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Student Survey Questions to Fetch the Right Answers

Student surveys are a rich source of information that helps organizations in the academic sector make informed decisions on their operations, curriculum, infrastructure, etc. Hence, asking the right student survey questions become quintessential to extracting the right feedback from students.

So, today we’ll look into some student survey questions that can help you get the right answers. But, before we jump into the questions, let’s discuss a bit about student surveys in general.

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What are Student Surveys?

A student survey is a method or tool to gather the student’s opinions about the curriculum, teaching techniques, school environment, etc. It will allow the students to provide honest feedback about your institute’s educational process.

Further, student surveys require processing and evaluating the feedback collected from the students to make improvements to the educational process; specially to the pedagogical approach and professionalism.

Steps to Conduct a Student Survey

You can follow these simple steps to conduct your student survey.

steps to conduct a student survey

Step 1: Decide your goals and objectives

Before creating a survey you must set your goals right. Define what you want to achieve from your survey to set the tone. The survey questions you choose to ask will depend on the goals you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to know your student’s perception of the infrastructure then you might ask questions like – How satisfied are you with the laboratory equipment? On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your classroom infrastructure or how informed you feel about student loan refinancing.

Similarly, if you want to know the student’s perception of the teachers, you may ask questions like – Do you find Prof. Smith’s class engaging? Or On a scale of 1 to 10 rate, Prof. Smith’s teaching techniques.

So, as you can see, setting the goal is very important before going ahead with the student survey.

Step 2: Set up the Student Survey Questions and Create the Survey

Well, now that you have your goal set, it’s time to decide what questions you want to ask. And along with that, you need to create the survey. Now, the traditional form-type surveys are boring,  try to create interactive surveys instead. Don’t worry, we will discuss how to create an interactive survey for free after this. So keep reading!

Step 3: Send the Survey

Once your survey is ready, you can send it out through email. An online survey builder like Outgrow also lets you embed it on websites. So you can create a separate landing page on your website and share the link with the students.

Step 4: Evaluate the Data and Take Action

After you have received the feedback, ask your teachers and staff to evaluate the data. Find out what most of the students have to say, what they want, etc. and take action accordingly. If they need to improve their academic writing and write an analytical essay, provide resources to help them succeed.

Evaluate the Data

How to Create a Free Student Survey?

To create a student survey, you need a tool that can help you create and conduct surveys. Outgrow, an interactive content builder is the best online survey builder that you can get. And the best part is that Outgrow offers their survey builder for free!

So, you can start off by creating a free account.

Once you have logged in, you can follow these steps to create your student survey within minutes:

Step  1: Choose the content type

Apart from surveys, Outgrow allows you to create quizzes, assessments, chatbots, etc. So, after you have logged in, you need to select ‘Forms/Surveys’ from the list of interactive content types they offer.

student survey question

Step 2: Choose your template

After step 1, you will land on a page that will let you choose pre-made survey templates or options to create your survey from scratch. If you are just starting out, then we would recommend that you select a pre-made survey template.

student survey question

Step 3: Customize the layout

After choosing the template you will directly land on the survey builder. On the right-hand side you will find the edit options and the preview section on the left. You can customize the layout, color, font, logo, etc.

customized the layout

Step 4: Add the student survey questions

From the right panel, you can add and edit your survey questions. Outgrow offers a lot of question types like single-select, multi-select, rating, opinion scale, etc.  So, you can mix the question types to make the survey interesting. In addition to that, you can add images, gifs, and videos to the question slides and make it even more interesting.

student survey question

Step 5: Say Thank You

Once you are done with the questions, you can edit the Thank You note and your survey is all set.

List of Student Survey Questions

say Thankyou

Student Satisfaction Survey Questions

  • How satisfied are you with your syllabus?
  • How likely are you to recommend our institute to your friends?
  • Rate your school’s chemistry laboratory out of 10
  • Are you satisfied with our placement support?
  • Are you satisfied with the grading method?

Student Perception Survey Questions

  • Which classroom activities do you enjoy the most?
  • What changes do you wish to see in the institute?
  • What motivates you to attend classes every day?
  • Do you get all the books in the school library?
  • Rate your teacher on a scale of 10
  • How far do you agree with the statement: “Our teachers ask everyone whether we have understood the lesson and clear our doubts if we have any.”
  • Does your teacher help you in understanding ways to improve your performance?
  • Do you get praised by your teachers when you do well in extracurricular activities?
  • Do you get enough help from the non-teaching faculties?

Student Survey Questions to Understand Student Engagement in Online Learning

  • How do you feel about the new ‘Study From Home’ concept?
  • Do you have a stable internet connection to attend online classes?
  • Which device do you use to attend your online classes?
  • On a scale of 10, how effective has online learning been for you?
  • Do you get all the digital resources required for your lessons from school?
  • Does the school’s online library satisfy your needs?
  • In these COVID-19 times, how stressful has distance learning been for you?
  • Do you miss the campus?
  • What can the institute do to improve your online learning experience?
  • Do you get distracted during your online classes?
  • Do you wish to come back to the campus?


We just gave you a hint about student survey questions. There can be hundreds of other survey questions that you can ask your students depending on your goal. You can experiment as much as you want with your student survey.

So, if you want to create a student survey of your own, go ahead and sign up for a free account on Outgrow and start creating your own student surveys for free.

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