10 Ways to Master AI Email Marketing Dont Miss Out

10 Ways to Master AI Email Marketing- Don’t Miss Out!

Imagine emails that know your audience better than you do. Emails that adapt, evolve, and deliver results you never thought were possible. Welcome to the AI email marketing world, where your campaigns are more than just messages. 

With artificial intelligence (AI), email marketing is transforming the way you communicate with your customers.  That’s not all!  It’s taking your email game to the next level and helping you achieve better engagement and higher conversions. 

Today, in this blog, we will help you embark on an interactive journey through 11 game-changing AI email marketing techniques. So, let’s get started!

1. Churn Prediction

Churn Prediction is an email strategy that anticipates potential customer departures by examining historical data. With the help of AI, businesses can construct precise predictive models to better identify the customers at a higher risk of unsubscribing from your services. This facilitates tailored campaigns to address their individual needs and concerns.

For instance, Gartner Group’s statistics reveal that 20% of a company’s current customer base contributes to 80% of its potential profits. A practical example of this is how Spotify deploys churn prediction models to identify users considering canceling their subscriptions. Subsequently, they dispatch targeted emails featuring curated playlists and special offers to retain these users.

2. Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing involves simultaneously experimenting with various elements within an email. This is to determine the combination that yields the most favorable outcomes regarding engagement, conversions, and other vital performance indicators.

Multivariate Testing


Consider how Google Optimize employs AI-driven features to generate different email versions, predict their performance, and personalize content analysis to identify trends. The result? A 27% boost in conversion rates.

IKEA serves as an illustration of the benefits of multivariate testing. By leveraging its personalization engine to test different subject lines, preheaders, and addresses for different segments of its customer base, IKEA experienced an average 10% increase in open rates and a 5% boost in click-through rates.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery is a tactic to convert potential customers who added items to their online carts but didn’t finish buying. AI automatically sends reminder emails, nudging users to complete their purchases. 

Remarkably, 50% of those who clicked on these emails made a purchase, including a similar proportion of email recipients who engaged with the content.

BigCommerce offers an excellent illustration with its built-in abandoned cart recovery feature. E-commerce owners can use it to automatically send follow-up emails and offer discounts to customers who left their carts unattended.

4. Reactivation Campaigns

Reactivation Campaigns involve re-engaging with inactive subscribers or customers by leveraging AI to create personalized reactivation email content based on historical interactions and interests. Here is a good example of reactivation campaigns from Sephora.

reactivation campaigns from Sephora

This can encompass tailored subject lines, recommendations, or incentives. Notably, research by Return Path has shown that reactivation email campaigns achieve an average email open rate of 12.7%.

Dell provides a practical case study. The company devised a reactivation email initiative. This provided personalized product upgrade suggestions and extended discounts for the next purchase through tailored messages. This endeavor resulted in an open rate of 10.6% and a conversion rate of 4.2%.

5. Cross-Channel Integration

Cross-Channel Integration uses AI to sync and enhance marketing across various channels like email, social media, websites, and mobile apps. AI updates customer profiles in real time with their latest actions and preferences, resulting in a 68% higher click-through rate from triggered cross-channel campaigns.

Marketo by Adobe is a standout, offering cross-channel marketing automation with AI insights. Cisco also effectively uses Marketo for aligned integrated marketing campaigns.

6. Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring uses AI and data-driven methods to assess leads’ chances of becoming customers. Leads get categorized as hot (high score), warm (moderate), or cold (low). This helps marketers focus on high-potential leads and allocate resources wisely.

Zoho CRM is a prime example, offering AI-driven lead scoring for brands looking to streamline and enhance their lead management. AI tools like Persado and Phrasee use predictive lead scoring to optimize email campaigns. 

7. Optimized Send Times 

Sendinblue’s study recommends, “Across domains, emails sent on Tuesday and Thursday are highly likely to get opened.” 

Sendinblue’s study about email sent times

Finding the best time to send emails can really boost how many people open them. But it’s not easy because it depends on where your readers are, when they work, and how they’ve acted before.

AI algorithms can look at your members’ info and find the best time to send emails based on what they like and when they usually read emails.

Once you know the best times, use email software like GlueUp to send them automatically. You don’t have to do it one by one; the system does it for you.

8. Automated Email Sequences

AI can also help create and implement automated email sequences. These are a series of emails that are sent out in a specific order based on customer behavior, such as signing up for a newsletter or abandoning a shopping cart. 

Here is an example of an email sequence from “A Kids Book About.” This engagement email sequence works well for businesses with regular events.

example of an email sequence from "A Kids Book About

With AI technology, these sequences can be personalized for each subscriber, increasing the chances of engagement and lead generation. This saves marketers time and effort while maintaining a targeted approach to their email marketing strategy. You can use tools like WebEngage or MailChimp to create and monitor your automated email sequences. 

9. Irresistible Subject Lines 

An AI email assistant can even write a catchy subject line for you. The subject line of your email is the first thing that catches the eye of your subscribers. 

email subject line statistics

Image Source

The good news is that AI-powered natural language processing tools can help you create personalized subject lines. This significantly boosts the likelihood of your emails getting opened. The icing on the cake? AI can also match your brand’s tone, ensuring your subject lines align perfectly with your email branding. Some AI email marketing tools that can help you create fantastic email subject lines are coschedule, copy.ai, and omnisend

10. Personalized Content 

Personalized emails tend to deliver 6 times higher transaction rates. Personalization in email marketing means making emails that match what a person likes, does, and how they behave. 

But when you have a lot of users, making personalized emails for everyone can seem complex. That’s where AI email marketing comes in. AI analyzes what your users do, which events they go to, what they read on your website, or how they use your app. 

With this info, you can group different users together and send them emails that fit what they like. For example, if your audiences like polls, quizzes, contests, or surveys, you can create them via tools like Outgrow. It’s like giving each member their own special email.

Parting Thoughts 

These were just a few of the many ways AI is revolutionizing email marketing for B2B. As technology advances, the possibilities for using AI email marketing are endless. 

In fact, it will play a huge role in building interactive content for your email, which is the next big thing in email marketing. If you need help creating interactive content, Outgrow’s 7-day free trial is the best way to get started. 

We hope this article has inspired you to incorporate AI into your email marketing strategy. All the best for your future AI email marketing campaigns!

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