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Crowdsignal vs. Outgrow: A Detailed Review of Crowdsignal Alternative
20th October 2020 Shreya Sinha
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Crowdsignal vs. Outgrow: A Detailed Review of Crowdsignal Alternative

Fishing for a solid poll or survey maker can be challenging. But honestly, it doesn’t have to be! With such amazing and advanced survey makers out there in the market, it’s just a matter of the right selection. Hence, to aid you with finding a suitable tool, we are conducting a comprehensive comparison between Crowdsignal and the best Crowdsignal alternative - Outgrow. In this contemporary world, polls and surveys have become valuable tools that help entities collect public opinion and judgments on important issues of society. Moreover, if strategically built, they can generate relevant leads too. Try Outgrow - a crowdsignal alternative So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the detailed review and comparison of Outgrow and Crowdsignal. And by the end, you will know why we considered Outgrow as a Crowdsignal alternative!

Outgrow - A Crowdsignal Alternative

Outgrow is an interactive content marketing tool whose beauty lies in creating unique and powerful solutions. It masters the art of engaging audiences, generating relevant leads, and driving overall brand perception. It is a modern survey maker with an easy-to-use interface and creative designs. Moreover, its capability, versatility, and excellent support form a differentiating factor. crowdsignal alternative In fact, Outgrow offers much more than just surveys and polls. It has an impressive portfolio of interactive content types that will drive your marketing efforts through the roof.

Crowdsignal Overview

Crowdsignal, originally Polldaddy, is a simple interactive content builder that lets you create surveys, polls, and quizzes. It helps you with collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from a variety of sources, including social media and mobile. The tool has a basic one design one template format. crowdsignal Whether you like to go unique or basic, it is wise to first have a look at the detailed features of Crowdsignal vs. Outgrow.

Best Suited for:


Outgrow, with its custom templates and designs, is built for a large variety of users including freelancers, small startups, and big multinational companies. Moreover, it caters specifically to industries like SaaS, e-commerce, insurance, finance, real estate, beauty, and health, fitness & wellness.


Crowdsignal is suited for companies that want to build basic surveys and polls. However, it is apt for people who possess some technical knowledge.

Variety of Content Types


Who doesn’t want more features and variety in a tool? Outgrow offers a vast collection of content types to its users. Apart from Surveys and Polls, you will find Forms, Quizzes, Calculators, Assessments, Ecommerce Recommendations, Giveaway Contests, and Chatbots. Along with being highly interactive and user-friendly, Outgrow is a comprehensive toolkit for the purpose of lead generation. crowdsignal alternative


Crowdsignal specializes in creating surveys, polls, and quizzes in a one-template one-design format. crowdsignal


Outgrow Pricing

Outgrow’s base paid plan starts from $14.00/month billed annually. Moreover, with Outgrow you can explore all the features and capabilities of its best plans through a free 7-day trial. This is a brilliant opportunity that helps you make a wise and informed decision without having to spend any money or add your card info. You can also seize the opportunity to use Outgrow as a free survey maker.

Crowdsignal Pricing

Crowdsignal has its smallest paid plan from $15.00/month billed annually. Now, although it hosts a free plan, you will find that it has restricted features. However, you can always use it to create a free online survey with basic features. Also, you can't really customize the look and feel of your surveys in the free plan. In fact, even in the paid plans, the users would require coding knowledge to build custom designs. Finally, there is no free trial available for the paid plans which makes it difficult to decide if it's worth investing in.

Design & Ease of Use


The design of the surveys forms an important differentiation in Crowdsignal vs. Outgrow. Creating polls and surveys is extremely simple with Outgrow as it offers a vast variety of premade templates and designs made by experts for each content type. Hence, coming up with industry-standard ideas and designs is within the snap of your fingers. crowdsignal alternative Moreover, its creative, modern, and user-friendly outlook make it a great choice for custom-made and professional-looking surveys that require no technical know-how.


Crowdsignal has a one-design and one-layout offering. The fonts are quite small which affects the readability and focus of the users. Also, there is not much scope to play with the theme apart from a few color changes. crowdsignal It does provide an option for basic customization in the higher paid plans. However, you would be required to change the CSS code for that. This may be a challenge for novice users. crowdsignal Finally, getting started with Crowdsignal is a little complex as you will have to first create a WordPress.com account and then connect it with your Crowdsignal account.

Data Analysis & Customer Segmentation


Outgrow has specialized data analysis features. Its “Analyze” and “Performance” sections effectively capture and track responses, analyze results, and review performance. Moreover, Outgrow provides you with custom Facebook pixels and Google Analytics features to track users based on their responses. What's more? Outgrow also helps marketers understand which content has a statistically significant improvement in conversion rates. It further provides information and recommendations for improving other content pieces to increase lead generation. crowdsignal alternative


Crowdsignal provides its paid users with basic reports and charts for analysis of the results. You can also view responses question-wise or participant-wise, similar to Outgrow’s funnel view. However, you will need the pro version to export the survey data as the free version has limited features. Moreover, tracking data through custom pixels is not possible with Crowdsignal. crowdsignal analytics

Sharing & Embedding


Outgrow gives you the flexibility to embed your surveys in ample different formats. Some of them include exit-intent popups, custom embeds, greet bar at the top, and chat embeds. Placing your surveys in strategic places like these can boost customer engagement and lead generation. Exit-intent embeds make a very good option for retaining customers leaving your website.


Crowdsignal also allows you to embed your surveys or polls on your website, Facebook, and Tumblr. Similar to Outgrow, you will find button embeds, pop-ups, and banner embeds.



Outgrow is known for its brilliant customer support. You would find its team providing numerous support options like live chat, support docs, email, and phone support depending on the plan you pick. What’s more impressive is that Outgrow maintains an average reply time on the chat of 2-5 minutes.


Crowdsignal is quite weak in customer support. It only provides email support even for its highest-paid plans.

Comparison Ratings & Reviews

Finally, as potential customers, you would love to know what other customers feel about the product. Hence, we examined the ratings of both the tools through a popular software comparison website. If you have a look at this comparison between Crowdsignal reviews and Outgrow review on Capterra, Outgrow scores 4.9/5 from 123 reviews and Crowdsignal scores 3.7/5 from 7 reviews. Both ratings and reviews give Outgrow an upper hand from the users’ perspective. It is also wise to look into the pros and cons of both the tools for better insight.

Ready to Take the Final Decision?

Crowdsignal can help you create a survey very easily. It’s drag and drop feature makes it easy to operate. However, getting started with it may not come so easy. For a novice, the necessity to create and link a WordPress account with the Crowdsignal account may seem intimidating. Moreover, its basic one template design and complex CSS coding feature make it a challenging tool for beginners as well as professionals. Outgrow is an easy-to-use interactive tool packed with modern and custom designs along with powerful analytics features. If you want to build creative surveys and polls that can generate relevant leads without any knowledge of coding, Outgrow should be an ideal Crowdsignal alternative. To dive deeper into the variety of interactive content types it offers, go ahead and create a free survey.


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