare industry. In the past, Cardiovisual, a healthcare solutions company used Outgrow and ConnectWell’s interactive quiz to provide trusted heart health information to patients. This interactive experience was made in association with UC Berkeley Public Health and showed incredible results and huge engagement.

In fact, Outgrow and ConnectWell were awarded “Best Turnkey Digital Health Services Provider – 2021” by Corporate Vision Magazine for this. Isn’t that amazing?

Complimentary Corporate Excellence

Health is an extremely personal experience for people. Hence, what they need is a personalized solution. Interactive content does just that.

As we have noted several times before, interactive content is a versatile tool. It offers unique results based on the individual’s responses. A doctor doesn’t give a ‘one size fits all prescription’, right? So, why should health care bots lag behind?

Interactive Content – Chatbot

In the case of Sapio Analytics, Outgrow offered ease of development and speedy prototyping with the help of an interactive chatbot. They used Outgrow to make a COVID-19 Investigation & Treatment Protocol Bot. This bot aims to help COVID-19 patients assess the severity of their condition. Additionally, it offers recommendatory steps that must be taken, after considering their temperature levels, age, underlying conditions, etc.

It asks critical and precise questions like the one shown below. As a result, it effectively covers the preliminary steps followed by a physician.

covid-19 chatbot

Question Type:

Sapio Analytics used the “single select” and “multi-select” question types on Outgrow which are most suitable for their use case. Through these, they asked users questions about the intensity of their symptoms, periodicity, oxygen levels, etc. Further, they asked crucial questions about the patient’s medical history to rule out any underlying conditions. This approach is particularly beneficial when assessing the need for Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Moreover, they included enough detail in their questions to compensate for the lack of human touch.

covid-19 chatbot

Result Section:

The result page of the chatbot offers tests that the patient must undergo given the details provided by them. It further notes in some cases, that on the persistence of the said symptoms, the patient must get admitted or seek medical help. Hence, this gives the patient the experience of a complete check-up without any hassle or cost and prepares him for what might lie ahead.

covid-19 chatbot


Visits: Just within 2 weeks, the chatbot had garnered the participation of 7500+ people.

Conversions: Additionally, 557 of those 7500+ had provided their area code and age, further aiding in creating a resource of verified information.

Engagement: 115 of the visitors engaged with the chatbot by sharing it with others who might need it.

covid-19 chatbot

Additional Benefits:

Through this assessment chatbot, Sapio Analytics essentially created a system for feedback and data collection based on COVID-19 diagnosis systems.


By aiding companies like Sapio Analytics, Outgrow aims to transform and ease the burden on crucial industries like healthcare. So, how did you like this case study? Drop a comment and build a similar chatbot, assessment, or quiz with a free trial on Outgrow!

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