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Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2023

Well, it may be a novel thought about a couple of decades ago. But today, integrated marketing is very important, although not always well-executed. Hence, this blog will talk about the top Unbounce integration tools that you need in 2023.

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Good landing pages are the lifeline of any online business.

Yeah, call me Captain Obvious!

However, simply driving traffic to your homepage just doesn’t work in our competitive world.

It takes a village to attract, retain, engage and convert customers today. In fact, lead generation is a whole new challenge on its own.

So, what do we do?

Simple – use some helping hands! After all, teamwork makes the dream work! You can spend days arranging that perfect party. Or, you can try BYOB! It’s fun and a savior.

Ok, before you remind us of the topic – yes, integrations are a crucial part of online success. Once you have achieved that perfect landing page with Unbounce, it’s time to look at some fantastic Unbounce integration tools to help you achieve your dream conversion rate.

So, without further ado, here are our top 8 Unbounce integration tools to drive engagement and conversions through the roof.

1. Autopilot for Marketing Automation

In today’s complex business structure, ain’t nobody got time to schedule activities manually. Thanks to technology, you can automate and streamline processes like customer segmentation, email automation, and lead management.

With Autopilot, you can plot the entire customer journey map with the help of their drag and drop canvas. This helps in developing personalized customer journey maps by implementing actions and conditions for every trigger. With Autopilot by your side, you can take control of your customer’s decision-making journey, which ultimately helps optimize your marketing tactics.

Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2020

Moreover, integrating Unbounce with Autopilot is super-easy and saves a lot of time.

Golden Gate Wine, a premier wine importer, switched from shotgun batch and blast marketing. As they designed customer journeys with Autopilot, they witnessed a 150% increase in online sales through revived dead clients and repeat purchases.

2. Outgrow for Interactive Quizzes and Calculators

If anything can make your passive customers interact with your brand, it’s interactive content. Quizzes and calculators are super trending elements to integrate with your website. And, if you haven’t called for them yet, you can’t really blame the customers.

Outgrow houses some awesome interactive content like calculators, quizzes, surveys, polls, and fun contest giveaways. And, if coding gives you panic attacks, Outgrow will be your savior. With their simple drag and drop feature designing the perfect interactive content will be on fingertips! Exciting, right? Click here to become a quiz designer now!

The Unbounce-Outgrow integration will become the lead magnet for your landing page in no time.

Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2020

Sisu, a real estate CRM software, wanted to increase audience engagement. After a lot of thought, they decided to invest in interactive content. Soon enough, the engagement spiked up as the audience saw real value in return. They offered a free goal calculator for the users to analyze their business. Through these outcomes, Sisu was able to build better buyer personas and it resulted in a terrific 200% boost in lead generation!

3. Infusionsoft for Improved CRM And Sales Automation

Customers are the core of your business, says Captain Obvious. Hence, choosing the right CRM for your business is crucial.

Think about it – the Unbounce platform helps you collect a plethora of customer data through different channels from lead gen forms, live chats to email subscriptions. So, where do you save all these precious data? This is where Infusionsoft CRM integration comes to play. It further helps in improving conversion and retention rates.

Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2020

By integrating Unbounce with Infusionsoft, you will be able to see your lead’s detailed info in the live chat helping in better lead segmentation and qualification. This way, you will drive the sales pipeline much more efficiently, ultimately boosting the conversion rates!

Presidential Pools used Infusionsoft and witnessed its number of leads quadruple. They further found that the closing rate on leads coming through Infusionsoft has tripled. What’s more? – in just four campaigns, they experienced an increase of $100K in revenue.

4. Olark for Seamless Customized Chat Support

Customers are usually apprehensive about making a decision on a website. So, the best way to retain them is to engage and clarify their doubts right when they are on your website.

In fact, stats show that users that were engaged like so are 3x more likely to return to your website and spend 40% more time interacting.

Olark Live chat comes as an optimum guide to your audience. Designed to have a human-like approach, this chat support would greet your customers, trigger custom messages based on their behavior, and direct issues to the right department.

If you want, you can modify the chat to ask the visitor to enter details like their name, email, product preferences, or problem type. You can further add Olark to your Unbounce landing page and tweak it to personalize it to your brand.

