How to Create Branded Forms? All You Need to Know

Imagine your information-gathering process being transformed into a memorable experience for your clients and partners. Well, get ready to rethink how you collect data because branded forms are here to redefine the game! 

With the market saturation and increasing competition, it has become crucial for businesses to stand out from the crowd. And what better way to do that than through personalized branded forms? 

Today, we’ll learn how branded forms can elevate your business and how to make them without any coding experience. But first, let’s understand what they are and why they are so important.

What Are Branded Forms? 

Branded forms refer to customized documents that feature a company’s logo, colors, and branding elements. Businesses often use these forms for various purposes, such as collecting customer feedback, contact information, conducting surveys, or processing orders. But what is the need for branded forms? Let’s understand this.  

Why Do You Need Branded Forms?

Branded forms serve several vital purposes for businesses and here are some of them: 

1. Brand Consistency

What do you think is the most critical factor in establishing a successful and recognizable brand? Consistency. Branded forms ensure that every interaction with your company is consistent, from design elements to language. This creates a solid and cohesive image for your brand, making it easier for customers to recognize and connect with you. Even by just utilizing a tool such as a background changer, you can keep the branding and the message the same and solid, but change the tactic of approach.

2. Professionalism

In today’s competitive market, professionalism is key. Branded forms give off an air of professionalism and attention to detail, showing customers that you take your business seriously. This can help build trust and credibility with potential clients or partners. 

How? Well, think of it this way. Suppose you receive two sales proposals, one with a branded form and the other without. Which one would you take more seriously? The branded form immediately gives the impression that the company is established and takes pride in its work. It also shows that they are organized and have a clear process, which can reassure customers.

3. Enhanced Recognition

Can you imagine a well-known brand without picturing its logo or visual identity? Probably not. Branded forms are just another way to reinforce your company’s visual presence and make it easier for customers to remember you. This can also help with word-of-mouth marketing, as people are more likely to refer others if they have a strong image in mind. 

4. Marketing and Promotion

What if we say that branded forms also play a huge role when it comes to marketing and promotion? Yes, you read that right! Branded forms are an excellent way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. 

Every time a form is filled out or shared, it acts as a mini advertisement for your company. This can help attract new customers and keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. It also allows you to consistently showcase your logo, tagline, and other branding elements across all communication channels. 

Creating forms from scratch can be time-consuming and technically challenging. However, using free-to-use templates that are already designed to align with various brand aesthetics can greatly simplify the process. You can easily customize these pre-made templates to fit your brand’s image, saving both time and effort.

5. Positive User Experience

User experience is something that can make or break a customer’s perception of your brand. Branded forms make the process of filling out information or making a purchase easy and seamless for customers. Using consistent branding in web forms with easy layouts creates a positive user experience that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Proven Tips to Develop Branded Forms

Here are some key strategies to create a branded form that represents your company’s image and values:

1. Make Your Forms Standout Via Unique Design 

Gone are the days when forms were just dull. With the rise of digital branding, ensuring that your forms serve their purpose and reflect your brand is essential. You can start by selecting colors that match your brand’s color palette; this consistency helps reinforce brand recognition.

Next, use high-quality images or graphics that reflect your brand’s identity and values, creating a polished and professional appearance. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate your logo and other branding elements into the design – this helps establish a visual association with your brand. 

Let’s take this questionnaire form for example.  

questionnaire form

It demonstrates a bold color scheme, effectively balanced with ample white space for visual comfort. The form is thoughtfully divided across multiple screens, giving users clear indicators of their progress.

2. Elevate Forms with Good Images and Logos

Imagine your form as the red carpet for your users. Make it a star-studded affair by adding banner images and logos that scream your brand’s personality. The key is to make a lasting first impression. Choose visuals that resonate with your audience, whether a captivating banner or a logo that tells your brand story. You can use an AI logo generator if you’re having trouble with the creative part. This not only adds flair but also reinforces brand recall.

Let’s take the Primal Pet Foods newsletter sign-up form as an example here. 

Elevate Forms

They have kept the logo and sign-up colors similar to maintain a consistent look and feel. The form design also features a cute dog with a newspaper in its mouth, making it more appealing to pet owners. 

3. Designing Forms for User Engagement

Forms aren’t just about gathering information; they’re a chance to connect with your audience. Craft your forms to be more than a data entry task – make them an engaging interaction. Use friendly language, GIFs, or other visual elements to add personality and make the experience more enjoyable. Instead of generic instructions, offer helpful hints or playful messages to guide users. Moreover, consider leveraging AI translation and translating your form into different languages to make them more accessible.

