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Interactive Content Idea Generator – Get Ideas + Build Your Own

Let’s be honest, everyone runs out of ideas. Creative professionals run out of inspiration, businesses run out of campaign ideas, podcasters run out of ideas for their next podcast, and whatnot? Heck, we even run out of ideas on what to wear to work! 

That’s why we are here with a cool idea generator tool for you – get your inspiration today!

Moreover, if finding ideas is a pain point for customers and businesses alike, isn’t it worth solving this problem for your prospects, customers, and other businesses in your industry? If you a business, you will find this angle interesting!

But how, you ask? Well, if you want to go one step ahead and build an idea tool for your business, we are spilling our secret here! You can boost engagement and leads by creating a simple yet comprehensive idea generator tool on Outgrow. A tool that generates ideas with the click of a button. Sounds cool, right? So, let’s get started.

What Is an Idea Generator?

It is a tool that generates ideas across various topics, as required.

Examples could include content, email, art, and story idea generator to name a few. The scope is endless across industries.

Hence, in this blog, you will not just get to generate free ideas out of this tool, but also learn how to create one for your business.

Outgrow’s Interactive Content Idea Generator

Outgrow offers a free tool that offers interactive content ideas across industries and stages of the funnel. Try it out here⬇️!

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For those of you who are not familiar with this innovative concept, let’s tell you what is interactive content.

Interactive content is content types that demand engagement from your users. They include experiences like quizzes, calculators, assessments, surveys, polls, and giveaways that provide personalized results based on user’s responses. Hence, they also act as fantastic lead generation tools.

Suppose you’re looking to buy a house. What are you more likely to click on?

“Schedule a call” or “Use this calculator to get an estimate”.

If as a marketer, you chose the second CTA, pat yourself on the back because you understand consumer psychology!

Interactive content is built to add real value to prospects and clients instead of offering generic results.

Here’s a look at Outgrow’s interactive content idea generator – 


Once you answer these questions you’ll be required to fill in some personal details such as a link to your website, name, and email address. Post that you get a results screen with recommendations on the kinds of interactive content you can create. This is how it looks –


Hope you tried out this free tool and got some cool ideas. Now if you want to go ahead and build a similar tool for your business, here’s our secret recipe as promised! Follow the steps in the next to next section and boost the flow of leads for your business.

Why Should You Build an Idea Generator?

As a business, it is important to be able to identify your customer’s pain points. And, offering a free tool like this is a way to solve one such pain point – an idea slump. But there are other benefits of it as well. Let’s have a look!

1. Retargeting – By adding Google tags and Facebook Pixels on your idea generator webpage, you can track our visitors, and create a high-intent audience to run retargeting campaigns.

2. Lead Generation – As you will read further in the blog, with interactive content tools like Outgrow, you can add a signup form with your idea generator which will help you generate qualified leads.

3. Audience Insights – When you ask multiple questions through this tool, you get responses that are stored and can be reused to offer personalized emails, offers, etc. This will ultimately help boost your marketing efforts and improve overall conversions.

How to Build an Idea Generator Using Outgrow 

Now that we have covered all the benefits, let’s talk about how you can create this amazing tool with Outgrow in a jiffy. Here are some simple steps-

1. Choose a Template 

Outgrow offers 1000+ templates across multiple content types. You can simply modify these templates or create one from scratch. You do you! If you want to use an existing template, head over to Outgrow’s templates page and press the ‘Edit Template’ button for whichever template you wish to edit.


Now, if you want to create your tool from scratch, then you can simply go to your account and select ‘Outcome Quiz’ as the content type.


After choosing ‘Outcome Quiz’ as the content type, you will find the following different layout styles. You can choose one to customize your tool depending on your requirements.


After choosing the preferred layout, you will reach the Outgrow builder. This is where the real work begins! So, let’s give you a glimpse of all that you can change and optimize based on your brand and goals.

