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Interactive Content Ideas For The Education Sector

Interactive content has found its way into our lives. Whether we realize this or not, we use interactive content every day; left, right, and center. It has not only made our lives easier but also more fun and engaging. Market research, entertainment, retail, all sectors are making use of this idea- to understand their customers better, to serve them better. So why should the education sector be any different? We’re here with interactive content for the education sector to make things a little easy-peasy for you!

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Everybody loves interactive calculators. They make our lives easier and save us from the most complicated calculations. But interactive calculators? They do so much more. All you need to do is input some details and let the calculator work its magic. Now, how can we use these in the education sector? Ironic, right? Well, they can be used in various aspects of the education industry, whether it’s teaching institutions or counseling. Let us start off by giving you a few examples of interactive content for education.

Interactive Calculators For TOFU

Education counseling institutions can create similar calculators to help out their clients. A lead which is at the top of the funnel can be targeted with a calculator, ‘Net Cost Of A College Degree’. Somebody who’s starting to look for colleges can really benefit from this kind of information.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Education Sector

Interactive Calculators For MOFU

Similarly, there are customers in the middle of the funnel. These customers may have already started shortlisting colleges for their degree or a counseling institute. They can use calculators like, ‘How Much Can You Save By Studying At ______?’ or ‘How Much Will It Cost To Live Off-Campus’.  We have a great number of ideas for leads at the bottom of the funnel too! You can target such prospective customers with calculators like ‘Calculator Your ROI Of Studying At ABC’ or ‘How Much Will You Save By Living On Campus?’. These calculators are informative, value-based and incentivize the customer towards your institution.

But enough about lead generation and sales. Did you know interactive calculators can help you decrease your HR load and automate processes?. Schools can use calculators to help students determine their percentile depending upon their marks. Other than that, even teachers can use calculators to calculate their salaries depending upon their work hours, grade, etc.

Here is an example of an ‘Estimate Cost’ calculator used by Stanford University. This calculator asks six basic financial questions and gives you an early estimate of the amount you will need to contribute for one year at Stanford.

Outcome Quizzes 

Just like calculators, another amazing example of interactive content for education that you can use is the outcome quiz. Through an outcome quiz, you can use various inputs to give multiple possible outcomes as results. Educational institutions like Preply and counseling organizations alike can use this content type. The best example of an outcome quiz is ‘‘Are you eligible for a scholarship?’’. For customers at the top of the funnel, who are still in the awareness stage, this kind of information can really help them. You can use these to educate the customers about your product/service. While moving towards the decision stage, they will keep you in mind and make a choice accordingly.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Education Sector

Another quiz that can be built for such customers is ‘Which College Is Best For You?’. Middle of the funnel customers can be sent a quiz for ‘What Major Should You Study’  This is more specific information. They are now in the consideration stage and need to know what they will gain by choosing you.

Customers who have moved to the bottom of the funnel can be targeted. A student who’s planning to pursue an MBA can take the help of ‘Which stream should you do an MBA in?’

Have a look at this outcome quiz by Princeton Review and you’ll know what we’re talking about. This is a Career Quiz. It takes inputs from you about your hobbies and interests and gives you career suggestions accordingly.

Other Uses 

Educational institutes can use outcome quizzes in a lot of ways to help their functioning. ‘Which College Club Should You Join’ is a quiz where students can find this information on the basis of their interests and skills. Similarly, an outcome quiz can help them decide which library book is right for them depending on what they want. Similarly, ‘Which Company Is Right For You?’, depends upon their qualifications, the profile they want, etc.

Company Quiz


Schools are all about tests, so there’s no question about how helpful assessments can be to educational institutes. It is very obvious how educational institutions can use assessments as part of their curriculum. For students who are already enrolled in an institute can use assessments as their practice and revision tests. You can also use them as part of the exams. These assessments provide instant results and help the student understand their position with respect to everyone else.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Education Sector

Secondly, you can target customers who are still in the awareness stage with assessments like ‘How Much Do You Know About The US Education System?. Or an assessment like the ‘Global Awareness Test’ These assessments would help educational institutes segment their students as per their information. And target them with specific courses. Coaching institutes can do the same for offering scholarships to students. Here’s an example of an assessment test used by an online educational website.

Video Content

Video content plays a crucial role in education, offering dynamic and engaging ways to deliver information to learners of all ages. From traditional lectures to interactive tutorials, educational videos cater to diverse learning styles and preferences. In fact, platforms like ExamCollection now harness the power of video content to provide comprehensive study materials and exam preparation resources online.

One of the key benefits of video content in education is its ability to accommodate different learning preferences. Visual learners benefit from the use of diagrams, charts, and animations, while auditory learners thrive on clear explanations and verbal instructions.

Surveys And Polls 

Surveys are an interactive content type. Organizations use them to input opinions and feedback from various customers and gather insights. Surveys find universal use in all industries. And the interactive content for the education sector can use them in the same way.

Educational institutes, coaching institutes, and counseling institutes alike can use surveys to gather feedback from their students. They can ask for feedback regarding the faculty, amenities, hostels, food, and various other things. This data can be gathered together and used by the institutes to make the necessary changes. Surveys are very convenient, both for the administration and the students. The students feel that their opinion is being valued and the administration finds it easier to act upon the improvements.

Student Survey


Apart from these kinds of surveys, institutions can also hold surveys regarding their brand image, their rankings, placements, etc. Coaching institutes can hold surveys about their packages, timings, material, etc. and can use that to make changes. You can use polls in the same way. ‘Do You Need College Parking Space?’. A poll like this can be used to collect information from all the students in a simple and efficient manner. And accordingly, the university/college can make the necessary arrangements.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of surveys and polls that can be used by institutes. There are multiple other ways in which institutions can use these content types for their own use. Here’s a College Social Life Survey by New York University. This survey collects data from students about various facets of their life. And this data is used to draw multiple insights for research projects.


Chatbots can be used for customers in all positions of the funnel. They are automated systems that can be used to reply to queries of various kinds. Institutes can embed chatbots on their websites to help with all kinds of customers. Customers at the top of the funnel can have various queries about the kind of courses a college offers, their fees, and other things.


Similarly, customers in the middle of the funnel may have more specific queries. Content types like chatbots can help the institute deliver instant replies to these customers without any kind of waiting system. This improves the brand image of the institute and reduces the workload on the personnel. Students who are already studying in an institute too can take the help of chatbots to solve their queries instead of calling at the office every time. Customers can also use chatbots as outcome quizzes, wherein a customer can input their information in the form of a conversation. And the chatbot, using its program can help the student find out their solution, such as ‘Which Mess Package Should You Buy?’


Interactive content for the education sector works on many levels. And for almost every industry. Don’t believe us? We are brimming with even more ideas here and would love to share them with you. Stay tuned as we will be giving out interactive content ideas for every industry in the coming months! If you want to know more about this and have your own insights or doubts, we’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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