Top 21 Must-Try Marketing Quizzes to Elevate Your Strategy

Our Favorite 21 Marketing Quizzes of All Time

Marketing quizzes could be an excellent way of driving engagement and getting your prospects more involved.

In fact, it’s overwhelming to see how many brands are already leveraging the interactive nature of quizzes to market themselves. And, they have been able to achieve a lot more than just those extra leads.

Interactive marketing quizzes are a great way to know your customers better and engage them like never before. Did you know? – 81% of marketers think interactive content grabs readers’ attention.

Moreover, interactive quizzes are an exceptional marketing strategy to deliver instant value to customers and delight them with customized recommendations. Now, who would mind that? Not us, for sure!

That’s the power of interactive content!

So, let’s give you a quick run-through of our all-time favorite marketing quizzes. You can take inspiration from them to build your own and boost your business. So, off you go!

#1 Is Your SEO Knowledge Good?

Everyone who is either interested in SEO or is an SEO expert will feel tempted to take this digital marketing quiz. This knowledge test can help anyone understand how they can improve or if they are actually a champion! Irrespective of the result, such quizzes are excellent from a marketing perspective because they are strictly targeted toward your audience (SEO specialists and marketers).

marketing quiz- Is your SEO knowledge good?

#2: Which Career Is Right for You?

This Brandeis University career quiz has a natural appeal to anyone who wants to know the right career choice for them. After all, it’s every student’s life-altering choice! Apparently, through the quiz, the university builds its email list and runs targeted email campaigns to market various courses. So, for someone who gets a Chartered Financial Analyst in results, they can easily guide them to a Master of Science in Finance. The approach is quite straightforward and yet helpful to the students.

Career Quiz example

#3 Are You Really a Facebook Marketing Expert?

How strong is your Facebook game? Facebook is a topic of much importance as on average, 1.82 billion people use the platform daily. Due to this, 90 million small businesses use Facebook for marketing. That makes the need to explore the app even more relevant.

This marketing trivia quiz helps users test their knowledge of Facebook and gain more insights as to how they can leverage the platform. This can help brands educate their prospects and boost awareness about their services.

Facebook Marketing Quiz

#4 Discover Your Brand Personality Quiz

N-vision is a boutique branding and design company. Through the fun marketing quiz, they tap into businesses’ curiosity to know their brand personality and voice. What makes this quiz more special are the questions. Every question brings brands closer to self-introspection and finally, when they see the results, their eyes are wide open with realization! We feel this quiz also qualifies as an excellent lead-building exercise because N-vision can then obviously send targeted emails and turn these leads to customers! Bravo!

Brand Personality Quiz

#5 What Is Your Z Gallerie Style Personality?

It’s a simple personality quiz but with an enormous lead generation possibility! This quiz enables the home decor brand to create awareness by showing its products depending on the results of each quiz taker. This kind of personalization is obviously appealing to anyone who wants a one-stop shop that has answers to all their problems, and marketing quizzes are the way to go!

Marketing Quizzes

#6 What Kind of a Blogger Are You?

This is a crucial question for anyone who blogs or is just starting out and needs some direction. For that matter, this marketing quiz is significantly appealing to even seasoned bloggers. At least it will help them become more aware of their style of blogging! We think it’s the perfect way of connecting the personality quiz logic to blogging and marketing trivia. What we also love about it is the fact that even after the results, Helene engages her audience by redirecting them to helpful tools. This doctored approach of catering to her prospects is quite exciting!

Blogger Quiz example

#7 Is Acoustical the Best Channel for Your Brain Type?

We love the minimalist approach of the team at Focus@Will! They are able to engage their audience better by promising them a ‘scientifically engineered music channel’ that will help them focus better! Apparently, the “test runs a neuroscience algorithm cross-referencing your ‘Big 5’ psychology trait with music genre usage data from 1.5m Focus@Will subscribers.” With results so efficiently calculated, the quiz takers see no harm in filling the lead generation form to get their personalized playlist!

