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Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study: How SISU Generated 200% More Leads

Sisu is a real estate and mortgage sales dashboard that was first developed as a tool to simplify the tracking of sales metrics, provide critical analysis of those numbers, and gamify the real estate and mortgage sales experience. They then went on to evolve and provide a central hub of real estate and mortgage sales transactions; consolidating diverse systems into one common view.

But their onboarding processes were complicated and lead generation wasn’t going at the pace they wanted. Interactive content stepped in. Read on and find out how Outgrow interactive content simplified the onboarding process (and made it more appealing!) and increased their lead generation rate by 200%! This is an interactive content case study you don’t want to miss out on!

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Sisu- The Client In Question

First, we need to understand what exactly Sisu is and how it works!

Sisu is a dashboard that makes use of gamification at its very core, for real estate agencies (and individuals) to track sales & get more conversions.


Agents can join Sisu to keep track of individual sales goals or join as a team.

Gamification is used to create an environment where agents are excited to set and track their goals, input their progress with buyer leads and conversions and get their name on the leaderboard of their teams.

Interactive content Case Study

An agent can clearly see his own and also the team’s progress.

This keeps the whole team accountable and also helps the team lead understand which of their agents aren’t able to get enough conversions & coach them accordingly or recognize those who are doing well, all from one single dashboard.

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Lead Generation- The Challenge In Question

Their goal was a 200% increase in leads. This was possible only by an increase in audience engagement! A lot of their leads showed interest in their services but didn’t end up converting. Sisu decided to bring a major change in their content marketing efforts to get rid of this problem. They invested in- Interactive Content. (Well, that wasn’t hard to guess, the title says ‘interactive content case study’!)

They created interactive experiences to:

How Outgrow’s Interactive Content Helped Sisu

No interactive content case study is complete without a thorough investigation of how it helped the client. So? Here. We. Go.

1) Increasing Engagement

Sisu wanted to increase audience engagement and what was a better place to start than interactive content. The audience started engaging with the content because it provided them with real value in return. For instance, in their Free Goal calculator, they offered to do a free business analysis for their prospects.

What does this entail? Well, the agent has to put down his income goal for the year. Consequently, the interactive experience calculates backwards to give him a rough number of units that need to be sold at what average price point data. It takes the lead through a process that asks him everything from his desired salary to his conversion ratios and then gives him the optimal goals that he should be shooting for.

SISU Interactive Content Case Study

2) Capturing Relevant Data

They were also able to collect a lot of valuable information about their leads. Consequently, this information could be used to create detailed buyer personas for their leads. For instance, here SISU collected valuable information like their prospects’ like their goal revenue and average transaction size. After the company knew exactly who to target, their marketing efforts became a lot easier. SISU could now segment their leads and personalize sales pitches.

interactive content case study

3) Giving An Introduction To Their Services

The Free Goal Calculator would give anyone a fair idea about what it is that Sisu does and how it can benefit them. Once you give the prospects a taste of your services and an idea of how it can benefit them- you’ve practically closed half of the sale.

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4) Automating Processes

For instance, this is how an interactive quiz built by Outgrow helped Sisu automate their sales process. This could help the Sales team focus on other things such as closing deals and the sale itself rather than spending too much time with the pre-sales and post-sales processes.

1) For instance, to schedule a demo.

First,  the clients answer a few questions about their real estate business.

interactive content case study

Then you put in your contact information, which Sisu makes use of to schedule the demonstration.

interactive content case study

And now you choose when you want to schedule your call with the Sisu team!

interactive content case study

2) Similarly to schedule a client’s onboarding –

interactive content case study

5) Pricing

Sisu makes use of an Outgrow Calculator that gives the client their pricing depending on how big or small the team is using a quick survey.


There is a CTA button immediately for arranging a demo or to sign up, so the chances of conversions are quite high.

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In Conclusion

Using interactive quizzes and calculators helped the real estate dashboard Sisu in more ways than one. Automating onboarding, pricing and demo scheduling helped the Sisu Sales team cut down and save a lot of time on these processes which would otherwise have been cumbersome. There was an increase in engagement, they were able to build better buyer personas and observed a full 200% in lead generation!

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