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5 Marketing Agency Calculator Ideas to Make Your Agency Stand Out

“A lot of marketing agencies today sell digital but are not digital themselves.”

Their websites are bland and lack interactivity. They may have well-written blog posts and downloadable ebooks but in times where interactive content is driving 70% more conversions, these are not enough.

Many SaaS companies and even Fortune 500s have started using interactive content like calculators and quizzes to drive engagement. VenturePact, a software development platform saw lead conversions increase by over 28% when they added a simple price calculator (How much does it cost to build a mobile app?) on their homepage. Because of the inherent virality of the calculator, they saw social traffic increase by over 40% within the first week itself.


Now, marketing agencies can also use such calculators to set themselves apart in a world where CMOs have become immune to agency talk. Here are a few marketing agency calculator ideas that can definitely turn some CMO heads!

1.Alternate Choice Calculator

Calculate how much can you save by hiring an Agency vs running campaigns in the house? 

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In times where marketing is moving in-house, it is a challenge for marketing agencies to prove their RoI. Alternate choice calculators can help turn things around. They can compare parameters like cost, experience, time invested etc. and logically prove the advantages of hiring an agency over pursuing marketing in-house. Thus, you can prove the value of hiring marketing firms upfront and in turn gain more leads.

2.Industry Metrics Calculator

Calculate your wasted PPC spend.
Where does your FB engagement stand as compared to the top Fortune 500?
What is your Pinterest page value?

Such calculators can help you capture more leads than any other form of static content. Why? Someone who’s using a PPC engagement calculator will certainly need online advertising services, while someone using an online reputation calculator could be a prospective buyer of ORM services. Besides, by hosting a tool like this you are delivering value to your prospects’ even before they purchase your service. This strengthens your brand image and positions you as a “value-driven”, “people’s” brand.

3. Cost calculators

How much should a video campaign cost?
What amount should you be paying for PPC services?
How Much Should You Invest in a Facebook ad campaign?

Cost is the first thing your prospects want to know about a service.  Calculators that can estimate the costs of a campaign based on inputs like channels being targeted, budgets etc can prove to be a huge value-add for clients. So if you create a tool that can help prospects estimate the cost of a campaign, you’ve already answered their most pressing question. They can now plan a budget. Since the price is being estimated by a standardized algorithm, clients will trust it a lot more than a price point communicated through a slide deck.

4. RoI calculators

What was the ROI on your Inbound Campaign?
What RoI should I expect from a Twitter Campaign?
Predict the ROI on your Next Advertising Campaign

With some simple calculations, you can easily estimate the expected ROI of an advertising campaign and ensure there is a chance to increase ROIModern marketing departments care about RoI. In fact, according to Hubspot, proving ROI is the top challenge faced by marketers.

Hubspot: Proving RoI Biggest Challenges

Therefore ROI is the exact metric the CMO is going to sell to his/her board while getting budget approvals. So why not make it easier for them to calculate the RoI? Moreover, if a business knows this upfront, making a decision about investing in an ad campaign becomes easier. And of course, this also creates a strong case for you to sell your marketing services portfolio. It expedites decision making and prospects are more likely to buy your services.

5. Marketing Diagnostic calculators

How Good Is Your Website?
How Well Will Your Blog Convert?
What will be the Reach of Your Content?

Such calculators tell prospects how well their marketing efforts fair. Since they grade a prospect’s performance, there is a good chance that the client will use your calculator as a benchmark and not stop until he or she achieves that 100% grade. Imagine what such a heightened level of engagement can do for your brand!

It’s clear that interactive calculators can help answer your customers’ most pressing questions. The customer feels that he is being helped, and not sold to. This is key to building trust, which is everything in a B2B services business.

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