Best Website Chatbot Examples: Real Life Examples

19 Best Website Chatbot Examples: Real-Life Examples

If anyone were to search for the top and latest trends in digital marketing, they would definitely come across various chatbot examples being used as a rapidly growing marketing tool. But what kind of chatbot should you make for your business?

If you’ve been looking for ideas and tried-and-tested designs, look no further. We dug deep and found the best chatbot examples that would fit your website.

But before we get to that, let’s start with the basics.

What Is a Chatbot?

The word “chatbot” is an amalgamation of the words “chat” and “bot” (short for “robot”). A chatbot is essentially a robot we can chat or interact with online via text or text to speech. Some chatbots come with pre-fed responses while others have AI capabilities that can stimulate a human conversation with proper context. In this domain, AI development companies play a crucial role in advancing these technologies, creating more sophisticated and intuitive chatbot experiences.

Hence, chatbots are also known as conversational bots or agents. They provide information and engage users based on a predefined set of events and conditions that get triggered automatically as per the user’s response.

Customers today have become more demanding, not only in the way they buy but also in the way they communicate with brands. This is why traditional online experiences like a “Contact Us” form can’t help you stand out.

Why Are Chatbots Important for Your Marketing Strategy?

Why are chatbots online so popular? Well, statistics say chatbots are a great way to engage your potential and existing clients through a customer service portal, reduce bounce rates, and resolve your audience’s most pressing questions. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, website chatbots come with different features like email validation, integration with email marketing platforms, social media support, and much more.

For those who don’t know what email validation is, it’s a key feature for website chatbots across various domains, significantly impacting data quality, user experience, engagement, and compliance. Hence, chatbots should undoubtedly be present on your company website as they can be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy.

Although chatbots are robots, most marketers prefer using them as they can be programmed to replicate human conversations and one-to-one interactions efficiently. This has proven to be far more efficient than sending mass emails/texts to your audience.

Brands are embedding website chatbots at strategic places in order to address users’ queries, suggest products, or direct them to relevant pages. This enables the visitors to feel heard and also helps them find their personalized answers instead of aimlessly going through chunks of content. If you want to start creating your website and add chatbots to it after, consider utilizing a WordPress AI Website Builder, to ensure the ease of website building for your needs.

Moreover, online chatbots are programmed to provide specific answers, which in turn, saves time. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

There are many types of chatbots but lead-generation chatbots are the most popular as they can qualify leads. They ask the visitors a series of questions about their needs and interests. This enables businesses to ensure they only spend their resources on the most promising leads. For example, healthcare chatbots are used for symptom checking, patient support in post-operative care and chronic disease management, and therapy delivery.

Feedback chatbots or survey chatbots are the best examples of such lead-generation chatbots.

Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got some interesting statistics for you!

Important Statistics

  1. About 90% of customer queries are resolved in 10 messages or fewer.
  2. Only 17% of customers believe that companies overuse chatbots, making it too difficult to reach human agents.
  3. 64% of businesses trust chatbots to provide personalized customer support rather than regular customer service.
  4. 60% of consumers would still prefer to wait in queue for a real agent to reply rather than receive an instant response from a chatbot.
  5. 34% of customers prefer communicating with a customer agent via chatbot protocol instead of phone or live interaction.

If you want to indulge yourself in more such interesting chatbot stats, you can head here.

Now let’s quickly get started with the best chatbot examples out there!

1. Outgrow

Chatbot page Outgrow

For the first example, we got you not just a website that uses a chatbot, but one that uses and helps others create a chatbot too!

Yes, we are talking about Outgrow. It is an interactive content platform that enables businesses to create engaging chatbots, quizzes, surveys, assessments, calculators, polls, and more. With this toolkit, you can build customizable interactive content pieces without the hassle of coding.

Apart from being a chatbot builder, Outgrow also has a fantastic website chatbot. Since it is a SaaS platform, it relies a lot on engaging website visitors online and providing real-time value to turn them into leads and customers.