Live chat comes as an optimum guide to your audience

Reno-Assistance uses Olark’s Targeted Chat rules to harness the power of automated messages. This helps their customer service team in having a customized conversation with the customer. So, if a customer reads an article about their kitchen cabinets, an automated message pops up asking ‘Are you interested in getting a quote for your kitchen project?”

This helped them understand what their customers actually needed and scored them 25% more customers.

5. Emma for Tailored Email Templates

Email marketing is one of the traditional channels for marketing, yet the most effective one. And, it’s here to stay.

Newsletters and one-off campaigns are good strategies, no doubt. But, email marketing is evolving and automated email campaigns that trigger off of a user’s actions have made their way.

Emma offers such automated emails that are timely, personalized and hyper-relevant to your readers. What’s more? – You can design custom email templates and carry out A/B testing to know what works best for your customers. Not just that, Emma’s email signup forms help you set just the right time for the pop-up.

With Unbounce-Emma integration, you are bound to see higher open and click rates that would drive revenue for your business.

Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2020

YMCA, a fitness company, loves the fact that they can design and share templates by simply swapping photos and text. They also get to preview the design on screens of different sizes. Post using Emma, YMCA saw an average open rate of nearly 50%, significantly higher than their standard.

6. MouseFlow for Customer Behaviour Action Replay

You mostly know your best friends pretty well – their preferences, where they shop and why. Isn’t it? Marketing today has grown so intense that marketers ought to know their audience in a similar fashion.

Now, that goal may seem like a bit too much. But, analyzing customer behavior has indeed become super important, but convenient – thanks to inventions like Mouseflow.

With Unbounce integration tools like MouseFlow, you can actually analyze your user’s behavior through their heat mapping module. And, guess what? – you can even watch live recordings and conduct frustration monitoring on their movement on your website by using their session replay feature. Woah, we are in modern times, indeed!

MouseFlow for Customer Behaviour Action Replay

Integrating Mouseflow with your landing page is key for a successful online business.

Web Analytics team from Vodafone Germany uses Mouseflow specifically for their ingenious session replay tools and feel it’s faster, cheaper, and much easier to apply to multiple analytical cases. They even say that Mouseflow’s customer support is always on time and on target.

7. Podio for More Engaging Team Collaborations

As we mentioned earlier, teamwork makes the dream work. With the cross-functional projects at hand, opting for the right team collaboration tool can fetch a more productive team and results.

And, Podio is known for bringing teams closer together to make work more engaging and fulfilling.

In fact, Podio’s motto is putting content, context, and conversations in one place. Working on a project, following up a sales lead, delivering an urgent message to an employee, or scheduling meetings – all are different activities. But, Podio can set everything for you on one page, making everyday operations easily manageable.

Integrating Podio with Unbounce will ensure the least hassle while ensuring people maintain work standards and meet deadlines.

Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2020

Michael Brown, Director Of Corporate Development at Twitter, witnessed improved team management post using a common workspace inside of Podio. Despite being present around the globe, Podio made tracking responsibilities and sharing information with their dependents super easy.

8. VWO for Effective A/B Testing

Have you come across a situation where you have decent traffic on your website, but conversions figures just don’t do justice? Now, nobody can really tell as to why this may be happening, but the marketer inside you. And, A/B testing is your best investigative tool.

A study reveals that 75% of organizations perform A/B testing on their websites and 60% of them believe that it is highly significant for boosting conversion rates.

VWO offers you an optimization platform that lets you easily test ideas and improve engagement. By integrating VWO with Unbounce, you can discover the problematic areas of your website and resolve them to generate leads that actually convert. It also offers heatmaps to let you see how your A/B testing pages are performing. Moreover, their Bayesian-powered statistics give smart results to make knowledgeable business decisions and reduce testing time.

Top Unbounce Integration Tools Your Business Needs In 2020

PayPanther experimented with VWO for A/B testing to provide more information to its audience and execute specific changes to its website. And, this surprised them with a massive 372.6% increase in signups!

And That’s a Wrap…

Finding the right integration can be like finding a best friend. If matched right, it can be your perfect partner in conversions! These top Unbounce integration tools will blend in with your website like your own and are totally worth a shot. Do try them out and let us know if you have any other recommendations that we should include on our list.

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