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How Grays International Generated 19k+ Leads, Engagement and More: Outgrow Interactive Case Study

The saying ‘back with a bang’ has never been more right. We know it’s been long but Outgrow is back with yet another successful Outgrow interactive case study; and this time, it’s a big one! We’ve always been a believer of delivering our promises. And our amazing long time clients have helped us throughout.

Let us introduce to you Grays International – one of our favorite clients. Grays International, founded in 1855, is a British sporting goods company. The company is based in England and produces equipment for cricket, field hockey, netball, and rugby. Today, they have expanded into clothing and accessories as well.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Grays International Generated 19k+ Leads, Engagement and Much More

What Led Grays International to Outgrow? [Problem]

Grays International was in a fix. They needed a solution to engage their customers better. They were looking for a way not just to generate leads, but also to segment them. Their team wanted to better target their leads with personalized and relevant content. And segmenting leads on the basis of their needs and preferences was the best way to do that. After a deep research, they realized that in order to understand their users better, interactive content was the right way to go.

And that’s how they stumbled upon Outgrow. They chose Outgrow for its ease of use and online implementation (their words, not ours!). Outgrow, as you know, allows you to create a large variety of interactive content in order to generate qualified leads, engage your audience, capture data, and offer them personalized solutions.

So, let’s have a look at how exactly they ended up using Outgrow!

How Did Grays International Use Outgrow? [Solution]

Grays International has created so many successful interactive content pieces with Outgrow that it got difficult to choose one! So, we have narrowed it down to a couple of our favorites.


Grays International created an outcome quiz-cum-giveaway using Outgrow. Users could enter their details into the quiz, answer a quiz question and win a £250 Gilbert gift card!

They also encouraged users to sign up for their newsletter, occasional coupons, and discounts by requesting their email information. Moreover, in the lead generation form, they also asked users for their role in the game and their birthday apart from the name and email. Guess why that could be? Well, to send them more personalized content, of course!

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Grays International Generated 19k+ Leads, Engagement and Much More Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Grays International Generated 19k+ Leads, Engagement and Much More

Have a look at the perfect incentive they put on the result page in order to motivate people to shop for their premiere cricket collection. They also added their social media links in order to engage with these users on the platforms they are most active on.

Outcome Quiz

Next up is our favorite kind of interactive content – the outcome quiz. They created a quiz on ‘Find Your Perfect Hockey Stick Now’. Grays International makes more than 50 models of hockey sticks. And, so they built this quiz with the aim to help their users find the right fit for their game. This is a perfect example of the ‘personalized solutions’ we keep raving so much about!


Based on a great set of relevant questions, such as the kind of player, bow shape, the height of the player, etc., the quiz recommends the perfect hockey stick to the users. The final result page gives product recommendations on the basis of the answers and links the product for added convenience (and conversions). So, users can directly go to the purchasing page or learn more about the product.

Outcome Studio

Grays International really hit it out of the park with these interactive content experiences. Now let’s see how they benefited from them!

Benefits of Using Interactive Content

1. Increased Engagement

Grays International promoted their quizzes and giveaways through social media, brand ambassadors, and their e-commerce site. This led to an increase in their online presence and helped them engage their customers better. Their customers were able to interact with them through this content instead of just being sold to.

2. Increased Leads and Visits

The quiz-cum-giveaway got a whopping 37000 visits and 19000+ leads, giving a conversion rate of almost 53%. These were qualified leads that they were further able to use to generate more revenue. Even the outcome quiz got over 21000+ visits. They garnered a lot of traffic for these interactive experiences and their website at the same time. Moreover, their email database grew and thus, they were also able to generate more revenue from this channel.

3. Better Data on Leads

Through the outcome quiz, Grays International was able to gather better data on its leads. The company got a detailed report on what kind of players were interested in them. They also were able to gauge what their users preferred and prioritized while buying equipment. This allowed them to improve their marketing strategy and retarget users with content that would suit their needs more.

4. Better Segmentation

The primary aim of Grays International was to be able to segment their leads better. And through interactive content, they were able to segment their leads according to users’ budgets, game preferences, experiences, etc. This led them to develop a marketing strategy that focused on delivering specific solutions rather than generic content.


Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Grays International surely made the best out of Outgrow and increased their customer engagement and generated qualified leads at the same time. And don’t they say that practice makes perfect? This Outgrow interactive case study is definitely proof of that. So why don’t you take the Outgrow tool out for a spin and let us know your thoughts?

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