Outgrow’s chatbot is a powerful tool that can be used to:

  • Interact in real-time: The chatbot can engage with website visitors or users in real-time, providing instant responses to their queries. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of abandoned carts.
  • Capture leads: The chatbot can collect user information, such as names and email addresses, helping businesses build their contact lists. This information can then be used to nurture leads and convert them into customers.
  • Provide information: The chatbot can answer frequently asked questions, offer product information, and guide users through a website or app. This can help to improve the user experience and reduce the need for human customer support.
  • Qualify leads: The chatbot can qualify leads by asking specific questions and routing them to the appropriate sales or support channels. This can help businesses save time and resources by ensuring that they are only engaging with qualified leads.

Take a look at the chatbot and how it tries to segregate users based on different needs.

Outgrow's chatbot

Why We Love It

Outgrow’s chatbot stands apart from other websites’ chatbots in terms of the preciseness with which it can collect information. This enables it to collect qualified leads which are helpful for the businesses as it increases the conversion rate.

In fact, you can create a similar (or even better) chatbot with Outgrow’s chatbot builder. And, with the launch of Outgrow’s AI feature, it has become even easier than before to create interactive content.

Outgrow's AI content Generator

If you are facing a crunch of time or resources, you can also let the Outgrow AI tool make amazing website chatbots for you. Just answer a few questions and you’re done!

Why Choose Outgrow’s Chatbot Builder?

  • Experience no-code easy-to-use builder:
  • Get ideas with pre-designed templates:
  • Utilize AI chatbot generator: As we discussed in the previous section,
  • Explore API call capabilities:
  • Customize conversations: Businesses can personalize the chatbot’s responses and conversation flow to align with their brand and user needs. This can help to create a more engaging and personalized experience for users.
  • Integrate with other tools: The chatbot can seamlessly integrate with various marketing and CRM tools, allowing businesses to manage and nurture leads effectively. This can help to improve the overall effectiveness of the chatbot and the marketing and sales process.
  • Track performance: Outgrow provides analytics and reporting features to help businesses assess the chatbot’s effectiveness and make improvements. This information can be used to optimize the chatbot and ensure that it is meeting the needs of businesses and their users.

Did You Know: StepOne is a digital marketing agency, specializing in helping other businesses of different types and sizes, new corporations and various organizations to develop and strengthen their marketing strategies. They reached out to Outgrow to help them create a website chatbot that could handle injury compensation assessments for a legal firm. And, Outgrow’s chatbot increased their leads by 2.67 times!

2. Chatbot Builder

Chatbot builder homepage

On the second number, we have another one of our best chatbots for you. Chatbot Builder, as the name suggests, is a chatbot maker tool that uses AI bots on its website to streamline lead generation. It just doesn’t help others create a chatbot, but also showcases a powerful live chat widgets on its website.

These bots are available 24/7 to answer frequently asked questions and focus on inbound leads, thereby improving their conversion rates. The lead generation process is initiated by asking qualifying questions, which help filter out leads and provide a better understanding of customer requirements.

Why We Love It

Chatbot Builder integrates AI capabilities into businesses—whether it is for marketing, sales or customer support. It offers a user-friendly interface for creating AI-powered chatbots without the need for coding, ensuring personalized interactions. 

Chatbots powered by AI offer several benefits, such as reducing customer wait times and effectively meeting high demand – acting as an additional support channel. Chatbot Builder provides users with a variety of features, including 

  • Customizable design 
  • Integration with OpenAI for advanced capabilities
  • Flexible embedding options for the website
  • Team collaboration settings
  • Proactive nudge messages 
  • Suggested questions for improved interactions
  • Support for file and link uploads for bot training
  • Seamless integration with Zapier for workflow automation
  • GDPR compliance standards

The tool can quickly train AI using different sources of data, such as customer data, website URLs, or text files. Chatbot Builder allows businesses to create AI bots for quick, personalized chat interactions. This helps them provide relevant information to visitors instantly, eliminating the need for human intervention.

