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Customer Feedback: 5 Ways to Collect + FREE Tool Inside

Confused about where to start when it comes to collecting customer feedback? We’ve got you covered.

The more feedback you collect, the more possibilities for improvement you have. If you know what your customers like and dislike, what makes them happy or what frustrates them, you have a direct key to the door of success!

So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about all things customer feedback and help you understand how to effectively collect and leverage this information.


What Is Customer Feedback?

In simple terms, customer feedback is the information or input shared by your customers about their experience with your company, product, or service.

Why Collect Customer Feedback?

Collecting feedback from customers is extremely crucial as it can play a major role in the growth of any business. As a business owner, it is very important for you to know what your customers prefer and what they don’t, and client feedback is just the way to gather all this information.

You can then analyze this feedback and implement suggestions for improving your product and services.

Moreover, when you ask for feedback, your customers will feel valued and appreciated. Thus, this is a great way of ensuring customer satisfaction and improving your business at the same time.

Things to Consider While Collecting Customer Feedback

We’re sure that when you think about collecting feedback from your customers, you have an intention behind it. Because without a clear goal in mind, collecting feedback would be a waste of time. So, before actually starting with the process, you need to gather your thoughts on a few things and discuss them with your team.

1. What part of the customer experience do you want to improve? 

Think of the stage(s) of the customer journey that needs the most improvement and could help you perform better.

2. What comes next after collecting feedback? 

You need to make up your mind beforehand on what to do with the data you collect. For example, if you are collecting reviews on your product, you should be ready to make actionable changes based on the feedback with some money in hand for investment.

3. How are you planning to collect the feedback? 

There are numerous ways of doing so. Hence, you should learn about your options and make a wise choice!

On that note, let’s move on to the methods of collecting feedback from customers.

Methods of Collecting Customer Feedback

You can collect feedback from your community through various channels. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Customer Feedback Surveys

Survey is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about collecting feedback from our customers. A survey lets you ask tons of questions from customers in a systematic way.

You can create a customer feedback form or survey using any tool. For example, Outgrow offers a free plan for creating surveys and forms.

But what’s most important while creating a survey of this kind is to remember to keep it short and sweet. Only ask questions that are necessary, keep them open-ended, include opinion scale and ranking questions, and avoid asking long, leading questions. The right set of survey questions will take you a long way!

2. Emails

Email is one of the most common tools for collecting client feedback. Since most companies use email as a support channel, it can be leveraged to drive regular interactions with customers to collect feedback from them. But to make sure that your customers respond to your questions, you can do a few simple things:

  1. Make sure that your customers know that you actually care about their opinion. You can do this by simply adding a short sentence like ‘Please let us know and we’ll get back to you within a few minutes/hours.’
  2. Once you are done with sending out an initial email, do follow up with your customers. But please DO NOT SPAM their inbox. You can send out 2-3 follow-up emails with calculated gaps in between.
  3. Lastly, make sure that you send personalized and interactive emails to all your customers. This will help increase the engagement and improve your chances of actually receiving some substantial feedback.


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3. Customer Interviews

Direct outreach is the best way to collect valuable feedback from your customers. Carrying out a conversation directly helps collect first-hand information that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

By conducting customer interviews, you can also curb false assumptions about your brand that may have developed over time. Here are a few tips that you might find useful while talking to customers:

  1. Keep your questions open-ended. Let your customer drive the conversation by digging deep into their experience with your company and product.
  2. Start with a wide scope for answers and get into more detail as your conversation evolves.
  3. Lastly, you should be receptive and open to criticism. Maintain eye contact with your customer and highlight the key takeaways you’re hearing from them. This will help you build trust and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

4. Social Media

Social media can be a great source of collecting candid feedback and reviews from customers. Apart from direct comments and mentions, you can also create interactive polls and share them to record the opinions of your followers.

Moreover, you can also create open surveys on Instagram stories. Some examples could be:

‘Tell us about your experience’

‘Ask us anything about our new launch’

‘Rate our XYZ product on a scale of 1 to 10’

These short stories provide engagement to customers and help you collect important data at the same time.

5. Instant Feedback From Website

You can collect instant feedback from your website via an interactive chatbot. With an embeddable on-site chatbot, you can not just collect feedback, but also respond and help resolve queries instantly.

Let your customers know about your availability via a short initial message like ‘Hi, how may I help you?’.

Once you’ve done this, your customers will know that you’re interested in getting their feedback and will definitely let you know if there’s something they need help with.

How Can Outgrow Come in Handy?

Outgrow is an online interactive content builder that lets you create engaging and interactive content types like calculators, quizzes, polls, surveys, giveaways, and whatnot!

With Outgrow’s no-code tool, you can create any type of interactive content within minutes and achieve your marketing goals easily. Outgrow offers various plans and pricing options based on the requirements of the clients.

However, the most attractive part of Outgrow’s pricing is their Free Plan. Under this plan, you can create up to 4 forms/surveys and embed them anywhere as per your requirement. 


There you go! We hope that you’ve understood enough about customer feedback and you’re ready to create your own feedback form. Sign up with Outgrow and create your free customer feedback form ASAP!


Customer feedback is the information you collect on the customer’s experience with your company and product. It is important as it can be a guiding source for the growth of your business.

Customer feedback is used to understand your product’s performance from the eyes of your customers. You can use their feedback to make improvements in your product and the customer experience you provide.

In order to get good reviews from your customers, you need to ensure that you’re providing commendable service to them. Your product should be exactly like you propose (or slightly better!).

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