Marketing quizzes

#8 The Classic IQ Test

This cognitive skill or IQ test shows you your brain type. Who would mind taking such a test then? Especially when you may, in the end, have something to brag and boast about! And since one can never get enough of IQ quizzes, you can always try another one. Moreover, it’s always smart to make these marketing quizzes shareable. Users can share their results and thereby increase the reach of the quiz!

IQ Test Quiz

#9 Can You Guess the Meaning of These #Hashtags?

Not that it matters but it’s fun to know if we’re ahead of our times or lagging behind. This quiz is super fun and more so from a marketing perspective as it tests your knowledge of marketing fun facts. Moreover, it’s an excellent way of reaching out to a new set of audience (who may not even be existing readers) and keeping engagement levels high. 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business, and that includes the use of hashtags!

marketing quiz

#10 What Kind of Whisky Drinker Are You?

Through this quiz, aimed to increase its brand awareness and boost leads. How? Based on the answers, the quiz not only provides users with their whisky persona but also recommends the “perfect bottle” for them with a coupon code. The audience goes home happy (customized results that reflect their type) and increases the chances of achieving its sales targets. Moreover, this helps the brand send personalized emails to prospects and promote its products. And, it might look like we are showing off, but this quiz got 156k+ visits and 53k+ leads with a conversion rate of 34%. Try this fun marketing quiz and ace your lead generation game!

marketing quiz- What kind of drinker are you?

#11 Should You Switch From a Blog to a Podcast?  

Are you using your full potential when it comes to creating content? Are you giving your audience enough value through your blogs? Take this quiz to learn whether or not you should switch to a podcast. While blogs have their own relevance, statistics prove that 54% of podcast listeners are much more likely to consider a brand after learning about it on a podcast. This would be a great way for marketers to upgrade their content marketing strategy just by answering some fun digital marketing questions.

podcast marketing quiz

#12 Airbnb Trip Matcher

Who doesn’t know Airbnb? Yet, they keep doing something new to keep their business growing. This time it’s a fun marketing quiz through which they push some listings on the quiz results page that match people’s travel personalities. Not only do people come to know what type of traveler they are but they also get to know where they should holiday and stay! Airbnb provides an extremely valuable experience for quiz takers by opening up more content (hand-picked activities with locals etc). The quiz keeps them engaged and they never feel they are being sold to! How you can achieve that is a lesson you can certainly learn from this quiz!

Marketing Quiz

#13 Which Hyundai SUV Should You Buy?

Hats off to the innovative way Hyundai uses Instagram to try their hands on marketing quizzes. They ask a couple of questions through 18 separate Instagram accounts and over 400 images. All a quiz taker has to do is choose the image as an answer and tap on it to go to the next question! After doing this a couple of times and on the basis of the inputs the results are revealed! We love their out-of-the-box approach and for having chosen Instagram to engage their prospects! Through this fun quiz, they are tapping into a social platform that has 800 million monthly active users!

Car recommendation quiz

#14 Would You Make a Good Entrepreneur?

Do you have the heart of an entrepreneur – this is a quintessential question and a trivia quiz which anyone who wants to ‘become an entrepreneur’, or even not, would love to take! The marketing trivia questions are quite logical and insightful with the result confirming how prepared one is to embrace the entrepreneurial road! BBC created this quiz on the basis of a business theory to focus on the psychological characteristics and managerial competencies of entrepreneurs. And, look at how they are using marketing quizzes to help their leads achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

marketing quiz

#15 Are You Dateable? 

This marketing quiz is fun for the reason that it tells you about your dating capabilities based on your experience and outlook on dating. Appealing to Gen Y isn’t easy. So, an interactive quiz like this can turn out to be the right marketing strategy to get their attention. The Professional Wingman aims at getting millennials the love of their lives.  This quiz helped them increase engagement in their dating program. In fact, they not only got the visitors(11k+visits!) but also saw them convert into leads (3k+ leads!!). Yep, that’s a conversion rate of 30%. And, that’s a huge win, we think!