2. Add Relevant Questions 

Just like we added questions around the industry, you can also add questions based on the kind of idea generator you wish to offer.

Suppose you’re an email marketing tool and you want to offer email subject line ideas, your email idea generator can ask about the scope and purpose of the email to provide more personalized ideas.

Or suppose you wish to offer a social media story idea generator, you can ask questions about the kind of business your user owns (whether it is B2B or B2C), and also get some information on the industry being targeted.

3. Make It Catchy by Using Graphics

The next step is to make things more fun and engaging. You can do this by using images and colors that pop out. On the Outgrow builder, you can add images for free using the Unsplash library or upload or link your own images as well.

4. Provide Personalized and Useful Results

This is the most important part. After all, it’s for the idea that we are doing all this, right?

Find and collate ideas from different sites, newsletters, books, and resources to make the best and the most comprehensive list of ideas that you can offer. Becoming the one-stop shop of ideas is tough and requires a good amount of effort in research.

Here’s an example from the results section of Outgrow’s interactive content idea generator –


Look at the in-depth results we offer for different stages of the funnel.

Also, take a look at the call to action. It’s precise and states exactly what we hope the viewer would do. The “Free Trial” is a nice addition as it prepares the viewer for what lies ahead and informs them about the no-payment trial. Thus, adding the right CTA is the key to making the idea generator your lead magnet!

5. Share and Embed 

Once you are through with the creation process, you can decide on how and where you wish to share it.

Outgrow offers the option to add social share buttons across social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This is a superb way for you to push people to share your tool in case they like what you had to offer.

Outgrow also offers some fantastic embed options that you can choose from. So, why not begin with your website itself?


But suppose, if you wish to share it with your email subscribers as well, then you can simply go to the “Configure” section in the Outgrow builder and choose the “Launch in an Email” option.

Once you reach this section, you’ll be asked to integrate Outgrow with your email marketing tool. You can choose from among the many options we offer or you can integrate via Zapier.

You will see a preview of how your idea generator will look in an email and voila! You’re good to go.

Idea Generator Industry Examples 

We scoured the internet and found some successful brands that are using idea generators to grow their business. Let’s show you our top 3 picks.

1. Fitbit

The first example is this campaign by Fitbit. This tool offers innovative ideas on how physical activity can be increased. It asks relevant questions like whether you wish to generate ideas for a team or just for an individual.


Say you select “team”, it goes on to further personalize and bifurcate challenges into multiple categories as shown in the image-


After choosing one of the options, you will be moved to the results section.


We love the idea here, it’s crisp and to the point.

It also gives you an option to start over. However, the CTA button “See a New Idea” may not be the best for every case.

A Call to Action that drives people to other pages on the website, a product page, or the pricing page is a great idea. It is also a fantastic idea to add a Calendly link that gets people to schedule a call with your team. 

Nevertheless, Fitbit gives a great example of how the fitness industry can build idea generators based on sport, workout, or meal ideas, and improve their lead generation rates.

2. HubSpot

If you are a B2B SaaS company, HubSpot offers a great example here. It shows how you can create a content generator that can help your prospective customers.

It asks you to upload at most five nouns and based on what you have entered, it offers five blog topic ideas.


The results page offers personalized ideas and displays a great CTA to “Unlock 250 More Blog Ideas”.


3. Truic

Truic’s business idea generator is a fantastic tool if you’re willing to ride on the start-up wave but don’t know where to start. Just select the options for the multiple questions they have asked and get started with a fantastic business idea.


In fact, their result section offers a complete guide on the multiple ideas that they provide you with after analyzing your responses. How fantastic is that!


Idea generators, as a concept, are only getting started and have a huge scope as more and more businesses go online and find it difficult to create new and fresh content.

By creating a comprehensive tool like this for your industry, you can come out as a thought leader. Imagine the number of shares and attention you’d get for creating a tool that not only helps your clients, but also other businesses.

So get started with building your own tool with Outgrow and take the first step towards becoming an industry expert!

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