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SurveyMonkey vs Outgrow: Looking for a SurveyMonkey Alternative?

If you are reading this, then you might be on the lookout for a SurveyMonkey alternative. And if that is the case, you’ve just landed on the right spot. This blog is going to cover a detailed comparison between two popular survey makers – SurveyMonkey vs Outgrow (which we think is the best SurveyMonkey alternative).

Outgrow and SurveyMonkey are both big names in the online survey tools space and here Outgrow provides you with a free survey plan in which you can build up to 4 content pieces!

So, how should you choose between the two tools? Let us help you with this survey tools comparison!

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Outgrow – A SurveyMonkey Alternative

Outgrow helps brands create highly interactive content that not only drives traffic but also improves conversions. The beauty of Outgrow’s no-code platform lies in its versatility and ease of use. You can build personalized quizzes, calculators, chatbots, surveys, etc without any technical knowledge. It also gives you the liberty to embed your surveys or forms onto your website in a variety of ways. Outgrow helps you generate qualified leads, collect valuable user data, integrate multiple third-party tools, and analyze your data.

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SurveyMonkey is a survey tool that helps you create and run online surveys for your brand. It gives you the opportunity to collect audience feedback and use it to improve your offerings. You can also use SurveyMonkey polls to gauge market sentiments for your brand and products.


Outgrow vs SurveyMonkey

Range of Content

SurveyMonkey and Outgrow are both trusted names when it comes to building interactive content. However, SurveyMonkey focuses on Polls & Surveys with a basic design and layout. Outgrow on the other hand offers calculators, quizzes, graded tests/assessments, e-commerce recommendations, polls, chatbots, surveys with a focus on modern design, and powerful analytics. Moreover, it includes a wide range of layout options to choose from.

The result page of a SurveyMonkey form or survey is a basic thank you page whereas the result page in Outgrow provides personalized recommendations, results, and information. The content types in Outgrow are more interactive and personalized as it fetches outcomes based on the user’s inputs.

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Outgrow & SurveyMonkey both have customization features. You can play around with custom backgrounds, images, gifs, logos, etc to customize the look and feel of the survey. Moreover, both offer a logic jump feature to display different questions for different user responses.

Outgrow has a wide range of layouts along with the capability to add external style sheets & scripts. This gives you more control over the user experience, theme, and branding of your content. Unfortunately, SurveyMonkey does not have this feature.

Apart from this, Outgrow also enables you to add custom HTML pages as well as integrate with external APIs.

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Social Footprint

Both companies give you the option to add social media share and follow buttons to your content.
Outgrow allows you to create the Outgrow custom tab on your Facebook business page, which lets you deliver a unique & better user experience to your audience. You can also embed Outgrow’s interactive surveys and forms in your Facebook Instant article.


As you start collecting leads, you might want to send them to a marketing automation tool like Hubspot or Marketo. This helps you manage all your leads on a centralized platform.

Outgrow and SurveyMonkey both integrate with a wide range of tools. One cool feature of Outgrow is the ability to segment your leads and send them directly to specific lists or categories in your CRM or marketing automation tool.

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Optimization and Analytics

Analyzing the performance of your content is very important to find out how you can further improve.

Outgrow focuses a lot on marketers and offers a comprehensive system that lets you track key KPIs like completion rate, conversion rate, time spent, bounce rate, CTR, etc. They also have a compare tab to let you easily compare between various content types based on conversion rate or completion rate. Even without any statistical knowledge, you can quickly find out which content is significantly better than another.

On the other hand, SurveyMonkey gives you the option for basic overview data but doesn’t focus much on comparing analytics across different forms and surveys.


Outgrow and SurveyMonkey both have Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integrations. This can help deliver better-personalized content and retarget audiences based on their past activity.
Moreover, Outgrow’s custom pixel option is cool, as you can tag and adjust the value of each user based on their answer to a question or based on their result in Outgrow.

Embed Options

SurveyMonkey and Outgrow both have embedded features. But, the variety of embedding that Outgrow provides is definitely better. You can use a custom embed option in Outgrow that lets you embed your content into an iframe, meaning you can customize the height and width as required. You also get the option to embed your content in exit intent pop-ups, greet bar, chat messenger, and more.


Outgrow- Outgrow offers you a 7-day free trial after which you can also switch to a free survey plan. In this free plan, you can build up to 4 content pieces and have 1200 submissions of the lead generation form. Outgrow’s base paid plan starts from $14.00/month billed annually. With Outgrow you can explore all the features and capabilities of its best plans.

SurveyMonkey- SurveyMonkey’s basic plan is free. Its standard annual plan costs $31 a month, billed annually. Its premier plan costs $119 a month, billed annually and the advantage plan costs $32 a month, billed annually.


Both outgrow and SurveyMonkey provide dependable customer support that includes FAQs, knowledgebase, live support, and phone support. But when you compare the live support of Outgrow with the SurveyMonkey customer service, Outgrow is a clear winner with less than 5 minutes of average reply time.

Comparison Ratings & Reviews

One of our favorite ways to compare two services is to see what customers of both the tools have to say. You can check the comparison of Outgrow vs SurveyMonkey on the software review website G2. Outgrow scores better ratings with 4.8/5 stars while SurveyMonkey rates 4.4/5 stars. While Outgrow gets the upper hand in ratings, SurveyMonkey still has pretty good reviews.


Both of these platforms offer robust features to create surveys and forms. If you are just looking to create a survey then both SurveyMonkey and Outgrow are reasonable alternatives. However, if you are looking for flexibility, customizations, and a wide range of content that also has a free plan, then Outgrow is the best SurveyMonkey alternative you can get. Outgrow offer a free survey plan to its customer in which they can build up to four content pieces.

It is ultimately your call to decide what’s best for your needs. Hence, we recommend you try them out once to see what works best for you.

And if you want a first-hand experience then you should definitely create a free online survey with Outgrow’s 7-day free trial.

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