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Interactive Content Ideas For Your SaaS Business

Sometimes we feel that interactive content is like a type-A extrovert. You can take interactive content to any party, and you won’t have to worry about them lurking in the corner. And today we’ll be taking it to the best party of all – SaaS business. Today with this blog, we’ll give you ideas on how you can use interactive content for your SaaS business.

1. Calculators

Calculators are a boon to every maths kid. Who knew they’d turn out to be great as interactive content for your SaaS business too? Calculators can be used for customers at every stage of their buyer’s journey. Whether a lead is at the top of the funnel or the middle, it can be nurtured with a different kind of calculator. They can gain value base information through calculators and avoid heavy and complicated calculations. And we know for sure everybody’s always up for that!

Let’s start you off with a few examples and instances of interactive content for the SaaS business. There are a hundred examples through which leads who’re still in the consideration stage can benefit from interactive calculators. A SaaS business can use calculators like ‘How Should You Price Your Product Or Service?’ or ‘How much does it cost for you to run this SaaS software based on users and engagement?’. It is easy to calculate these numbers when you have pre-defined formulas for you.

Interactive Content Ideas For Your SaaS Business

Similarly, leads that are already at the bottom of the funnel can take the help of calculators like ‘What is your ROI on using this SaaS software?’ or ‘How much time do you save by using our SaaS software vs doing things manually in Excel?’. This will help you in nurturing your clients and retaining them for future purchases. Here is an example of an Onboarding ROI calculator used by SilkRoad, a talent management company.

Interactive Content Ideas For Your SaaS Business

2. Outcome Quizzes

Outcome quizzes are used to generate specific or multiple outcomes on the basis of certain questions. All of us know the hours we’ve spent on finding out what kind of sandwich we are. But what if you could use these amazing, fun quizzes for SaaS marketing too? Outcome quizzes are a great way of nurturing leads that are in the middle of the funnel.

Let your top funnel leads take an outcome quiz to find out if they’re a SaaS star! You can ask them questions about SaaS in general and also about their specific marketing strategies. You can target them using quizzes like ‘See Which Mar-tech Company You Should Try Next.’ or ‘Which Software Should You Buy Next?’.

Outcome Quizzes

These are generic quizzes that can help your leads gain valuable data in exchange for contact information. This is primarily targeted for leads that are at the top of the funnel. They need the information that you provide. This makes the lead aware that you have a solution to their question. And it develops customer trust as well.

Outcome Quizzes


Outcome quizzes help you target leads at the middle and the bottom of the funnel separately. Another reason why they’re so great! For leads in the middle of the funnel, you can target them with a quiz, ‘Is Your Company Ready For Digital Transformation?’. A quiz like this is more specific for potential leads. And leads at the bottom of the funnel can benefit from quizzes like, ‘What Discounts Will You Get On A Particular Cloud Platform?’ or ‘Which Pricing Plan Should You Opt For?’. These quizzes are more specific to your product. And will help your leads make the best possible use of your product.

3. Assessment

Through tests and assessments, your leads test themselves and their knowledge but you can also use assessments to educate them. You don’t necessarily need to use product-specific assessments. ‘Find Out How Much You Know About Cloud Platforms.’ is a great way to attract your top of the funnel leads. Your company will come off as an expert in the minds of the leads. ‘Why Is SaaS So Competitive?’ and ‘How Much Do You Really Know About SaaS?’ are other examples of top of the funnel assessments.

Assessments are also a great way of guiding leads who have already made their decision and are at the bottom of the sales funnel. Using an assessment like ‘How Well Do You Know Our Product?’ can help you in more than one way. Using an assessment like this is a great way of educating your customers about your product. You can also use assessments as part of your onboarding process. And apart from that, you can also retain them as your customers by offering them discounts and offers on the basis of these assessments. For example, someone who scores more than 80% in your assessment can be offered a discount coupon of 20% on their next purchase. Similarly, someone who scores between 60-80% can be offered a 15% discount and so on. This will not only increase customer retention but also increase customer satisfaction.


4. Surveys And Polls

Your sales process is incomplete without feedback. A message without a response is not a conversation. And us marketers need to remember this the most. Surveys are a great way of gathering leads’ and customers’ feedback and opinions about their experience with your product/service. Leads that are currently using your free trial can use surveys to convey what they liked best about your product. And then you can offer them pricing plans accordingly. The best example of feedback for the top of the funnel leads is ‘How Happy Are You With Your Current Product?’, with other questions about whether their needs are being met.

Surveys And Polls

Polls, just like surveys, can be used to gather opinions. Unlike surveys, polls only have one question and are a more brief form of engagement. ‘Do you currently use any of these SaaS products?’ or ‘Are you satisfied with your current SaaS product?’ are a great way of knowing your target leads.  These can be sent to the top of the funnel leads.

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By using surveys and polls, leads can be segmented and you may garner more qualified leads. This survey can be used for leads both at the top and in the middle of the funnel. Data from this kind of survey helps the sales team in understanding who has a better chance of converting into a customer. Secondly, feedback is an important part of customer retention once your customer has made a purchase. Surveys save the day again! You can create feedback surveys to ask for opinions about your product, service, design, etc. Not only does this make the customer feel valued but provides you with ample opportunity to improve your service too.

Surveys help you gather insights about your most engaged customers. Along with that, you also get to know about your customers’ expectations of you as a company. This helps you improvise and make appropriate changes to your work. You learn about your target audience and who you need to focus upon. And most importantly, you learn of your ROI from your customer service. This also helps in effectuating a good ABM strategy. You are able to pinpoint your high-profit areas through surveys and focus highly on them; thus saving your marketing resources.

Polls are a great way of asking your leads at the bottom of the funnel about their opinion but also their experience. ‘Which Layout Do You Like Best?’ or ‘Which Content Type Suits Your Needs?’. Using information from these polls, you can offer customized plans to these customers which offer the specific content types, etc. You can also ask your customers questions like, ‘Are You Happy With Our Current Pricing Plan?’ and nurture them accordingly.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots as interactive content can be used for leads at all stages of the funnel. They are automated systems that can be used to reply to queries of various kinds. Companies can embed chatbots on their websites to help with all kinds of customers. Customers at the top of the funnel can have various queries about the type of services a company offers, their pricing plans, and other things.

Similarly, customers in the middle of the funnel may have more specific queries. Chatbots can help the company deliver instant replies to these customers without the dreaded wait time. This improves the brand image of the company and reduces the workload on the personnel. Clients who are already using your services too can take the help of chatbots to get their queries answered about the product. You can also answer frequently asked questions with the help of chatbots.

Chatbots also entail the feature of logic jumps. Therefore, clients with different requirements can get different results. They can also be used as outcome quizzes, wherein a customer can input their information in the form of a conversation. And the chatbot, using its program can help the client find out their solution, such as ‘Which Content Type Should I Use For My Experience?

Interactive Content Ideas For Your SaaS Business

In Conclusion

We like delivering our promises! First education, and now SaaS marketing. Interactive content comes in handy in even more places than you could have imagined. And we’ll be telling you all about it! If you want to know more about this and have your own insights or doubts, you know we’d love to hear from you!

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