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Which Chess Opening Best Captures Your Startup Strategy [Quiz]

“It’s an entire world of just 64 squares.”

To say that The Queen’s Gambit had us glued to our screens for 7 episodes straight would be an understatement. To date, more than 62 million households have watched the show. In fact, inquiries for chess sets are up by 250% on eBay and Google search queries for ‘how to play chess’ have hit an all-time high in 9 years. The original novel “The Queen’s Gambit” is now a New York Times Bestseller 37 years after its release. Additionally, players on platforms like Chess.com have increased by 5x. Those are some radical numbers!

And so, a bunch of smart folks here at Outgrow had to do something to get a chunk of this attention pie. So we created a quiz – “The Tech Unicorn’s Gambit”. This quiz targets startup owners and chess enthusiasts by drawing parallels between the founders’ startup strategy and their chess opening moves. So, your chess moves decide what your startup strategy should be!

It is engaging, intuitive, and fun! And guess what? We ranked 1, 2, and 3 on Product Hunt.

Startup Strategy

Startup Strategy

And that’s not all, we got featured on Product Hunt’s newsletter too!

product hunt newsletter

So how did this quiz become so popular? We spill the tea, here! 

Interactive Content 

Well, of course, no surprises there. We went interactive!

Interactive content like quizzes is highly personalized experiences that act as incredible lead magnets. They have an inherent virality attached to them. That’s not it, they are twice as engaging as static content. They reduce bounce rates, increase conversions and have a considerable positive impact on social shares.

So many benefits! No wonder, our clients see incredible results using our quizzes, calculators, assessments, chatbots, etc. Moreover, in the age of falling attention spans, almost 81% of marketers think that interactive content grabs the readers’ attention. Well, those statistics aren’t something you can ignore easily.

In fact, Outgrow offers dozens of templates optimized for engagement and conversion. How about you try it for yourself? Click on the image below.

Outgrow Interactive Content Types
Types of Interactive Content

Appealing Visuals

The quiz makes use of some stellar visuals that get people hooked. Visuals are a great way to make a quiz go viral. They have the power to aid imagination. As people proceed with the quiz they look forward to not just the questions but the visuals that come with it. Hence, always pay keen attention to visuals in your interactive experiences to make them anything but dull and boring.

startup's gambit

Comprehensive Questions 

You know the quiz-maker has skin in the game when the questions are comprehensive enough to drive accurate results. Every question brings the viewer closer to the results and so, a good set of questions is a great motivation to complete the entire quiz. Did you know BuzzFeed quizzes see a completion rate of 96%?

BuzzFeed owes this incredible conversion rate to not just its fascinating visuals but also to the engaging set of questions.

Results That Stir up a Conversation

Another powerful move involves the results section. You can do everything to make your quiz appealing but if the results don’t show the right set of outcomes, then your efforts may go in vain.

Furthermore, you do want them to share it with their audience because only that will help your quiz go viral. So, make the results so compelling that they have no choice but to share the quiz on their social accounts! In fact, that’s what happened when we launched this quiz on Product Hunt. People couldn’t stop talking about the opening moves they got as a result!

Product Hunt review

See? That’s how accurate the results were!

Optimized for Sharing

Outgrow offers social share buttons on the results page that encourages people to share their experiences with others on their social handles.

social share feature Outgrow

Look how it encouraged one of the users to share the quiz!

Startup Strategy

Targeted Audience

The critical acclaim around The Queen’s Gambit was at its peak around the time we made this quiz. But the reason behind our product’s rankings is not just the topical marketing. The quiz talks about the chess opening move that relates to the quiz-taker’s startup strategy. This was a fun way to drive engagement from startup owners, making Product Hunt the ideal platform to launch it.

We must bring interactive experiences in front of people who can derive the most value from them. And so, Product Hunt proved to be the best place to find tech unicorns and startup owners.

We leveraged this platform’s audience and got great reviews from them!

Product Hunt review

Now that we have talked so much about the quiz…are all of you startup owners ready to give it a shot and find out which chess opening strategy best describes your startup strategy?

“Let’s play.”

The Final Move

Folks, we have reached the end of this article on your award-winning product – The Tech Unicorn’s Gambit. We have reiterated time and again how to use interactive content in multiple ways for your content marketing strategy. And, now we have also shown you how launching your interactive content pieces on platforms like Product Hunt can help you get noticed by your target audience!

So there’s just one last move left now, a free trial! Try creating your interactive content without any coding and any cost. Are you game?

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