3. Heek

Heek's website chatbot

Heek is a website design tool, except that all you have to do is chat with their chatbot, and voila! Your website is ready.

Heek’s AI chatbot example recommends a variety of designs, images, and templates based on your business. You can also insert videos from other platforms, display a Google map, or create a blog on the website created with Heek.

Why We Love It

Chatbot-driven website builders are getting very popular these days. But even with the easy drag-n-drop feature, they still require the person to have some designing skills. This might just make the user give up and spend the money on website builders.

However, the Heek chatbot will give you a prepared website in minutes. Designed with a specific purpose, it is as smart as it can get. It not only helps you gather leads or show pricing but actually does the entire work for you!

Apart from Heek, some other chatbot-driven website builders who embraced the chatbot marketing strategy with open arms include RightClick, Oopla, and Weps.

4. Amtrak

Amtrak's website chatbot

Next up, we have Amtrak in our list of best chatbot examples. Amtrak is a rail passenger service operating in the USA, Columbia, and some parts of Canada.

Their website chatbot presents a very simple and fun alternative to booking tickets the traditional way. You can find out information and book tickets by simply chatting with ‘Julie’, their chatbot.

Easy, right?

Why We Love It

We’ll let the results talk. Amtrak’s Julie has been a complete hit amongst the users. She is well-equipped with every answer that an Amtrak user might need. And thus, is one of the most commendable chatbot conversation examples out there.

Still not satisfied? They have a ‘contact us’ button as well. This is an important element for every chatbot. You might notice it in multiple chatbot examples throughout this blog. People sometimes want to talk to a human being and if your chatbot can give them that option as well, it is perfect!

Julie is awesome in other ways too. She doesn’t only ‘chat’ with people, but also answers about 50,000 calls in a day which is more calls in a day than one human Amtrak customer service agent handles in a year. Phew!

5. Hazel

Hazel's website chatbot

Hazel is a tool for delivering effective management to one’s team. This website chatbot example comes with various benefits such as insights on where the team is struggling, recommendations for growth plans, and giving feedback.

Hazel's chatbot

Moreover, it also creates weekly check-ins where managers discover their strengths and the areas that need improvement.

Why We Love It

We’ve talked about top marketing trends and noted various chatbot examples taking this space by storm. Another marketing trend is personalization. And what happens when you combine chatbots with personalization? Magic!

Apart from that, a good chatbot is capable of not only chatting when the user wants to but also broadcasting relevant messages and notifications and Hazel’s chatbot is equipped with that too.

6. Capital One

Capital One is a diversified bank that offers a wide array of financial products and surveys.

Eno, Capital One’s chatbot helps customers manage their money. It is an e-commerce bot. Users can review their transactions, track account balances, and analyze their spending habits.

Eno monitors an associated account regularly and updates the user in case it feels that some kind of unusual spending has been initiated. Furthermore, it sends an update if it suspects a duplicate charge has been made or any other mistake has been made.

Eno, Capital One's chatbot

To make your busy life easier, it reminds you of your due bills and makes their payment as easy as sending an emoji.

Why We Love It

Personalization! Yes, you may have a personal banker but now you have a personal ‘banker-bot’ too. Eno makes the process even easier and more interesting by giving the option to reply with emojis. Thus, Eno is one of the best chatbot conversation examples out there, as it mimics the act of conversing with a human with ease.

7. Seattle Ballooning

Seattle Ballooning's website chatbot

Seattle Ballooning provides hot air balloon rides in Seattle, Washington. We have to concede- their website chatbot example is as interesting as their work. The Holiday Balloon Bot covers every query that a user might have.

Why We Love It

And yes! Another bot with the personalization feather in its hat. The bot doesn’t need to ask the user why they want to book the ride. It could simply give pricing details and a registration link.

But, this bot takes the extra step and compels the users to interact further, consequently pushing the user down the marketing funnel. This chatbot’s marketing technique of simulating human conversation has proven to be pretty successful across the board!

