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Benefits Of User-Generated Content [Infographic]

Ever wondered why websites show comment sections or product reviews as highlights on their landing pages? While there are numerous marketing tools to strengthen your content marketing efforts, User-Generated Content is one of the most powerful tools out there.

User-Generated Content or UGC consists of all the product reviews, snapshots, blogs, videos, etc that are provided by your loyal customers on various social media platforms. UGC is all about your brand and how your customers favor your product or service.

But how can it enhance your marketing efforts? To understand this on a deeper level, let’s dig out more about user-generated content through this infographic which talks about the benefits of user-generated content and how to get started with it.



Did you know that 86% of companies today use UGC as a part of their digital marketing strategy? Because of the versatile nature of UGC, it acts as a valuable marketing resource for brand promotion.

So, let’s take a look at this quick summary to understand why UGC is important for your brand and how it can benefit you.

User-Generated Content or UGC is any form of content that is provided by your customers on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc, or any other marketing platforms which results in your brand’s promotion free of cost.

It helps social users to check the authenticity of the brand and the quality of your products. Hence, it aids in boosting your brand image and loyalty.

Now that we’ve discussed the meaning of UGC, let’s take a look at their benefits-

Benefits Of User Generated Content

1) Raises Trust Levels:

UGC is created by people who have used your brand and hence it appeals to new users as they can refer to it for confirming the quality and authenticity of your brand. People trust customer reviews more than branded content. Additionally, featuring a live Twitter feed can further enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand among new audiences.

Hence, UGC helps raise the credibility level and trustworthiness of your brand among new audiences.

2) Social Proof:

UGC serves as excellent social proof as it’s verified by real customers. This simplifies purchasing decisions for new customers as they can check details about your product through reviews and videos.

Recommendation blogs by people who have already used your product simply explain to your new audience why they should or shouldn’t buy your product.

3) Converts More Leads:

Websites featuring UGC see a boost of 29% in web conversions, a 20% boost in return visitors, and a 90% boost in time spent on-site as compared to branded content. Marketers can use user-generated content as a supplement for branded content.

4) Win-Win Marketing Strategy:

By putting your customer’s opinion in the center and highlighting it, you will not only be giving voice to your customers but also boost your marketing efforts.

It’s a win-win marketing strategy as you are providing recognition to your existing customers and in return helping your product grow by using their content.

5) Stretches Marketing Budget:

UGC can be an endless source of content for your upcoming marketing plans for no additional cost. Hence, you can use it alongside your branded content.

6) A Way to Cut Through the Noise: 

Social media is full of promotional content and it’s difficult to stand out amidst all the noise. UGC, being organic and genuine content will help you cut through the clutter and showcase your brand’s strengths.

7) Inspires Brand Advocacy:

UGC can turn your users into loyal and active customers, also known as brand advocates. Not only are they loyal to your brand but also encourage others to try out your product.

Get Started With UGC

Now that you have understood the importance of UGC, it’s time to include user-generated content in your marketing strategy. To get started, follow these simple steps-

1) Choose the most impactful social platform where your brand advocates are active. Did you know that Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the top three social networks where a majority of consumers follow brands?

2) After choosing the most influential platform, you have to set specific user-generated content goals and guidelines. Without a proper goal, your content marketing journey is incomplete.

3) The next step is easy, you just have to tell your audience what content you want. Whether you want customers’ reviews on your newly launched product or encourage them to participate in social media contests, you should guide your customers on what kind of content you want as your UGC.

You can use interactive content like quizzes, assessments, or contests to collect your customer’s opinions. Outgrow is a great platform for creating various types of interactive content. Once you are done, you can show the analyzed results and reviews to your new customers.

4) After making a concrete content strategy, display it consistently to your community. Collaborate with brand advocates and focus on building a larger fanbase on your social media platform.

This will increase the chances that new users will notice and find out more about your brand.

5) Finally, you need to analyze and measure your user-generated content efforts. It’s important to upgrade your strategy and efforts to get a successful marketing campaign.


There’s no doubt that UGC can act as a trust bridge between new customers and your brand. It will help your target audience understand your product and why they should use it.

By highlighting customer reviews and videos on your website, you can improve your conversion rate. You just need to get started with your UGC content strategy and enjoy the benefits.

Alongside UGC, you can also use interactive content to fortify your content marketing efforts. You can sign up for Outgrow’s free trial and try out your first interactive content piece.

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