Are you dateable quiz

#16 Guess Your Golf Handicap

If you don’t know, a Golf handicap is basically a measure of a golfer’s potential and is used to enable players of varying abilities to compete against one another. This quiz was a huge hit and helped Golf Avenue to not only increase customer engagement but also learn their customers’ preferences. To just brag a little, they got 248k+ visits and 82k+ leads, which makes it a conversion rate of 33%! Based on the quiz scores, Golf Avenue also offers users a little gift (a discount coupon, yes). Perhaps, you could make use of marketing quizzes to build a similar strategy?

marketing quiz example

#17 Which Book Was a Bestseller the Year You Were Born In?

TAG Livros, a Portuguese book signing club, was unable to generate as many leads or even engage the leads they had generated. So, they decided to give interactive marketing quizzes a shot. They came up with a simple idea of asking people to input their year of birth and the results reveal the book that was a hit the same year! Since the quiz was about a best-selling book and was of interest to bibliophiles, the quiz became a hit! Within a month, the quiz helped them generate more than 72K visits, 23K leads, and 5K engagements! Who knew a one-question quiz had so much potential!

Tag Livros quiz example

#18 What Bike Should I Buy?

What we love about the Macroscape quiz is that their aim was to help quiz takers make the right purchasing decision. With that in mind, the team came up with relevant marketing quiz questions. Eventually, since the results gave customized recommendations, they saw a 36% conversion rate within six months of going live! With the help of this quiz, they were able to successfully bridge the gap between generating revenue for their brand and ROI (through personalized, recommended products) for their clients!

Brooklyn Bicycle Quiz

#19 Learn Your Archetype

Tanner Guzy wants men to dress better and also dress men better. The quiz helped him (and continues) to build his email list and market himself as a style mentor. Tanner was able to generate 56,013 visits and 8527 leads from the quiz alone! He regularly sends his subscribers a newsletter with tips and articles on how they can make their appearance an asset. So far, it has been a huge win for him because more and more people are getting to know about him and his services!

Learn your archetype quiz

#20 Are You an Expert Content Promoter?

Basically, this quiz checks whether you are really promoting content or merely creating it. We, at Outgrow, make marketing quizzes interesting by dropping in a ‘did you know’ fact in one of the questions and then also have digital marketing questions that may have multiple answers! When you bring in a variety in terms of types of questions, you’d be able to keep your reader on their toes!

Moreover, when you take the quiz, you will find ‘Build a similar quiz’ as a CTA on the results page. And that’s where we eventually get people to sign-up for Outgrow! Besides, we already have their email ids to send targeted emails and get them interested in our app! Just so you know, we saw a conversion rate of 22.5% within a few months of making this quiz live.

Marketing Quiz Example

#21 How Well Do You Know Google Adwords?

We know that this marketing quiz is going to be interesting to those who really want to test their knowledge of Google Adwords. So, we plug the lead gen form before anyone could answer the digital marketing trivia questions. You see, we already then have leads in our funnel.

Next what we placed our bets on is the results page. We carefully engineered it so that quiz takers could compare their scores (question-wise) with those who took it. This ensured that quiz takers feel ‘important’ or at least know how they fare in comparison to their peers!

And lastly, we made sure we keep getting more leads in our funnel by adding a ‘build similar quizzes’ CTA. So, at every point, we made sure that we don’t just create an engaging quiz but also one that converts leads to customers. By the way, just within a few months of its launch, we witnessed a conversion rate of 53.48%! Super rad results, no?

google adword quiz


Passing the baton to you guys now! Which one of these marketing quizzes is among your top favorites? Do you think you will model your quiz on any of the formats? If so, try creating a free quiz with Outgrow now! No coding required!

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