Floater Style Embed

What Is a Floater Style Embed?

Floater embed type places your Outgrow content piece like quizzes, calculators, surveys, etc. as a floating rectangle on the page. In this, when the user clicks on the rectangle, the content piece will open in the rectangle itself. This is a great way to draw viewers’ attention to your desired content.

Floater style embeds can be made on websites, landing pages, and blogs.

Find and tap on the floating bar at the bottom of this page to see this embed in action.

Advanced Features

1. You can choose from 3 options – right alignment, centre alignment, and left alignment for the placement of your embed.

2. For the rectangle, you can customize the heading text color, background color, font size, help text, help text color among other functionalities. 

When Should You Use a Floater Style Embed?

1. Floater embeds are a great tool to capture the attention of the viewers without disturbing their experience. You can consider embedding a feedback survey here. 

2. Additionally, floater embeds can be effectively used to clear any doubts that the users may have while browsing your website content. The floating rectangle just ensures them that you are there to help them out whenever they need it. 

How to Get a Greet Bar Style Embed of an Outgrow Content Piece?

Step 1

Sign up and create an experience on Outgrow.

Step 2

Head over to the Configure tab on the builder.

Step 3

Click on the option – “Embed on a Webpage” in the bottom left section.

Step 4

Select the option – “Floating Rectangle” embed and grab the code that appears as you scroll down.

Step 5

Finally, paste this code wherever you want your embed to be displayed.