8. Grubhub

Grubhub’s branch ‘Grubhub for Work’ is a takeout and delivery marketplace that allows over 5,000 companies to place food orders and manage their expenses. It enables them to enjoy great food from thousands of great restaurants.

GrubBot, Grubhub's website chatbot

Their ‘GrubBot’ allows users to place orders, while asking them anything and everything they need to know.

Why We Love It

Let’s start with the simplicity and visual appeal that GrubBot offers. It provides the menu options at the very beginning and lets the user decide where he wants to take the conversation. These options are vast, yet precise. If the user is still not satisfied, they can choose to contact the team with the ‘contact us’ option. All of these perks undoubtedly place it in our list of best chatbot examples.

9. World Health Organisation

WHO's chatbot

The WHO (World Health Organization) has also jumped on the chatbot bandwagon. The WHO bot is available on WhatsApp and was extremely useful during the pandemic.

This website chatbot example is perhaps one of its kind, as it can provide crucial life-saving information during a global catastrophe!

Why We Love It

The bot is easily accessible straight on your messaging app. It also provides vital information and guidance to bust myths and unsubstantiated concerns.

This chatbot also offers travel tips and suggestions on how to protect yourself and those around you. It also presents a list of FAQs that you can browse through and ask for responses in case you need them. Undeniably, stellar implementation of chatbots for business as well as personal safety!

10. Duolingo

Your friendly owl is here with another solution to make your language-learning struggles disappear! The popular language-learning app has left no stone unturned to ensure its users have an engaging and entertaining experience developing their language skills. And their chatbots are another step in this direction.

Duolingo's chatbot

Their bots offer a way for learners to practice their skills and knowledge as they go along. Duolingo thus offers two benefits; a chatbot conversation example for you to take inspiration from for your own bot, and an efficient and interactive method for language learners to strengthen their skills in their target language!

Why We Love It

Countless users are familiar with the hesitation that accompanies when attempting to carry a conversation in a non-native language. This is where Duolingo’s bot comes to the rescue. The bots are programmed to be conversational and friendly, allowing them to practice their skills with accurate responses.

With all these features, Duolingo’s bots undeniably make it in our best chatbot examples list. ¡Me gusta mucho, Duo!

11. Ordermark

Ordermark's website chatbot

OrderMark is an online service that helps food delivery businesses grow and manage their online orders. They cater to prominent food delivery businesses such as Doordash, UberEats, EatStreet, and many more.

Their website chatbot allows both old and new customers alike to find answers to their concerns with just a few clicks!

Why We Love It

Their chatbots boast a sleek and user-friendly design. The bot is also carefully designed to mimic a more humanistic approach. And the quick and accurate responses may even make you forget it’s not human! The conversation usually ends with the bot providing a link to a video. The video showcases how OrderMark has helped businesses in real life.

12. LeadMD

LeadMD's website chatbot

LeadMD or Shiftparadigm, as it is called now, is a revenue performance consultancy that provides various useful services such as marketing automation, sales enablement, and CRM implementation among others.

Their bot is extremely useful in guiding customers to access the information they need in a jiffy. The LeadMD bot prioritizes the customers’ time thus enhancing LeadMD’s customer satisfaction.

Why We Love It

The LeadMD bot ensures that every conversation is to the point. The bot also offers a copy of the chat, which is certainly a unique feature amongst others. The bot provides an option for the users to share their email addresses to facilitate the company’s lead-generation efforts. This feature can also help you track a customer’s journey more efficiently.

13. Kuki AI

Kuki AI uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to engage in human-like conversations with users. It understands and responds to user queries and messages in a way that feels natural and effortless.

Kuki's AI chatbot

Kuki AI Chatbot is a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance customer service, streamline operations, and provide a more convenient and efficient customer experience.

Why We Love It

It is a versatile tool, that allows businesses to deploy chatbots across various communication channels, including websites, messaging apps, and social media platforms. This ensures that customers can interact with the chatbot on their preferred platforms.

