Sidenote Style Embed

What Is a Sidenote Style Embed?

Sidenote style embed can be used when you want to add a placeholder on the side of the page, which when clicked upon will open the embedded content type like quizzes, calculators, surveys, etc. in a pop-up. This style of embedding is very common in web pages and is generally used for providing social share information. 

Sidenote style embeds can be made on web pages, landing pages, and blogs.

Take a look at the specimen embed on the right-hand side of your screen. Click the sidenote on the right-hand side of the screen to see it in action.

Advanced Features

1. Outgrow lets you choose between placing the embed on the left or the right side of the page.

2. You can change the appearance of the sidenote using options like background color, text color, font size, placeholder size, etc. 

3. You can additionally add an icon to the placeholder and further change its color and size.

When Should You Use a Sidenote Style Embed?

Sidenote style embeds can be used to add a piece of information or place a lucrative Outgrow content piece while not disturbing the viewer’s experience. 

How to Get a Sidenote Style Embed of an Outgrow Content Piece?

Step 1

Sign up and create an experience on Outgrow.

Step 2

Head over to the Configure tab on the builder.

Step 3

Click on the option – “Embed on a Webpage” in the bottom left section.

Step 4

Select the option – “Sidenote” embed and grab the code that appears as you scroll down.

Step 5

Finally, paste this code wherever you want your embed to be displayed.