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21 Best Lead Generation Tools You Need To Try Out Immediately (+Bonus Tool)
28th September 2018 Sharanya Manola
11 min read

21 Best Lead Generation Tools You Need To Try Out Immediately 

Does the slow flow of quality leads upset you? You’re not alone. 61% of B2B marketers quote-generating high-quality leads as their biggest challenge. Yet, we know of marketers who ace it and scale their businesses to new heights! How, you might ask? They use some of the best lead generation tools to mine a stream of qualified leads.

And we’ve brought to you a list of exactly such tools. Without any delay, let’s get down to discussing each one of them in detail.

Outgrow Lead Generation Tool

Note: You will find that some of them are absolutely free to use while others are paid.

Ready? Let’s read the rest of the blog to know how to create a thriving sales pipeline.

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#1 Constant Contact

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

20+ years in the industry, Constant Contact does what it does best: help small businesses and nonprofits succeed. It understands that growing an email list is crucial and thus has a range of lead generation tools curated just for you.

Salient features:

1) Let’s you integrate sign-up forms on your website.

2) Fans can join your list through the Facebook app.

3) Encourage event sign-ups through tablets.

4) Get customers to sign-up straight from their phone.

5) Add contacts from popular apps such as Facebook, Salesforce, WordPress, Outlook.

Pricing: First month free, then paid.

#2 MailChimp

MailChimp ranks high in our list of lead generation tools as it is an intuitive platform. It has an excellent free plan and so we deem it as an enabler for small businesses that are just starting out!

Salient Features: Intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

1) Customizable sign-up forms.

2) Strategically time popups.

3) Track how your list grows.

4) Segment lists to nurture leads through email campaigns.

Pricing: Free: Store up to 2K email contacts and send 12,000 emails/month. Paid: Starts at $10/month.

#3 Hubspot

Hubspot’s lead generation tool helps you to not just generate leads but also turn visitors into buyers.

Salient features:

1) An intelligent system that targets qualified leads.

2) See who your leads are and what they’re doing. It logs in your prospect’s activity. The moment a lead submits a form, information from across the web is pulled in, including their social profiles and where they work.

3) You also get intelligence on how they arrived on your website, what they viewed even before they filled out your form.

4) Since your lead’s behavior is stored in the CRM, your sales rep already has context when they reach out to them.

Pricing: Free

#4 Sumo

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

Sumo is a popular tool to turn your visitors into email subscribers! It is trusted by some of the biggest brands including Airbnb, Entrepreneur. Why must you stay behind?

Salient features

1) Strategically time popups, welcome mats, smart bars, slide-in pop-ups, heat maps etc. This encourages visitors to hang on for a lot longer.

2) Integrate with major email services including Campaign Monitor, Zapier, Constant Contact, MailChimp etc.

Pricing: Free for up to 200 subscribers. They have monthly and yearly plans which you can see here.

#5 HelloBar

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

HelloBar is an extremely easy-to-use lead generation tool that helps dramatically increase your website visitor’s time and take the action you want them to. Apparently, Derek Halpern gained an additional 1,180 email subscribers in 30 days using the HelloBar!

Salient features:

1) Use it to offer a tangible bribe like an eBook or a guide.

2) Send traffic to a landing page.

3) Increase social follows and likes.

Pricing: Paid. $4.95 per month for 100 click-throughs, $12.95 for 500 click-throughs every month and $29.95 for 2500 click throughs per month.

#6 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a lead generation tool that helps you “target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach.”

Salient features:

1) It includes advanced lead and company search functionality. This means you can find the right people and companies faster.

2) Get customized lead recommendations.

3) Save leads directly into your CRM.

4) Extended LinkedIn network access. Send InMails and reach over 500 million LinkedIn members even if you’re not connected to them.

5) Use ‘notes’ and ‘tags’ to organize your leads and accounts. Plus, you can sync back notes to your CRM.

6) Gives a detailed overview of prospects and sends relevant insights into your accounts and leads, including job changes.

Pricing: Paid plans: Professional, Team, and Enterprise.

