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6 Best Website Chatbot Examples
11th January 2019 Hricha Shandily
5 min read

6 Best Website Chatbot Examples

If anyone was to search for top and latest trends in digital marketing, they would definitely come across a mention of chatbots as a rapidly growing marketing tool. Chatbots are automation at its best. Why do we say that? Well, it’s a great way to engage your potential and existing clients, reduce bounce rates, resolve your audience’s most pressing questions and get featured in an Outgrow blog post ;).

This is why, you must consider adding a chatbot to your website and before you get started, we thought we would give you some inspiration by showing you how smart and creative businesses can get with their chatbots.

Here’s a list of 6 best website chatbot examples.


Heek is a website design tool, except that all you have to do is chat with their chatbot and voila! your website’s ready.

Heek’s AI recommends a variety of designs, images and templates based on your business. You can also insert videos from other platforms, display a google map or create a blog on the website so created with Heek.

Why We Love It
Chatbot-driven website builders are getting more popular these days for even an easy drag-and-drop editor requires one to have designing skills. Ultimately, a user might just give up and spend money on website developers. On the other hand, these chatbots will give you a prepared website in minutes. Designed with a specific purpose, it is as smart as it can get. It is not only one of those chatbots designed to gather leads or show pricing but actually do the entire work for you!
Apart from Heek, some other chatbot-driven website builders include RightClick, Oopla and Weps.


Amtrak is a rail passenger service operating in USA, Columbia and some parts of Canada.
On their website, they have a very simple and fun alternative to booking tickets the traditional way. You can find out information and book tickets by simply chatting with ‘Julie’, their chatbot.

Easy, right?

Why We Love It
We’ll let the results talk. Amtrak’s Julie has been a complete hit amongst the users. She is well equipped with every answer that an Amtrak user might need. Still not satisfied? They have a ‘contact us’ button right there. This is an important element for every chatbot. People sometimes want to talk to a human being and if your chatbot can give them that option as well, it is perfect!
Julie is awesome in other ways too. She doesn’t only ‘chat’ with people, but also answers about 50,000 calls in a day which is more calls in a day than one human Amtrak customer service agent handles in a year. Phew!


Hazel is a tool for delivering effective management to one’s team. It gives insights on where the team is struggling, recommends growth plans and gives feedback. Moreover, it enables weekly check-ins while managers discover their strengths and the areas that need improvement.

Why We Love It
We’ve talked about top marketing trends and how chatbots are taking this space by storm. Another marketing trend is personalization. And what happens when you combine chatbots with personalization? Magic!
Apart from that, a good chatbot is capable of not only chatting when the user wants to but also broadcasting relevant messages and notifications and Hazel’s chatbot is equipped with that too.


Capital One is a diversified bank that offers a wide array of financial products and surveys.
Eno, Capital One’s chatbot helps customers manage their money. Users can review their transactions, track account balances and analyze their spending habits.
Eno monitors an associated account regularly and updates the user in case it feels that some kind of unusual spend has been initiated. Furthermore, it sends update if it suspects a duplicate charge has been made or any other mistake has been made.

To make your regular and busy life easier, it reminds you of your due bills and makes their payment as easy as sending an emoji.

Why We Love It
Personalization! Yes, you have a personal banker but now you have a personal ‘banker-bot’ too. Eno makes the process even easier and more interesting by giving an option to reply with emojis.


Seattle Ballooning provides hot air balloon rides in Seattle Washington. We have to concede- their chatbot is as interesting as their work. The Holiday Balloon Bot covers every query that a user might have.

Why We Love It
And yes! Another bot with the personalization feather in its hat. The bot doesn’t need to ask the user why he wants to book for the ride. It could simply give pricing details and a registration link. But, this bot takes the extra step and compels the users to interact further. Consequently, pushes the user down the marketing funnel. Smart, right?


Grubhub’s branch ‘Grubhub for Work’ is a takeout and delivery marketplace that allows over 5,000 companies to place food orders and manage expenses simply and powerfully, and to enjoy great food from some of the thousands of restaurants.

Their ‘GrubBot’ allows users to place orders, while it asks them anything and everything it needs to know.

Why We Love It
Let’s start with the simplicity and visual appeal that the GrubBot offers. It gives menu options at the very starting and lets the user decide where he wants to take the conversation. These options are vast, yet precise. If the user is still not satisfied, he can choose to contact the team with the ‘contact us’ option. A win-win.

Chatbots are the present and future of smart marketing. While, these awesome chatbots are geared up to become even better, have you thought about your chatbot yet?