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Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

We know that with the global pandemic, things can seem a bit grim at times. So, here is our attempt to brighten your day a bit! Presenting the Outgrow product update for the month of June 2020.

They say that there’s always scope for improvement and we like to stick to that mantra!

General CTA

1. Add Links To Your Pinterest and Instagram Handles

You can use the Outgrow builder to direct users to your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, and Vkontakte. There is a toggle for ‘Subscribe to Social Feeds’ under the ‘Setting’ tab within the Results for all content types. Here you can include the links to your social media profiles so that you can direct more users and they can learn more about you.

Opposed to earlier, now you can also add the links to your Pinterest and Instagram profiles because they are two of the most popular and dynamic social media platforms out there. In fact, statistics say that around 72% of users make decisions based on Instagram content.

Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

2. Use Your Favorite Layouts Better

Outgrow offers a variety of layouts for you to choose from for all its interactive content types. And we strive to make your experience better with them each day.

We have added the ability to automatically trigger a redirect to the Chicago layout. Now instead of having to click on the required CTA, the Outgrow builder will automatically redirect your user to your destination page after a certain amount of time. You can access this feature in the results settings under ‘Redirect URL’. You can select the time period after which it will be redirected. We will soon be adding this feature to other layouts as well!

The second change that we’ve made is to the Tokyo layout. You can add all three CTA options below your results at the same time.

So, Redirect CTAs, social media shares and the option to subscribe to social media feeds can be added on the same results page at the same time!

Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

3. More Custom Variables? We got you! 

Custom variables allow you to import and export data to and from Outgrow. You can send and fetch this data from other places by using URL parameters. Previously, you could only do this for 10 variables. In this product update, we have increased that limit to 20.

You can check out this support document here to understand better how you can make the best use of custom variables.

4. Integration With Webflow CMS

We at Outgrow wanted to allow our customers the ability to send their Outgrow responses to Webflow CMS. Previously, this was possible with our Zapier integration. However, now we want to market Outgrow towards a no-code community. Outgrow allows you to edit rich text now. So if a user submits a rich text for a text area field and the field is mapped to a Webflow field that supports rich text, you can send rich text as it is. So long, confusing codes!

5. The Outgrow Success Stories- On Your Fingertips!

We have revamped our case study page and it’s never been better. On this page, you can have a look at our best clients and their experience with us. You can check out the visits and leads they generated by using Outgrow interactive content. We have also added the experience they created so that you can get a better idea of how Outgrow works at its best!

You will also find a freshly made ‘Outgrow App Marketplace’! On this page, you will find all the details of all the tools, apps, and services that you can connect with Outgrow. You can look for the tools by category and by whether they are free or paid. It’ll help you make use of Outgrow’s diverse nature and flexibility!

We also have a little something planned for the next product update. Something big, it’s bound to catch your eye. It could be the first thing you see. Can you guess what it is?

Outgrow Product Update For June 2020

6. Result PDFs and More

As you know, you can design custom PDFs that your users can download from the results page of your Outgrow content piece. You can include all the information in the PDF because there’s only so much that you can display on your builder. After all, you don’t want to bombard your user with information!

As opposed to earlier, you can now create and add PDFs for surveys and polls too! Moreover, you can also attach these PDFs in the notification emails that users may get after they have completed the experience.

It is easier to convey a larger amount of information in an efficient way. The user can just download a PDF about their result instead of having to open their mail every time!

7. Looking For Advanced Math?

More often than not, our clients need to build interactive content with the need to calculate ‘time taken’. It could be the time taken to ship a product or the time taken to complete a test. Now Outgrow offers you the ability to calculate the hours between 2 dates!

8. And Much More!

We have introduced a toggle in our text area so that you can convert it into a WYSIWYG editor for end users. You can now collect rich text in Outgrow and have your users submit blogs, posts, and more!

We have also added a bunch of UX tweaks to make your life much easier and your experience much better.


So this is where we end with our product update for the months of May and June 2020. We hope you’ll enjoy these latest changes to our product as much as we do. And also, we’d always love to hear from you in order to understand where we can get even better. Nobody can help us improve if not our customers, right?

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