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How To Create A Simple Sales Funnel On Outgrow

What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work?

A sales funnel or revenue funnel mimics the steps of the buying process which your prospects take on your website to become paid customers. It is the ideal journey that leads the way for a customer to purchase.

A sales funnel essentially starts with a trigger point which could either be a button or an image. Once the prospect opts in, you ask them different sets of questions including a primary segmentation question, a few demographic questions, and some follow up questions. The segmentation question is where they are taken to different paths depending on the choice they pick. Then, based on their responses, you can send them to a lead generation form followed by a sales page.

sales funnel

To understand things better, let’s visualize a traditional sales funnel for a SaaS company –
Visited website >> Sign up for a Trial >> Used the product >> Upgraded to Plan

sales funnel

Why Do You Need a Sales Funnel and What are its Benefits?

A sales funnel is the most efficient way of marketing your business. It helps in generating awareness about your product or service and creates a demand for a purchase. What’s more – it simplifies or even automates sales processes.

Pro Tip: The Beginner’s Guide to a Sales Funnel

By creating sales funnels, you ask your prospects different questions at different stages. And when you ask the right questions, your prospects feel that you understand their requirements and they are more likely to follow the designed path and ultimately convert. This way, through the funnel report, you can know at which stage you are losing customers.

Accordingly, you can set your target audience and customize the messages on the lead form and sales page. This will lead to a higher conversion rate as opposed to directly landing all your prospects on the sales/ product page.

The following are some key benefits of having a sales funnel:

  • Using a Sales Funnel will increase your conversion rate
  • A Sales Funnel can also help to predict your sales volume
  • A Sales Funnel will show you products/services that don’t sell and customer drop points

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How to Create a Sales Funnel on Outgrow?

Understand your product and accordingly classify the segmentation path you want to use in the funnel. In the above example, we have created a simple Segmentation Funnel to attract buyers for picking the Holiday Hotel Guide.

Visitors are asked to answer a few simple questions to help diagnose their specific challenges while booking a Holiday Hotel. Based on those answers, they would be presented with a long-form written sales page customized to one of the four main issues – budget, location, reviews or start from scratch.

What Type of Questions you Can Add?

You can start with the main segmentation question and then ask a few follow-up questions and in the end, you can add 1 or 2 demographic questions. Depending on the product you are selling you can also add demographic questions in the beginning. Remember to keep it short and not ask too many questions, otherwise, you may see a lot of dropouts.

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The above template includes

Segmentation Questions like:-

  • What is your biggest challenge when deciding on a holiday hotel? or
  • What is the purpose to visit this holiday hotel?

Follow up Questions like:-

  • What is your preferred holiday location?
  • What kind of hotel do you prefer the most when holidaying?

Demographic Questions like:-

  • Which of the following best describes your age?
  • Who will you accompany on this holiday?

Step-by-Step Guide To Re-create This Sales Funnel On Outgrow
#1  From your Outgrow dashboard, select “Outcome Quiz”.

sales funnel

#2 Next, click on “Select a Template”.

sales funnel

#3 You’re going to get to see a sales funnel template and an example under Funnels. Simply click on “Use Template” to start creating one of your own.

sales funnel

#4 Start customizing the welcome page. Add an appropriate title to attract your prospects and lead them to the answers they are looking for. You can also make the necessary display changes by going to the display settings and adding your logo, background images, color theme, etc.

sales funnel

#5 Add all your questions from the left panel and make the edits on the right.

sales funnel

#6 Now add all the outcome pages you want to lead the segmented prospects to.

sales funnel

#7 Once you have added all the outcomes, you now need to map these outcomes to the segmentation question.

sales funnel

#8 Now you can redirect the users to the “Purchase Now” page that corresponds to the product/service on the outcome page. Thus, the user is guided through the final part of the buyer’s journey with the help of a sales funnel.

sales funnel

Final Words

The primary objective of a sales funnel is ascertaining the needs of a user and directing them promptly to the offering that best suits them. It is best suited for prospects who are aware of their problem and have figured out the solution but need help choosing the best option. This funnel is a driver of action that has a direct impact on revenue. Build one now to boost your revenue!

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