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Find Out Where Your SEO Knowledge Stacks Up Among 150 Marketers

So, you think you understand search engine optimization well? Let’s go ahead and put your knowledge to test. Take this SEO knowledge test and see where you stand against 150 odd marketers.

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SEO Knowledge Components

SEO is now considered a basic prerequisite for every marketer. You may not know the advanced technicalities, but basic understanding of concepts is a must. Of course there is a lot of stuff to learn, and it can be overwhelming. But what is this knowledge that search engine marketers must possess? In his column for Search Engine Journal, Neil Patel lists 18 areas of knowledge every SEO must possess. Here’s a quick run up for you:

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Do you think you know all about SEO best practices and mistakes? The quiz results are sure to reveal that. Take the assessment now if you haven’t already. Want to create a similar assessment? Try Outgrow.

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