Let’s take a look at this questionnaire form by Pets by Spotify. This is for creating a playlist for your pet by answering some basic questions. What makes this unique is the way they ask for it. It’s not a common form but quite a creative way to engage with their users.

Designing Forms

The pet will change its position and expression as per your answer, which is quite entertaining to see. Your users will enjoy filling out this form, leaving a lasting impression on the brand. 

4. Amplify Forms with Social Media Icons

Give your forms a social boost! Integrate social media icons to allow users to connect with your brand effortlessly. It creates a seamless connection between your forms and online presence.

Let’s understand this better with a scenario. Suppose you are an e-commerce business owner, and you are launching a new product. You create a form like “Which lip color should you wear?” and add social media icons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Amplify Forms

Customers can follow your brand on their preferred social media platform when they submit the form. This increases your brand’s visibility and encourages potential customers to engage with your brand on multiple platforms.

Well, you now know how to add branding in web forms. But is it possible to do all these things without investing too much of your time? The answer is Yes! With tools like Outgrow, you can create interactive forms within minutes. 

It is a no-code tool to create interactive content, including forms, surveys, quizzes, chatbots, calculators, polls, and more. Outgrow’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to customize your forms with your brand colors, fonts, and logo to create a seamless user experience. So, let’s find out how to build a branded web form with this powerful tool. 

How Can You Build a Branded Form with Outgrow? 

To create branded web forms with Outgrow, you need to follow a few simple steps. So, let’s look at each step one by one: 

1. Login/signup to Outgrow and Select ‘Forms’

First, log in to your Outgrow account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free. No credit card details will be required. Once done, navigate to the ‘Form/Survey’ section. 


2. Select a Layout or a Premade Template

Choose a layout that aligns with your brand, or start with a premade template. Outgrow offers a variety of visually appealing options that you can customize to match your brand’s aesthetics.

Select a Layout

3. Add or Edit Questions, Images, and Other Display Settings

Tailor the form to your needs by adding, removing, or editing questions. Incorporate your brand colors, logo, and other visual elements to ensure a cohesive look and feel.

Add or Edit Questions

4. Set Up Lead Gen Form and Thank You Page

Configure the lead generation form to collect the information you need. Define what happens after submission by setting up a customized thank-you page. This is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand message or provide additional resources.

Lead Gen Form

5. Optimize for SEO and Set Up Email Notifications

Enhance the discoverability of your form by optimizing its content for search engines. Add relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and titles. Configure email notifications to receive alerts when users submit the form, ensuring timely follow-ups and engagement.

Optimize for SEO

6. Preview Your Form

Once you have completed all the customization, preview your form to see how it looks. This option lets you test the functionality and design of your form before making it live.

Preview Your Form

7. Finally, ‘Go Live’!

Once you’ve fine-tuned your form, set it live. This makes it accessible to your audience. Be sure to review the live form to ensure everything appears as intended.

Embed the Form to Your Website and Newsletter, or Promote via a Direct URL

Integrate the form seamlessly into your website by embedding it. Share it through newsletters, social media, or any other relevant channels. Alternatively, generate a direct URL for easy access. This ensures your branded form reaches your audience wherever they are.

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, branded forms are your secret weapon for making a lasting impression on customers. They keep your brand consistent and professional and ensure a positive user experience. 

You can use tools like Outgrow to easily create branded forms that are interactive, engaging, and visually appealing. And the best part is you can even go for a 7-day free trial without giving your credit card details. Sounds interesting? Try it out now and see the difference branded forms can make in your business!


A form is considered “branded” when it incorporates a company’s unique visual elements, such as logo, color scheme, and typography, reflecting its overall identity.

A branded template is a pre-designed format with consistent branding elements for use in various documents, including forms, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable look across all materials.

Yes, it does. When you see a familiar logo or brand name on a form, it gives you a sense of security and credibility. It makes you feel like the company is legitimate and trustworthy. This can lead to higher levels of user engagement as they are more likely to fill out the form without hesitation.

When creating branded forms, use the same fonts, colors, and design elements to keep a consistent brand look. Don’t overcrowd the form with too much info; it might confuse users. Keep language simple; complicated words can scare people away. Also, make sure your form works well on phones and computers by adjusting text fields and buttons for different screens.

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