14. Meena by Google

Meena is a cutting-edge chatbot developed by Google, representing a significant advancement in the field of conversational AI. It is designed to understand context, nuances, and sentiment in user interactions.

It can handle multi-turn conversations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from customer support to general information inquiries. Moreover, It has the ability to maintain context over several interactions, providing more meaningful responses.

Meena, Google's AI chatbot

Why We Love It

The full version of Meena, equipped with a filtering mechanism and finely tuned decoding, pushes the SSA score to an impressive 79%. When compared to the SSA scores attained by other chatbots, Meena’s 72% SSA score comes remarkably close to the 86% SSA score achieved by the average individual.

SSA scores of different AI chatbots

15. Blenderbot by Facebook

BlenderBot is a powerful AI chatbot developed by Facebook. It has been trained on a massive dataset of text and code, and can provide detailed responses on a wide range of topics.

Currently only available in the US, it has a limited user base.

Blenderbot, Facebook's AI chatbot

Why We Love It

Blenderbot is often used for educational purposes like providing personalized tutoring, answering questions, and generating educational content. Due to its ability to connect with users on a human level, it has been trusted to be involved in the education sector.

Facebook is also working to launch it for other countries soon.

16. Sephora

This one in our list of best chatbot examples is for all the fashionistas out there. Sephora, one of the world’s leading cosmetics marketplaces, knows that makeup enthusiasts are always looking for help and advice. That’s why Sephora offers 24/7 website support with an FAQ chatbot. The chatbot can answer any customer support-related query, whether it’s about skincare, hair care, fragrances, or anything else.

Sephora's chatbot

Why We Love It

The chatbot is trained to recognize different categories of queries and direct its responses accordingly. For example, if a user asks about a specific product, the chatbot will provide information about that product, such as its ingredients, benefits, and how to use it. If a user asks for a general recommendation, the chatbot will suggest products based on the user’s skin type, hair type, and other factors.

17. Woebot

Woebot is a chatbot that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help people manage their mental health.

The Woebot is not a replacement for professional therapy, but it can be a helpful tool for people who are looking for additional support. It is accessible, affordable, and confidential.

Weobot, mental health chatbot

Why We Love It

Woebot is designed to be a companion for people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. It can help people to identify their thoughts and feelings, challenge negative thinking patterns, and develop coping mechanisms.

18. Vivibot by Hopelab

Another one of our innovative chatbot examples is Vivibot. Hopelab, a social cause organization, developed this innovative bot to offer emotional support and coping strategies to young people facing cancer. Vivibot engages users in conversations that focus on emotional well-being, providing a virtual space for individuals to express their feelings and receive helpful guidance.

Vivibot, hopelab's chatbot

Why We Love It

Through its empathetic and interactive approach, Vivibot aims to improve the mental and emotional health of young cancer patients, offering them a source of comfort and encouragement during their challenging journey. As the makers of Vivibot say, “It is a chatbot that listens”.

19. MYA

Last one of our chatbot examples is Mya, an advanced HR chatbot, offers an innovative approach to cross the hurdles of the hiring process. This AI-powered chatbot streamlines and enhances the recruitment and hiring process for businesses. Mya engages with job candidates, helping them find suitable job openings, schedule interviews, and answer questions related to the hiring process. It also assists HR professionals by automating candidate screening and assessment tasks, saving time and improving efficiency.

MYA, AI chatbot

Why We Love It

With its conversational AI capabilities, Mya offers a more personalized and efficient recruitment experience for both candidates and employers, ultimately contributing to better talent acquisition strategy outcomes. It is capable of shifting the direction of the conversation by understanding the context.


While these awesome chatbots are gearing up to improve further, have you considered your chatbot yet? We guess you are waiting for some hassle-free and no-code chatbot builder for yourself. Then why wait? Sign up now for a free 7-day trial & try creating a chatbot for free!

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