InfluenceCreation case study - 94K+ Leads + 56% conversion

How InfluenceCréation Got 94K+ Leads and 56% Conversion With Outgrow – Interactive Case Study

Presenting InfluenceCreation case study: something which even got us out of our seats!

And the recipient of this fantastic success is InfluenceCréation – the first gala in Quebec to celebrate and reward creators and content creators. 

They didn’t just excel at collecting votes from a wide range of audiences but also streamlined their data collection process. The most exciting part is that they got nearly 100k leads and saw a conversion of more than 50% in this process.

Want to know how? Then, without further ado, let’s get right to this mindblowing InfluenceCreation case study.

About the Platform

Gala InfluenceCréation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2022 by Laurence LH, Maude Belval, Jean-Michel Lepine, and Vincent Paquette. The organization’s goal is to celebrate and reward creators and content creators in Quebec.

The organization’s first gala was held on February 9, 2023, at the TOHU in Montreal. There were 13 categories of awards, including Creator of the Year, Breakout Creator of the Year, and Most Influential Creator. The profits from the gala were donated to the Jasmin Roy Foundation, which works to combat cyberbullying.

The organization is also committed to providing resources and support to creators in Quebec. They offer a mentorship program, a networking platform, and a blog where creators can share their stories and advice.

InfluenceCreation's Gala honouring the creators

The Issue Faced by InfluenceCreation

Gala Influence Création wanted to collect unbiased public opinion on their likes and preferences. However, collecting responses from such a wide audience was becoming challenging for them. 

They were often bombarded with too many responses, which was both exciting and overwhelming! Hence, they wanted to streamline their data collection process. 

Gala for creators by InfluenceCreation

They wanted an engaging tool that could reach their widespread audience effectively, collect key insights, and organize all the data to give clear results. 

However, coding and designing an app was not something they were willing to foray into at the moment.

And that’s where Outgrow came in as an all-rounder solution!

The Solution

As Gala InfluenceCréation sought a solution, they discovered Outgrow, an easy-to-use no-code interactive content platform. Outgrow’s customizable features caught their attention, and they knew it could be the perfect fit for their needs.

Outgrow helped Gala InfluenceCréation create an engaging poll to solve their needs. This was an effective solution to interact with their audiences and systematically record their opinion.

The InfluenceCreation interactive poll was designed to help the audience vote for their favorite creator in a very transparent way. 

InfluenceCreation's Interactive Poll

Why InfluenceCréation Chose Outgrow

Outgrow’s flexibility in design and functionality was one of the main reasons that attracted InfluenceCreation. Outgrow’s user-friendly interface made it very easy for the brand to design the poll tailored to their preferences without facing any technical difficulties.

Here are some of the things that made InfluenceCreation choose Outgrow:

Easy and Effective

Outgrow’s online poll maker is easy to use and can help you create effective polls within minutes. You can add any number of questions, include catchy media files, and collect valuable information in a jiffy. No coding is required!

Wide Range of Premade Templates

If you’re not able to find the time or creativity to create a poll from scratch, Outgrow offers a wide variety of industry-specific premade templates that are mobile-friendly as well. You can simply customize it as per your requirements and make it yours.

Lead Generation

Using Outgrow polls maker, you can easily generate qualified leads. Just add a lead generation form to your poll and collect important lead data such as names, email addresses, contact numbers, etc.

Multiple Embed Options

Sharing your poll is as easy as creating it. Of course, the old and trusted direct link is a great way to share your poll. But you don’t have to stop there! Embed your poll on your website, landing pages, blogs, emails, and more to increase the visibility multifold. Outgrow also lets you embed your polls in different styles like full-page, in-page, pop-ups, greet bars, floaters, chatbots, etc. to make your content unique and engaging.

Custom Messaging

Using the ‘conditional messaging’ feature, you can show custom messages to poll users based on their results. You can also highlight the similarities and dissimilarities between poll-takers, and help them compare their opinions with the rest. 

Avant-Garde Analytics

With Outgrow’s efficient analytics system, assessing and analyzing information is a piece of cake. You can filter responses based on different criteria, create different segments, and analyze them. You can also export this data in Excel or create value-packed reports using charts and graphs.

1000+ Integration

Once you’ve segmented the data you’ve collected, you can send them to the CRM tool or any other app of your choice. Outgrow offers 1000+ integration solutions both via native as well as Zapier integrations.

Excellent Support

Outgrow is known for its robust customer support. You will find a 24/7 live chat on the website where you will receive a response within 3-5 minutes. Outgrow also has detailed customer support documents on the website that would answer all your introductory questions.

The Result

Result of Outgrow + InfluenceCreation's integration

Well, this is what compelled us to write this InfluenceCreation case study.

InfluenceCreation initially was aiming for 5000 leads (their word, not ours). But the result was something that surprised them.

Here are a few parameters for you to understand the results of the Outgrow X InfluenceCreation integration.

Leads Generated

While the original goal was to collect around 5,000 leads, the actual outcome surpassed all expectations, generating an astounding 94,560 leads. Impressive, right? 


We received 167,555 visits on the InfluenceCreation poll. This suggests that the interactive content successfully attracted and engaged users, encouraging them to explore more of what InfluenceCreation had to offer.

Conversion Rate 

The conversion rate is an essential metric that measures the percentage of leads that are ultimately converted into desired actions, such as signing up, making a purchase, or providing contact information. 

In this case, the conversion rate achieved was an impressive 56.44%. A conversion rate over 50% indicates that a majority of the leads generated through Outgrow’s interactive polls turned into valuable actions or interactions for InfluenceCreation.

The Outgrow and InfluenceCreation integration, combined with strategic promotional efforts, had a significant impact on the success of their marketing campaign. 

The increased number of leads, visits, and high conversion rate demonstrate that the interactive content created with Outgrow solved InfluenceCreation’s purpose of collecting mass opinions and streamlining their data. 

lnfluenceCreation’s Thoughts on Outgrow

InfluenceCreation's thoughts on Outgrow

Parting Thoughts

In this InfluenceCreation case study, we saw how the collaboration between Outgrow and InfluenceCreation proved to be highly successful, surpassing their original goals and yielding outstanding results. 

The interactive polls created with Outgrow garnered an impressive number of leads, increased website traffic, and achieved a remarkable conversion rate. The positive user experience with Outgrow further solidifies its effectiveness as a powerful tool for enhancing engagement and collecting valuable insights.

Does this success story inspire you to incorporate interactive content into your brand strategy

Well, it is super easy to make interactive content types like a poll. You can check out the Outgrow poll maker for more details! 

Luckily, you just didn’t get polls! You get to pick from an array of content experiences, including quizzes, surveys, polls, chatbots, giveaways, product recommendations, and more. And guess what? There is a 7-day free trial for you to take advantage of as well!

So, what’s the hold-up now?

If you have any additional questions or specific requests, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re here to assist you!

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