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Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales
22nd January 2020 Antara Agarwal
5 min read

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales

Do you think that Avengers would have won the Endgame with their usual pack of six superheroes? No way!

The league of superheroes alongside them was why they were able to save the world!

Combining the force of different tools can be a good idea when it comes to your sales growth as well. After all, sometimes CRM is not all you need to convert those leads. So, to aid you in finding the best integration tool, we have started yet another blog series. We will be talking about all the major CRM tools and the best integrations that can help you increase your sales.

In this blog, we will be discussing one of the biggest CRM tools in the market- Zoho integration tools!

 Zoho offers a rich list to integration that can aid you in converting your leads. So, get ready to watch some spunky superpowers show today.

1. Twilio, Your Contact Center

Reaching out to customers and prospects timely lays the foundation for long-term sales. Twilio can be your best buddy in this task.

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales

Twilio Flex helps you build a full-fledged contact center with chat, SMS, and WhatsApp without any third-party intervention. With these powerful comms channels at your fingertips, personalization is quick as a snap. What could be better than a UI bringing all these in one place?

Twilio also aligns users’ calls and chats to the best-fit agent. After engaging with the users, you can monitor your stats through reports. You can integrate Twilio with Zoho using these steps.

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales


Imagine how crucial a contact center is where every call is crucial for the business. Lyft—the ridesharing superstar—wanted a common interface for communication among associates, drivers, and customers. After teaming with Twilio, the results soared sky-high: 30M interactions weekly and 1B rides completed.

You might like to check this review to solidify your faith in the product.

2. Mailjet Sends Emails For You

Distributing email campaigns to prospects and customers is something a marketer regularly does. What if creating and sending emails, tracking them, and analyzing the stats had a one-stop solution?

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales

Mailjet has a fantastic capacity of sending 15M emails per hour and comes with a drag-n-drop feature. It helps you to design emails either from newsletter templates or from scratch. And you can always count on the powerful personalization factor to attract leads. Managing activities using subaccounts for team members was never this simple. You can define the roles, and let each member work at their pace independently.

Zoho integration tools are simple, check here.

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales


MileIQ—a mileage logging app—considered emails as the key to engagement for delivering alerts and reports. When partnered with Mailjet, they could design attractive emails with personalization that carried their brand voice too. Also, MileIQ was capable of scaling their business well with Mailjet. They sent 10M emails per month and logged 20B+ miles.

3. Wistia For Videos

If anything is IN, it is video marketing. Videos are the future too. So, if you are not tying up your marketing plans with a tool like Wistia, prepare for a jerk.

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales

With Wistia, you can create TV-quality experience through videos. You can host all your videos on your controlled platforms with your logo and colors suited to your brand. Embedding these videos over emails increase interactions and make CTAs work. And guess what, these videos are capable of driving traffic with SEO as well.

MarketScale creates B2B video content in the marketing domain for educational purposes. They are using Wistia Channel to host their video content. Their client stories and other series full of storytelling are proving to be a blockbuster. Videos related to training and case studies reached the zenith when the hit rate increased by 500%.

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales


Users like Fiona from Mumpreneurs have created excellent video reviews for Wistia and we totally agree with them here!

4. Mixpanel For User Behavioral Analytics

What if you could quantify the quality of your business website? How?

Mixpanel analyzes your customers’ behavior and captures all the right data to analyze your business growth. Consequently, you can build killer campaigns and products with these analytics.

Top 5 Zoho Integration Tools To NURTURE Your Sales

Mixpanel generates dashboards that help you understand users’ activities on your webpages. It also breaks down the reports into factors like time period, location, browser, device, etc. You can go down to each user or a particular segment and visualize a user’s buying journey using videos. Understanding conversion metrics is a cakewalk now, thanks to Mixpanel.

Klook—a travel and activity planner—engaged Mixpanel when they needed a data-driven approach in decision-making. Mixpanel also kept the travelers informed about their benefits resulting in high engagement levels of 30M visitors every month.


Have a look at Axon’s video review describing how they lent confidence to law enforcement officials.

5. ActiveCampaign for Marketing Automation

What is the ultimate nirvana for marketers? A superhero automating the mundane marketing tasks for you.

ActiveCampaign is that champion. With features like site tracking and event tracking, marketers can track every event on their websites and apps. You would be able to drive follow-ups based on logins, orders, button clicks, and similar activities.

The automation map links all the marketing automation to each other in a single view. This lets you figure out the bottleneck and chalk out a remediation plan. With ActiveCampaign, converting leads into customers and customers into loyal users is at your fingertips.

This is how you can integrate ActiveCampaign with Zoho.

It took a detailed cart study and 2 automated emails for Morrow Music to achieve 26% recovery from the abandoned carts. This audio cable manufacturer associated with ActiveCampaign to revive their abandoned carts. With 2 emails sent within 24 hours post the desertion, they recovered $30,000.


Before you abandon your thoughts about ActiveCampaign, check this video review.

And Before We Leave…

Having a sidekick is great assistance. But buddying up with a superhero is an entirely unmatched form of aid. The Zoho integration tools we chose for you are totally worth integrating with your Zoho CRM. Do let us know your experience if you have experienced any of these superpowers already!

Until we meet again, folks!