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A Guide to B2B Link Building for SEO [Infographic]

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to boost their search ranking. (So are we :p) So, we have come up with a blog to tell you how you can use B2B link building for your SEO. Why link building, you say? Let’s tell you!

Search engines like Google use the “PageRank algorithm” to decide which webpage to display in SERPs. But instead of just analyzing the content of the page, Google also looks at how many backlinks the page has in order to break the tie between pages.

The more pages are linked to yours, the more likely you are to be placed on the first spot of the SERP page. So, if you have a website and you’re looking to increase your backlinks and domain authority, link building is your key.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this simple guide to B2B link building for SEO to help you build an effective link-building campaign for your website.

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To make it clearer, let’s take you through the process again.

What is Link-Building?

To put it simply, link building is a process of getting other websites to link back to yours. Google decides the value and authority of a website and its content by how many industry-relevant links are attached to the site. Therefore, link building is efficient in both improving SEO rankings and increasing conversions.

Why are Links Important?

Link-building is an effective SEO tactic that increases referral traffic, the authority of a website, trust among customers, search engine ranking, and conversion opportunities.

What are Good Links? 

Here are some important metrics that will help you identify links that are worth building:

  1. The link should have higher domain sitewide authority.
  2. The link should be relevant to your website and industry.
  3. Your link’s position should be in the upper or middle part of the page.
  4. Link anchor text should neither be more keyword specific nor should be any stranger to your website.

How to Get High-Quality Links?

Here are some tips to get high-quality links:

  1. Use content marketing strategies. Add visual assets, and research data to your content.
  2. Manage reviews and mentions of your website by influencers.
  3. Ask friends and partners for industry-relevant links.
  4. Go for guest-posting. Checkout different websites and go to their write for us page to know the writing guidelines.

White Hat vs Black Hat 

While most people are working hard on their SEO strategies to improve user experience, some use SEO strategies to manipulate Google SEO algorithms. Such SEO tactics are called black hat SEO.

Black hat link building increases website traffic by showing false website rankings. Since they are most likely to get penalized, one should use honest white hat link-building strategies to increase website ranking.


Email outreaches are still the best effective way to get started with a white hat link-building strategy. And along with Email validation , it can bring in unimaginable results. Email validation into your B2B link building strategy is a fundamental step to ensure the success and effectiveness of your outreach efforts. It improves deliverability, sender reputation, engagement metrics, and overall campaign efficiency.

Let’s just find some key steps and kickstart your link-building through email marketing:

  1. Find links that are likely to link to you.
  2. Find their email address.
  3. Send them a personalized script.


It may be a tedious task to get world-class backlinks for your website in the beginning! You can start by guest posting as it is still the most effective link-building strategy. But first, focus on building high-quality content.

You can enhance your content by adding interactive content to it. With Outgrow’s free trial, you can not only make your content personalized but also increase your SEO backlinks to achieve your link-building goals!

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