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    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read

    October proved to be a month of reading and learning. We, at Outgrow, committed ourselves to read as many interesting niche marketing blogs as we could. And YAY… we have been studious and maybe a bit proud of ourselves to have explored so many digital libraries. We have to admit, these blogs were a plethora of information straight out of the experience of marketing Gurus.

    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read

    Remember, we shared 6 niche marketing blogs you need to read in 2019? If not, jump here. This post is its twin with similar blog suggestions.

    No matter what your industry is, one of these niche marketing blogs will have something for you!

    1.   ReferralCandy Teaches Referral Marketing

    ReferralCandy is one gate you should knock at, to catch up with some fantastic tips on how to generate leads and nurture relationships using referral programs.

    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read

    This one-stop-school can teach you everything about referral marketing, especially everything about the word-of-mouth. Read this epic post about various referral programs. 79 ways… wow! This is especially interesting because all of these tips are tried and tested by the marketing leaders in their verticals.

    With their amazing posts full of real examples, loaded with infographics and animated pictures, they definitely take the cake. Check this post that talks about invoking nostalgia in marketing. Every post you see on Facebook about the 80s and 90’s kids are based on nostalgia, and you know the impact. Because who doesn’t like to peep back into the past?

    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read


    So, subscribe to their newsletter and have a look at their exhaustive growth hacking handbooks!

    2.   Wooing Graphics at OnextraPixel

    Still stuck at improvising CC0 images in do-it-all graphics tools? Do you miss innovating your feature images? Then hop on to OnextraPixel that talks about everything there is to know about graphic designing.

    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read

    It’s a hub for designers and web developers to guide them in various walks of their job. This website—they call themselves OXP—also offers deals on themes and tools.

    To start with, read this post on how to generate color palettes for your designs and web pages. Isn’t that always a challenge to zero down to the perfect shade among cyan, aqua, and turquoise? Maybe we can all use their suggestions to make our lives a little less stressful.

    Their posts are comprehensive with lots of images that reflect simplicity and shed light on many ignored topics like the usage of whitespace. Now, suggesting to steal isn’t cool, but who said you can’t have fun while getting inspired? 🙂


    Meanwhile, read our epic list of 80 stock photo repositories to win love on your posts.

    3. All-In-One Learning Hub at FirstSiteGuide

    FirstSiteGuide is an all‑in‑one learning hub that gives you all the resources you need to jump-start and grow your online business. 

    On FirsSiteGuide you can learn how to run and grow your web presence and how to be a successful entrepreneur. They have over 180 resources – various guides, tools, and other resources from content marketing to online monetization.

    4.   Power of Copywriting at Copyhackers

    As a marketer, you can’t ignore the immense power of words to boost your efforts and shoot up sales. That is where copywriting comes in, and Copyhackers is the perfect shop to buy such impactful words.

    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read

    Conversion copywriting is complex, and the folks here design some worthy guides and case-studies to help every marketing team. Their posts discuss everything from ad and email copywriting to content curation apart from the courses they run under their academy. They even spin posts on something-gone-wrong into a beautiful learning experience like leveraging bad reviews in your favor.

    Most often, their posts are teamed with videos and live interactions about the success stories. This makes it easy to consume and appealing. Their posts on the 7 sweep strategies are our favorite. Have a look at their insightful article highlighting content tone and voice strategy here.

    Tip: Read our superhit copywriting strategies.

    5.   Climb Your CSAT with MyCustomer

    Would you agree if we say that consumers are the epicenter of any business, and keeping them satisfied is hitting the bull’s eye?

    Another 5 Niche Marketing Blogs that You Need to Read

    Well, if you agree with us, you should love what MyCustomer shares every other day, and sometimes their bold posts like “The benefits of not saying sorry to customers” trend high. They talk about CX, loyalty, engagement, and anything that can quench your customer base and improve the CSAT.

    Often paired with eye-pleasing yet straightforward images, their columns are detailed like this one about sample customer journey maps. With short and crisp ideas, they also talk about influencing technologies like AI, Cloud, chatbot, etc. in whitepapers and eBooks.

    Their podcasts and webinars are profoundly insightful and would surely open avenues for innovative ideas for you where they reveal trade secrets of the successful teams. Listen to this podcast about not losing focus due to digital distractions while delivering world-class CX.

    Subscribe to their newsletter to remove the impediments from your CX journey.

    PS: If you want to open a marketing blog and want unique designs then you should check out the GeneratePress WordPress Theme.



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