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Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Inventrom Generated 65000+ Leads 

This is an interactive quiz case study that details how Inventrom, an IoT platform generated 65000+ by using Outgrow interactive content.

Inventrom – An Internet Of Things

Inventrom or Bolt IoT is a fully integrated IoT platform for all your projects. It is a complete platform that includes hardware, a cloud dashboard, and a smartphone app to monitor, control, and manage your devices remotely over the Internet.

Bolt IoT needed a tool that would not only help them generate leads but also help them qualify leads. They decided to offer their IoT and ML training at a highly discounted price to engineering students. They were also looking to qualify candidates for the scholarship through the same experience.

Read this interactive quiz case study to see how Outgrow interactive content helped them achieve their objectives.

Inventrom – The Client In Question

Let’s first talk about how Bolt IoT works.

Bolt IoT is a WiFi-enabled microcontroller module that lets you control and monitor things over the Internet. All you need to do is connect your sensors or actuators to the module. And after this simple step, you need to write short code, visualize the data, and control your devices. The module then collects the necessary data from any of your sensors. And then offers actionable insights by deploying machine learning algorithms with just a few clicks to detect anomalies as well as predict sensor values.

It also allows you to remotely operate things, like a robot. It predicts the next data set using machine learning. You can connect everyday things around you to yourself. Bolt IoT will help you know when your bike is low on fuel or when your plants need water. Moreover, it is equipped with robust communication and built-in security that enhance your IoT experience with advanced IoT analytics software.

Now let’s talk about how and why they decided to take the help of the Outgrow interactive tool.

How Outgrow Helped Increase Conversion Rates?

Interactive content is like a magic wand. Whether it’s low engagement, problems with lead generation, low traffic, or just the end of the world, interactive content always comes to the rescue. And Outgrow brings you just that. Inventrom resorted to Outgrow’s quick-fix solution because of its easy-to-make, user-friendly, and effective interactive tool.

Outgrow offers you a variety of interactive content – calculators, quizzes, assessments, and surveys. And our premade templates make your work even easier. Inventrom used the assessment content type, with the Chicago layout for its experience – ‘IoT & ML Training Scholarship’ test. And then, embedded that on their website.

How Outgrow Helped Increase Conversion Rates?

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Inventrom Generated 30000+ Leads 

This experience uses an optimum number of questions about information technology. For each question, it includes multiple-choice options. As soon as you mark your answer, the quiz immediately tells you whether your choice was correct or not. It also follows the best practice for the optimum number of options. The language is easy to understand and simple.

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This assessment benefitted both the parties (the company and the participants) in the following ways –

1. Benefits To Participants 

The assessment allowed their users to test themselves and their knowledge in the field. Apart from that, it also allowed them to avail a discount on the training program through the assessment. Therefore, the experience not only allows the participants to learn but also leverages a monetary offer for their lead information.

Benefits To Participants

2. Lead Generation 

The assessment asks for contact information right before generating the result. This incentivizes the user to provide their contact information. After all, by doing so, they will not only get their results but also a discount on the training course. This helped Inventrom gather data about qualified leads who were interested in their product. Thereafter, they could use this information to target them with any future offers, tests, scholarships, etc. This assessment helped Inventrom gain a whopping number of almost 66000 leads and 121000+ visits. The conversion rate for the experience is over 54%.

Lead Form

3. Educating The Customer 

The assessment makers have made the best use of the experience to educate their leads about their product. It includes a question about the company itself and what purpose it serves. Therefore, a participant who is not aware of the objective of the company will know so by the end of the quiz. Apart from that, Inventrom has also embedded a tutorial video at the end of the assessment. It not only educates the participants on how to avail the scholarship but also the product.

The experience helped the company in creating a different brand for themselves in the minds of the participants. Without having to peruse through their website and blogs, these participants already knew a great deal about Inventrom! Talk about demand generation at its finest!

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In Conclusion 

And once again, interactive content has saved the day! Using this assessment turned out to be amazing for Inventrom in more than one ways. They were not only able to select their candidates, but they generated thousands of qualified leads and educated them about their product. All in all, it’s a happy day folks. We hope this interactive quiz case study was a good read for you as well!

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