#7 Quora

Quora is undeniably one of the most popular Q&A forums. Usually, people head there because they know they will find quality and insightful answers. Clearly, you should use this forum and search for topics that are related to your business.

Salient features:

1) Become a thought leader by answering your niche-related questions.

2) All answers published on Quora become a trail for others to track you.

Pricing: Free.

#8 Unbounce

If you want to create custom and highly-converting, lead-generating landing pages then go for Unbounce. Over 15,000 brands including Hootsuite, Vimeo, Campaign Monitor etc. are already using it!

Salient features:

1) Easy to work on drag-and-drop builder.

2) It has 85+ mobile-responsive templates.

3) There’s a pre-built template gallery. Customize them or start from scratch.

4) You can test landing pages as well as website popups and sticky bars.

Pricing: 30-day free trial. Paid plan list available on this link.

#9 Acquire

Cut down on your conversational clutter and improve first-time contact resolution rates with real-time customer support software by Acquire. The platform allows you to observe customer and visitor activities online and let them connect with you more contextually through live chat, chatbots, and co-browsing. – personalizing their entire journey.

Salient features:

1) Connect in seconds with live chat. Your customers can instantly connect with your team when browsing your website or mobile app.

2) Reroute easily. No need to switch between departments as the live chat can transfer the query directly to the concerned department.

3) Analyze customers. Your sales team can observe customer behavior online and send personalized messages to attract their attention.

4) AI-driven assistance. Acquire Live Chat is supported by a mechanism that automatically interprets common customer queries and resolves them without involving your support team in the first place.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Read more about their team and enterprise plans, here.

#10 Twitter Lead Generation Card

Twitter cards are magical! You can get your Twitter audience to sign up for your email list without them leaving Twitter.

Salient features:

1) Promote tweets and get in front of your prospects interested in you.

2) Target audience based on interests, demographics, behavior, events, device, keywords, etc.

3) The user’s name, email address and Twitter username are automatically populated, and all they are required to do is “submit”.

4) You can also get Twitter users to download your app straight from a simple tweet.

Pro Tip: Read this comprehensive guide on how to use Twitter Lead Gen Cards on Wordstream.

Pricing: Paid. Set a budget and pay what works for you.

#11 Outgrow

Did you know, interactive content generates 2X more conversions than passive content? Now you do! On the Outgrow app, you can create engaging interactive experiences such as quizzes, assessments, calculators, polls, and surveys that are extremely popular lead generating content pieces.

Salient features:

1) Intuitive builder and interface. No prior coding experience required.

2) Present interactive content as a slide-in or a pop-up and publish either on your domain or a URL of your choice.

3) Pre-built templates for a range of categories and appealing layouts for you to choose from.

4) All layouts are optimized for conversion, engagement and screen sizes.

5) Embed interactive content as a pop-up and on your website/blog.

6) Features a separate dashboard for end-to-end analytics.

7) Embed ‘like’ and ‘follow’ buttons and add ‘share’ CTAs on the results page.

8) Easily integrate with 500+ sales and marketing tools!

Pricing: 7-day free trial. Discover pricing plans, here.

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#12 Drift

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

Lead conversions don’t have to necessarily happen through lead forms or list-building tools. They happen through live chats too! With Drift, the live chat tool, “any conversation can be a conversion”.

Salient features:

1) LeadBots qualify site visitors and identify which sales rep your visitor should speak with. Finally, it books meetings too.

2) Save conversations to ready your sales team with the back story.

3) Anonymous visitor intel to give chats a more personalized touch.

4) Advanced integration with Clearbit to identify and engage anonymous visitors.

Pricing: Free and paid.

#13 Intercom

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

Intercom is another live chat tool that you can use to interact with your most engaged website visitor. (Psst… we’re using it too!)

Salient features:

1) Target messages to leads 24/7.

2) Asks “qualifying questions”.

3) Use data integrations like Clearbit Reveal to target only the best leads.

4) Messenger launcher.

5) Book meetings with your best leads.

6) Help with support and onboarding.

Pricing: Paid; 14-day free trial.

#14 Hunter.io

Use Hunter.io to find email addresses of a person or their company. It’s your golden chance to finally connect with prospects that matter to you and your business!

