Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Australia

The Australian ad market had been estimated at $9 Billion as of 2022 and forecasts suggest that it will grow to $16.94 Billion in 2023. By and large, these figures portray that brands are focusing to capture a fair share of Australia’s growth. Similarly, if you have the desire to monetize Australia’s growth, you will need to advertise your brand. Hence, this list of the best advertising agencies in Australia that might help you on your quest.

1. Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

Saatchi & Saatchi is arguably the most globally renowned name in Advertising. So if you are searching for a world-class advertising agency in Australia, then this is the agency for you.

Case Study:

Saatchi & Saatchi created this video commercial for St. George featuring the ‘Little Dragon‘ in their Every Day Banking campaign. The campaign is focused to encourage students and millennials to open a bank account and receive a $50 reward.

Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

2. The Works

The Works believe in a simplistic approach to marketing and advertising. They have strategies and tools to make the journey between the consumer and the brand seamless and financially beneficial. Some of their services include advertising, marketing, production, brand activation, etc.

Case Study:

The Works created this video commercial for the Optus 4G network featuring Usain Bolt. You will see that the video compares Usain Bolt’s speed to the super-fast 4G network. It’s a simple commercial yet it connects. And as we said, this is what The Works is known for – connecting with the audience in the simplest way possible.

The Works

3. 303 MullenLowe

303 MullenLowe is a full-service advertising agency in Australia. From advertising to communication strategies, you will find everything in one place. With a unique mix of strategy, creative, and channel thinking, they promise to bring an enormous amount of attention to your brand.

Case Study:

Sensing that the market attention was drifting towards Tesla and Uber, Audi called upon 303 MullenLowe to reposition their brand. The challenge was to reestablish Audi as a leader in automobile technology. Consequently, 303 created ‘Machine’, a feature-length documentary about AI. The highly engaging content was circulated on digital as well as on traditional ad platforms. As a result, the campaign raised brand awareness and strengthened Audi’s position in the Australian hearts.

303 MullenLowe

4. BCM Group

BMC Group is one of the largest independent advertising agencies in Australia. And if you are looking for a one-stop advertising solution then the BMC group must be on your list. You will get services like video, SEM, analytics, animation, strategy, etc all under one roof. Not only advertising they also have expertise in website creation, app development, gamification, and more.

BCM Group

5. ROICOMAU Growth Agency

ROICOMAU’s expertise is not limited to advertising, they are also one of Australia’s best digital marketing agency. And this is what makes them special in the advertising industry of Australia. With all the expertise in the online space, they can amplify your brand through search engine ads and social media ads. But don’t take our words for granted. Check out what their clients have to say about their results!

ROICOMAU Growth Agency

6. BWM Dentsu

BWM Dentsu has been building and transforming brands with their creativity for over 2 decades. And it is one of the oldest standing advertising agencies in Australia. Apart from advertising, they provide services like brand strategy, integrated campaigns, and digital marketing

Case Study:

BWM Dentsu

Chadstone assigned BWM Dentsu to rebuild an emotional and social connection with its customers. Furthermore, Chadstone wanted to increase their foot traffic in a unique and memorable way. In response, BWM created a personalized in-store experience and used advertising tools to promote it. As a result, Chadstone got a 600% increase in social media engagement and an 18% increase in sales.

7. Ogilvy Australia

Ogilvy needs no introduction to the marketing and advertising domain. They create experiences, design, and communication to shape a brand to its glory. And their core capabilities include brand strategy, advertising, PR, and more.

Case Study:

In lieu of some negative responses originating from Australia, Cadbury decided to portray its brand values through their ads. So, Ogilvy Australia helped them by designing an ad campaign. With the help of artists from different cultural backgrounds, Ogilvy created a symbol that was inspired by multi-cultural heritages. And the campaign resulted in 62M impressions, a 30% decrease in the negativity around halal, etc.

Ogilvy australia: advertising agencies in Australia

8. The Brand Agency

The Brand Agency is a full service integrated communications agency with roots that dates back to 1991 Australia. In addition to advertising, they serve as a digital agency, a strategy agency, a design agency, and more.

Case Study:

The Brand Agency has helped Matador to become Australia’s second most recognized BBQ brand. Surprisingly, they built the brand from scratch! Check out these delicious video commercials they used to promote Matador.

The Brand Agency

9. Zenith

Zenith is a global marketing and advertising agency serving clients with a promise to boost their ROI. They are experts in communication and media planning, advertising, data analytics, online media, and more.

Case Study:

Zenith was handed over the responsibility to launch Honda’s 10th Gen. bold New Civic in the Australian markets. In order to drive awareness, Zenith ran an online video campaign along with a 360° feature of the new model. Additionally, they ran Facebook canvas ads, lead generation ads, and Google search ads. And the ROI, 5.4M unique reach, 178% sales target achievement, and more.


10. oOh!

oOh! is one of the biggest advertising agencies in Australia. They dominate the Out of Home advertising segment in Australia. In addition to Out of Home advertising, they specialize in online content creation and promotion, data science, etc.


11. DDB Group Australia

DDB Group is yet another recognizable name in the global advertising industry. You can leverage their world-class expertise to bring your brand to the Australian limelight. Apart from advertising, they offer services like PR, brand management, digital, and CX.

Case Study:

MacDonalds teamed up with DDB Australia to connect the brand with the idea of Australian summer. In this context, DDB launched an outdoor and social campaign. And the ad creatives were designed to portray Australian summer vibes.

DDB Group Australia

12. Intesols

Intesols specializes in providing an end to end digital solution for your business. From promoting your brand through AdWords to increasing your organic reach, they offer it all. If you are specifically looking for Google Adword services, then you can definitely knock their doors. Here’s a brief of their services: design, mobile apps, e-catalog, PPC, content management, etc.


13. Zoo Group

For advertising, the Zoo Group focuses on creativity more than anything else. They believe that the new era doesn’t need clever brand positioning or customized methodology. Rather it needs effective communication with the audience.

Case Study:

In a bid to revamp the brand presence, Boncafe decided to redesign its packaging. For this purpose, the Zoo group developed an integrated marketing and communications campaign. The campaign targeted existing customers as well as millennials. And they used BTL POSM, digital OOH advertising to promote the campaign. On top of that, they leveraged social media by deploying digital banners to gain more traction.

Zoo Group

14. WME Australia

WME Australia is a full suite digital marketing agency that can help your brand maximize your online presence. Apart from dealing with your organic reach, WME can help you with all your online advertising requirements.

WME Australia


Let us conclude by wishing you luck for the future of your brand in Australia. We hope that you have already found the perfect advertising agency in Australia. In case you have any suggestions, you can always leave a comment below. We are always keen to hear from you.

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