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Outgrow Case Study: How Macroscape Helped Its Client Clock a Conversion Rate of 39%

Macroscape is a marketing consulting firm that helps companies market their products and services. And this is their interactive marketing success story.

Macroscape’s Goals

Agency life isn’t exactly as ‘Mad Men’ as we think. It’s tough manoeuvering between driving revenue, growing the business, and showing clients that the agency is worth every penny. However, Macroscape had an additional focus in mind – they wanted to create a relationship of transparency with their clients. Meaning? They wanted their clients to be able to co-own the campaigns they created.

In this particular case, Macroscape had a client who manufactured bikes and needed to engage their customers and help them make sound purchase decisions.

“My goal was to create something easy for the client that they could edit on their own should they need to” noted Nathan, Founder, Macroscape.

After having exhausted the inbound marketing tactics, Macroscape was now looking for a marketing technique that spelled success for itself as well as its client.

This is when they turned to interactive marketing.

They built an interactive quiz on the Outgrow platform which helped people find out which bicycle is the right fit for them based on their responses to a few easy questions. Since Macroscape’s client was assisting their prospects with decision making instead of just selling, the quiz became a hit!

To begin with, they tried several building quizzes and calculators but Nathan was most impressed by Outgrow and the support of the stellar customer success team.

Where Outgrow and Mailchimp Came In?

Connecting the Dots: Outgrow let Macroscape create a transparent engagement system for their clients. Since Nathan could give the clients access to the quiz dashboard, they could make any changes they needed to align the quiz with their branding and marketing goals. It bridged the gap between generating revenue for themselves, proving ROI for their clients, increasing conversion rate, and letting them automate their lead-flow with Outgrow’s in-built Mailchimp integration.

“We have a lot of different customers who want to ask us the same questions over and over again. Plus, other companies we work with have that problem. So we bought Outgrow, and it has helped our clients close more deals, and even we close more deals” said Nathan.

‎No Coding Required: Outgrow’s template-based interactive marketing platform let the team build an intuitive quiz using pre-built templates. Thus, they didn’t have to write a single line of code, which eliminated the cost of hiring developers.

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‎In-Built Virality: The quiz comprised three simple questions along with appealing images and graphics. This meant that the quiz was not only easy to take but also visually engaging – a perfect mix for virality. As a result, Nathan witnessed a high completion rate and share rate, thereby increasing their conversions.

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Significant Conversions
The Macroscape quiz was built with the aim to help end-users make the right purchase decision. Since it provided instant gratification and helped instead of selling, the increase in conversion rate was exemplary – 36996 visits and 14248 leads since they went live. That’s a 39% conversion rate!

Easy Lead Mapping and Transfer to Mailchimp – Thanks to Outgrow and Mailchimp’s native, in-built, and highly intuitive integration, the lead data could be easily mapped onto the corresponding Mailchimp field. They then used this for setting up automation, workflows, boosting conversions and subscriber lists.

Outgrow Case Study: Macroscape Helped Its Client Clock a Conversion Rate of 36%

Stellar Support: Nathan exclaimed about the round-the-clock support he got from the Outgrow team, “The Outgrow team has been totally stellar and super helpful. They have been responsive to all my questions. I can find them right there on Intercom helping me and my team customize their work”.

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Macroscape’s client shared the quiz in an email and on their social media pages. As a result of this, and proper SEO, they received 14248 leads in about 6 months. “The client was able to close more deals, increase engagement, and create a better customer UI/UX shopping experience,” according to Nathan.

Macroscape now plans to make interactive content an integral part of their marketing strategy. They will be creating more experiences for themselves as well as their clients in the near future.

Outgrow is spectacular. I like how you can customize each part of the quiz specific to the needs of each quiz. The user interface is super simple to set up, which makes this easy to create and deploy – Nathan Windsor, Founder, Macroscape

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