Salient features:

1) It comes with a Chrome browser extension.

2) All the email addresses that show in your search are public on the web.

3) Every time you save a lead with the extension, it gets saved in your applications like Salesforce, Zapier, Hubspot.

Pricing: Free 100 free searches per month. The paid plan starts at $39/month for 1,000.

#15 FindThat

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

FindThat is the Yellow Pages of email addresses of professionals, worldwide! It “uses a diverse set of data sources and requires that at least two sources will flag an email as valid”.

Salient features:

1) It’s available as a Chrome extension.

2) It’s constantly updated which means there’s no place for outdated or false records on their system.

3) Find prospects in social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

4) Verify email addresses to eliminate hard bounces.

5) Export your list to other solutions using Zapier.

Pricing: Choose from three paid plans: Bundle, Find and Verify.

#16 Discover.ly

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

Discover.ly is an awesome tool to generate social leads using the major social platforms like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is best suited for job hunters, salespeople, recruiters and entrepreneurs who want to hit the bull’s eye by reaching out to the right people.

Salient features:

1) In Gmail, Discover.ly fills in the social profile info that Rapportive, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hubspot, Clearbit & Prophet miss!

Pricing: Free

#17 D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers have the world’s largest commercial database of about 120 million business records! It identifies leads that are “real selling opportunities” and hence generates immediate growth for your business.

Salient features:

1) Offers in-depth sales intelligence on target accounts. Access to industry analysis, company profiles, finance and technology reports, and more.

2) Monitor developments for your key accounts.

3) Notification of new sales opportunities.

4) Seamless MAP and CRM integrations.

Pricing: Free trial after which you pay based on your custom requirements.

#18 Hotjar

Though not exactly a lead generation tools, Hotjar can certainly help you realign your lead generation efforts.

Salient features:

1) It features heatmaps that help you understand onsite behavior.

2) Watch recordings of real visitors on your site as they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across pages.

3) Form analysis. Discover why visitors abandon a lead form.

4) Feedback polls to understand what the user wants or what’s preventing them to take an action on the website.

5) Responsive surveys.

6) Set it up with one script on platforms like WordPress, Magento, Unbounce, Drupal, Hubspot, Shopify etc.

Pricing: Free forever for personal use. Paid pricing plans can be viewed here.

#19 Instapage

20 Best Lead Generation Tools

Instapage is another popular landing page builder. They claim that the average Instapage conversion rate is 22% as compared to your average 3% PPC conversion rate.

Salient features:

1) Boasts of over a hundred landing page templates.
2) Has a staggering 200+ mobile-responsive landing page templates!

3) You can sync data seamlessly with popular email marketing as well as CRM platforms like Salesforce, MailChimp and Hubspot.

4) Run A/B tests.

5) Analyze mouse clicks, movements, and scroll depth heat map.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Read more about their core and enterprise plans, here.

#20 AeroLeads

It’s a prospecting tool and prominent email finder solution for the email marketing operation. It helps you to create an email list from web-based platforms like LinkedIn, Angellist and CrunchBase. 

lead generation tools

Salient features:

1) Automates the whole process of prospecting and lead generation. 

2) Finds emails addresses and phone numbers of prospects in real-time. 

3) It crawls the web in real-time to find up to date information, it always offers up to date information. 

4) Find professional emails of decision-makers with the title, location and company emails with phone numbers, address etc.

5) Let’s you to transfer your data to integrated CRM like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot etc. that too with one click.

#21 Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is an email finder that helps you get in touch with people who matter. You’ll find it useful for any kind of outreach campaign.
Salient features:
1) Crawls through LinkedIn and other networks to find email addresses that aren’t listed on the company website.

2) Displays accuracy scores for each email address it finds.

3) Email verification and enrichment, with social media profiles and company data.

4) Easily integrated with automation tools like Zapier.

Pricing: Free trial for the first 50 leads, then start at $49 for up to 1,000 leads per month. They also offer a prepaid plan at $50 for 500 credits.

That’s all from us for now.

Do tell us if you have used any of the above-listed lead generation tools or if you plan to. Using any other lead generation tools that have worked for you? Feel free to share them too.